Non-Big 3 Null Bloc and Lowsec/Highsec/Wormhole Reps List

I am not running, but I think it would be beneficial for there to be a list of people who are that are not part of Panfam, Goons or Legacy for null representatives or whom would represent the desires of wormhole space, lowsec or highsec dwellers. Lets make it easier to shake things up and move away from having only one set of interests represented to CCP.

If you are running and are not part of the big 3, reply here.

Edit 5/9/19: As we get closer to the time to vote I will be putting together a list of candidates whom meet the above requirements. I will also be putting together a list of people that I personally would recommend based on my direct interactions with them and knowledge of their past and current activities. I won’t air their dirty laundry in this thread but would be happy to share my reasoning for excluding specific figures privately through in-game mail.

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you may want to look at CSM wire which shows the allieginece of every candidate who has, so far, declared

Handy tool but stil, we have seen folks ‘cross the aisle’ after an election so all you get is where they stand, today

me? I am in an npc corp and have been for four years. and yes, I am running



Handy site, thanks for sharing Mike. My aim is to be able to have a post I can link people to if they want to disrupt the status quo and get some fresh blood instated.

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I am not a Bloc Rep. they already have enough voices. I will gladly raise my voice for all the other areas that need a louder voice on the CSM. Liz Lizardbreath for CSM 14

Lol, I doubt anyone would call me a fresh voice . . . just an independent one.


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Mike you showered today? So you’re fresh and it’s been how many years since you were last in the CSM? Yeah you’re all shiny and new again.

Non-bloc rep here. Running on the lowsec/small pvp ticket!

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Not part of a major nullsec bloc. Would be representing Wormhole and Lowsec and ship balance for all security space.

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Good idea!

The numbers for the upcoming CSM 14 election are pretty stark for those outside of any large null group.
According to many people, the current null arrangement for the upcoming election is a spider tank version of mutual support that, if all groups honor their pledge, puts 7 of the 10 CSM candidates firmly into the null sec camp.
Throw in Steve as the other shoe-in candidate (easily crosses many political lines/playstyles) and that leaves only 2 seats open to directly represent WH,LS, and HS!! Unless the rest of EVE can coalesce around 2 strong non null people, I would not be surprised to see null run the table in regards to CSM representation.

So, the question becomes what 2 people will be best for the rest of the EVE players outside of null?

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I’m not against null being represented. I am against having the same 7 people from the same 3 gigantic null blocs staying on the CSM year after year after year. If the CSM doesn’t change how can we expect any new ideas to come about? But to answer your question, I think the reality is it will come down to whatever we can get. Because the odds are sadly stacked against this ticket becoming a reality by a politically indifferent and ignorant player base that the majority of probably won’t even vote.

so you help, yeah, you.
talk to folks in chat, in local, in discord. Getting the vote out takes effort, help, please.



That is the plan and the point of this thread, to be able to provide a link to point people at.

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Nice site thanks for the heads up.

For me so far a couple good candidates who I’ll probably put up top, but so many to choose from to put last if at all.

Hey man,
Im running as a wormhole based candidate with experience in both WH space and LS. We Wormholers need all the help we can get to get a candidate into the CSM. I would also Recommend Exookiz of TDSIN who is also running

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There are some mistakes.

For example, Mike “vegetable” Azariah is listed as “None”, should be “goon pet vegetable”.

Apparently I am an onion for all the tears I seem to generate from you.

As for being a goon pet? No, but I am sure you will continue to believe whatever conspiracy you have dreamed up.


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One does not end up on goon voting list without being at least the usable idiot, but since goons can have any number of those, I believe the bond (or should I say the leash) runs deeper.

Really? You do know that Goons will put people at the bottom of their voting list as a troll because the trickle never reaches down that far, right?

Except those few times it did and the vegetable got on CSM.

I suspect you don’t really know how the modified Wright single-transferable voting system used in the CSM elections works. Could you please provide an example of someone at the bottom of the Goon ballot winning because of the Goon vote? Let’s define bottom of the ballot as position 8 or lower. As far as I know, the trickle has never reached lower than position 6.