Noob Retention : Better Insurance

We can’t retain new customers when they encounter a Devastating Loss too early in their game play. All the efforts of CCP Marketing are destroyed when a customer buys loses EVERYTHING… and Quits.

We don’t have the old player base to educate and train up noobs as fast as we used to. Noobs don’t have enough time to get addicted to the game to the point where they will pay again after a loss.

The total value of a ship is clearly visible. But insurance results in basically Nothing. If we point the finger at the noob saying : " Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose " that is us applying an experienced mentality to a person new to the game.

Let’s look at 2 examples:
Character : jtsyd | Game Experience : Noob ( Omega )
Loss : 16.1 Bill
Character Overview : jtsyd | Character | zKillboard
Potential to Quit : High

Character : Phujiak Omariti | Game Experience : Long ( 10+ Years )
Loss : 12.7 Bill
Character Overview : Phujiak Omariti | Character | zKillboard
Potential to Quit : Low ( Addicted )

We don’t have effective Hi-Sec anymore…… and the player base is too thin for noobs to find their way around before getting their ass blown off in Hi-Sec.

If we give noobs better insurance it’s a win for everyone. Hi-Sec Gankers can still run their scams… Get Big Kills… etc…

Noobs Get Higher… But Declining Insurance payouts : Based on Hours Paid and Played in the game.

I’m sure there will be the usual trolling over this idea… And I’m sure people will attempt to scam it. But the benefits Far outweigh the risks. Noobs are NOT going to stay around if they are constantly Burned to the ground in their first few months.

We Need Noobs to Stay long enough to get addicted…


That’s nonsense.


This is clearly an alliance alt.


Make up your mind.


Maybe… maybe not… But There are many others I could not dig back far enough to find

Suggesting a flaw in your hypothesis.


What’s the difference… Do you want noobs to say or leave?

Your tautology is based on a theory you havent proved.


It doesn’t matter.

EvE is clearly a PvP game. When I was a new player, this was obvious to me. EvE is a game like poker, and some people will lose, and that is the game. We cannot retain every new player, without destroying the game. Fools will die, and they will lose everything they have, and that is FAIR and JUST and RIGHT. Every fool is free to swipe their credit card and buy whatever they want - buyer beware!


You work there… We can’t take anything you say seriously…

Protecting people who are unwise is a disservice and an affront to every player who acted with caution and prudence. The fools must BURN.

:fire: :fire: :fire:


It does within the topic of the thread.

The OP has not proven that new players are suffering “devastating losses”.

Most new players lose free ships first. And they get wayyy more than they paid for in insurance already on those.

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Im not arguing with that premise, but it isnt the topic.

That’s a fair point, but a moot one.

It doesn’t actually matter if the player was a noob or not.

Even noobs do not deserve protection.


Then why isn’t the whole game NULL-SEC…?

You trolls respond faster than gate guns

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So, anyone with a different opinion than yours is a troll? Noted…


I’m not the troll.

CCP supports what I’m doing.

That killmail you linked was MY doing.

You are the troll here.


It was predictable… as stated in the OP