Noone left to play - impression and reasons of/for decreasing player numbers

But it’s ok when PvPers complain?

Explain how they are “weak”, please.

They have no discipline when it comes to their credit cards

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PvPers don’t complain as much as voice their frustration that their gameplay is getting chipped away piecemeal and in perpetuity.

Take high-sec aggression, for example. We started out with dozens of ways to attack/hunt/defend against each other when the game was young, and now we’re down to just two.


Maybe ask someone outside the farmer trash bubble


Since people keep trotting this out, let me try to debunk this mistake once and for all.

The reason there is an apparent decrease in average numbers is completely and artefact of the sampling time of the data. Since the data being returned is the maximum PCU, the shorter the time range, the more data points are from lower activity times of day. This is obvious from the two extremes:

Screenshot 2020-12-28 at 20.30.43

In the weekly, you can clearly see the daily low PCU times of day, and even downtime.

Screenshot 2020-12-28 at 20.31.33

In the yearly, these low activity times are not present nor calculated in the average. All you can see is the weekly change in activity over the days. The resolution is not sufficient to include the low PCU times of day.

If you want, you can make and apples-to-apples by playing with the window below the main graph and set a window of the same time range. But it isn’t even necessary… just look at the 1y graph with my eye-balled averages foe 3 month periods:


I don’t know what exactly each quarterly average is, but it ranged from 30k to 35k for the entire year of 2020. And the lowest quarter was the first one.

So no, the numbers don’t reflect your feelings. You may be entirely right that your corp/alliance/coalition is “dying” but the game is doing just fine, better than at the beginning of last year.

But don’t fret, the latest devblog addressed points 1, 2 and 3 of yours. I think 2021 will come with goodies and be a more active year for you and your group, at least if you are willing to fight for your space.


What is it to you or anyone complaining about them?
It’s their money and they’re giving it to the devs of a game you’re playing and seem to enjoy.
I’d be like OH good, someone is paying as long as it’s not me :rofl:

I see…
The teacher is not sleeping, he closes his eyes.
The guy’s not drunk, he just had a bit more to drink than usual.
He didn’t fart, he just passed gas.
He didn’t punch him, he just gave him a taste of his knuckles

I understand and that sucks.
But who makes those changes, the Carebears or CCP?
Carebears don’t code, the devs do.

Who’s weaker? The Carebears for taking advantage of what CCP does or CCP for - according to some - giving in to the whining of Carebears ?
Whose game is it ultimately ? CCP’s or the Carebears ?

The tone is important. Both groups can be said to complain, but the way they do it is very different. PvPers don’t post rage-quit threads, they don’t post threats of unsubbing, and they don’t post ridiculous, one-sided ideas that are the equivalent of “CCP needs to remove ganking”, etc.

Posting a concern about the current state of things, or about a proposed upcoming change, feels much less like a “complaint” than raging about a loss and threatening to quit.

Can you imagine how things would go down if someone posted a thread about how they don’t have enough targets, and that CCP needs to make wars cheaper/ganking penalties lower, etc.?

The ability of carebears to loudly wield majority opinion and sway the course of development objectively makes them the stronger group. They lose to us in the game, but then win against us by forcing CCP into giving them concessions on a meta level. They do a really good job of rubbing this in our faces too, even though they’re incompetent as players.

The “crying to mother” attitude they collectively possess is disgusting, but they’re such vile creatures that they’re actually proud of it.


That you automatically equate “weak” and “bad” is neither a reflection on me, nor what was actually being said vOv

Also, it was a joke.

Do you have much experience in game with Null Farmers?

Did I equate “weak” with “bad”?

Let me check my comment.

… Nope. Nothing in there equating “weak” with “bad”.

When you actually quote me fully and not just one word then maybe we can have a conversation.

And I’m supposed to know that how ?

I know of no “farmers” in EVE. All I see are Capsuleers in space.

If they are the stronger group and CCP listens to them then how come they’re not happy and post Quits threads? Are they nuts?

That sounds like paranoia. It’s as if ALL the Carebears know each other and hold meetings on the next bitching thread.

Look, I don’t care about the little war between both those groups. It’s childish, annoying and very off-putting.
All I want is to be able to play the game as advertised. CCP advertises EVE as a Sandbox Open-World then by God make it a sandbox Open-World and quit tinkering with the game to control the players. That’s all I want.


Because it’s actually physically impossible for them to be happy due to their greed. No matter how much they get, they’ll always want more, and any kind of inhibition of their desire to satisfy their gluttonous, bottomless appetites, no matter how much progressively smaller it becomes, will be interpreted no differently than taking a knife to their throats.

Carebears don’t want it to be an open-world sandbox, though.

I thought it was paranoia too, but then I made an appointment with the esteemed Dr. Peen, and received a diagnosis of severe Carebear Derangement Syndrome. Unfortunately, there is no cure, and the only treatment options available have the side effect of turning me into an EVE version of Brian Fantana.

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You need some counseling. Seriously.

Did they tell you that or did you deduce that on your own?

He’s a good doctor, he nailed it.

Breathe, just breathe :grinning:


Many have told me that specifically, yes.

If you sit around in many carebear corporations, as I have, a lot of the conversation is dominated by their collective desire for such things as nonconsensual PvP to be removed, for content like asteroid fields to be instanced so that no one can bother them/take their ore, for people to not be able to enter their null-sec system without some kind of gate pass, et cetera.

You have to ask them in a blind environment, though. They (the ones who post on the forums, at least) won’t just come in here and start saying that stuff outright (usually - still happens sometimes), because they understand that they’ll be mocked and disagreed with.


I see. So they basically want to play another game like EVE but there are none so they want to transform EVE into that imaginary game they can’t play.

smh… Well, and do you think that insults and ridicule will dissuade them from thinking that way ?
I think the more PvPers debase them the stronger their determination to turn EVE into their imaginary game will be.
Not only that but both your groups are at each other’s throat while CCP is laughing all the way to the bank.

There’s gotta be a better way.


There are countless games they can play that allow them to grind imaginary wealth in complete and total safety, though. But for some reason, they come to this one, even though it doesn’t advertise the kind of experience they’re seeking (or at least didn’t, before CCP dropped the whole “cold, harsh universe” language from their marketing spiel), and then get upset when they get diddled. It’s like moths to an open flame, really.

No, but we might as well have some fun with them if they’re going to come in here and ruin everything.

They’re not self-aware enough to be driven by that kind of motivation. They’re very livestock-like in nature. I bring up this parallel fairly often, but if you’ve read The Time Machine, they’re very much like the Eloi.

Shh. You’re gonna get Jimmy Hoffa-ed by CCP.


EVE is unique and there isn’t another game like it ( yet ).

It does advertise sandbox open-world but it isn’t much of one in my opinion.

+1 :rofl:

I understand. I still think that it’s sad that a bunch of players who like the same game can’t get along and comprise.
I mean look, even EDENCOM compromised with the Traglivians, even after they got a bunch of systems taken awayvfrom them :grinning:

In that case it would be better if CCP added a PvE server, for the benefit and mental health of everyone involved.
When compromise is out of the question then divorce is the last best choice.

"They don’t impress me, their codes don’t impress me and their lawyers don’t impress me! Buncha rhum-runners… and I don’t need 300 million ISK and my brother CSM to whoop their F-ing arse, slimy little pricks! I beat their arse that trumped up charge of being Alpha and I’ll beat them again! There is no organized PLEX-traffic…! " :rofl:


It is the game equivalent of great extinctions. The environment changes.

So if is not bad, who is complaining about what?

Then maybe you might think about getting a little more experience before criticising what people do or how they act towards others in the game.