Returning Player - Pod in Trig space

How to read :joy: lets see

1 year average is34 k … last 6 month average is 32k … last 3 month average is 27 k players…

Stop copy paste that ■■■■ i see it everwhere … these are real average player numbers login to game … how many of them stay and play really questionable. Only rvb give bad news to hundreds of red fed players … and they refuse to pay to ccp and left without sub… i have been the one always hosting them offered free fitted ships even unlimited… but they were beyond pissed … some of them i could convincen… what you expect me to do ? I was sad of course what i should say ?
? Say hundreds of people : go ■■■■ yourself dont miss your preacious fits ? How much i can compansate CCPs ■■■■ from my own budget to keep them ?

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There is literally nothing stopping them getting their “precious fits” out of Pochven other than you apparently not wanting to deal with the logistics of teaching them and helping them

Yes, which is in line with normal activity, peaks and troughs, a concept you seem to ignore because if you look at the 5 year graph you’ll notice that, i mean you can claim there is a massive decline but i’m not sure anyone other than you is seeing it, i mean you’re free to think that losing a few RvB players is a massive loss to the community, because to you they are the most important people in the game, which is fine, but there is more to the game than your corner and my corner

Well given that the peak player count seem to be holding steady it doesn’t really mean much, the time of the year and the recent expansions will dictate what the playerbase looks like, but your claims that Pochven has caused a massive decline are very clearly false

Tell them that EVE is ever evolving and changing and its not going to appeal to everyone all of the time and that eventually they need to decide if its still the same game they came to love or not, if they don’t want to adapt to whatever the latest change in the game is then thats down to them, personally i’ve just adapted to Pochven like i have every single other change in the game that has affected me, every single nerf, every single ship rework, every change in the landscape, because adapting to change is part of what makes EVE interesting, stagnation isn’t interesting

Not your job, really those people should have been supporting themselves to some extent, don’t fly what you cannot afford to lose, its an EVE golden rule, have enough assets to recover from a loss, people were told to move assets out of Liminal systems, yes that might still catch returning players, but i would argue that if scanning down a WH and leaving the system or buying a cheap filament to leave Pochven is too hard for them and driving them away from EVE, then maybe EVE wasn’t the game for them in the first place, its no different to having someone login to find the citadel they used to live in was destroyed without asset safety

HAVE YOU EVERN OWNED 3000 BATTLESHIP down ships? ? fitted and rigged ready with that much-unfitted hulls along with modules that push limits of player own hangars???
do you know how long time takes to take these stuff out ? need capital size ships with suitable holes ?

have you seen the pekas actually just before last Legacy code CCP left the company ??? these numbers are the ones which pulls 5 years averages up … are you seriously offering me to evaulate CCPs todays average players numbers to show like higher include these very high numbers?

what was your characters in primary math class???

clearly there you can see last 1 year 6 month and 3 month statistics goin head down … well… self explaining

its not evolving … its becoming isk sucker money sink … and turn into theme park more than a sanbox game… and here you are sitting and defending Developer made content pushed through in sandbox game …
May be lost soul was greatefull to CCP at the end you find a cause for yourself … snabox is not a really game style for the people needs this kind of stimulations …
And people like you doesnt understand the value of player made content

bla bla … i wont even mention the rest of ■■■■… These people already owned billions of isk assets there… and CCP sinked … thats all


Yes, because it being hard work doesn’t eliminate it as a valid option

I’ve owned plenty of ships, i’ve also learned to consolidate and trim the fat where required and my hangars are littered with warehouse containers because i own too many assets to actually store in a single hangar yes

You can fit a bowhead through the Pochven wormholes just fine

Want to try that again, i assume you mean peaks, and i’m not sure what you mean by legacy code because the game still contains plenty of legacy code, all of the POS code for starters

Given that EVE is now over 17 years old its not even remotely surprising to see that it has less players than at its peak when MMO’s were popular, however, compare the WoW numbers, go on, look at the 5 year graph and see how massive their peaks are compared to sustained player counts World of Warcraft 5 Year Subscriber Stats - MMO Populations & Player Counts those are some impressive peaks and drops, which just shows you how much more stable EVE is in terms of playercount

Yes which is normal given that MMO’s are far beyond their peak and that EVE is a niche game even among those, all in all its actually doing quite a bit better than some others in terms of retaining players

You do realise that sandbox doesn’t mean what you seem to think it does right? it doesn’t mean you get to dictate everything and mold everything to your liking, the developers still need to put systems in place to interact with and mess around with existing systems to shake things up otherwise the game just stagnates and we end up with things like the great null sec blue donut of joy

So we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one

They still own those assets they just need to get off their butts and go get them, at this point all i’m really hearing from you is “I don’t want to put in the effort to move my stuff because it would take time and effort”

If you don’t want to move it just contract Red Frog to move it for you, they will charge you but they are willing to put in the work

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I bet you can’t fly all 3000 of them on your toon at once right? So you don’t need them all moved at the same time either. Move a few plus a couple backups here and there when you need them. Tiny chunks of low effort spread out over time. It doesn’t have to be hard you are making it hard.

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Well that escalated quickly.
Anyhow, I’ll probably go with the Naga idea someone posted earlier, gives me something to do and I can explore Trig space as I go.
Thanks for everyone’s input.

I don’t mind doing the Standings grind myself as it provides content for me.
But I do feel for the Red Fed members that just want to log in to scratch the Eve/PvP itch but are now have all their stuff locked out.
Sure they can either grind the standings like I will or move things piece by piece but not everyone has that kind of time in game.
I can see players just not bothering and leaving for good.

You mean hard work is making 500 tours forth and back to null sec with bowheads… ok… you clever … how long time it takes from 1 players game play time ?
I find you very clever and reasonable … i can imagine hundreds of people doing this for months to begin to actually doing game and loose couple of bowheads on the way on wh and nullsec…

There is officially no CCP left in company who wrotewrote the legacy code . Thats why current CCP having hard times to deal with posses ect… because they are not in control of this code as well as the CCP who design …

Not red frog its black frog and if it cost something 10 mil isk on red frog costs 100 mil isk for black frog and that much amount of ships requires over 20 bil pay to black frog… what is your problem… ? Are you that much sadistic to sell your soul even to just see people how they tortured? Why i these people made the,selves omega and pay 2-3 month subscriåtion to just to be able tp transpot their assets which CCP mooved away. ? do you find yourself really seriously reasonable and mentally heæaty here ?.. this is the point actually i had begin to get a good idea about your mental status humanity and reasonong skills…

Well even CCP worying about retention issues and seeking for solutions… since i have met them year ago… which they have been also clear about these things and they are working on it… how come you fanboy still be able to keep ignoring it and even ignoring the clean stats ?.. just hillarious… … you are beyond the limits of person i can hold a resonable argument. Also you are extremely lack of humanity SO THIS IS WHERE I STOP … be happy and god speed

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Did i mentioned we are the top killers all time along with red and blue together ? When we crash we smash hundreds of ships… one or two ships… lololol… no man we are not risk averse bastards sits at gates and take only fights we can win % 100 sure … ships are supposed to be explode ! And we smash ■■■■ lods of them every night . God ffs … how pwoplw live like that … one two ships lol! Toothpick

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Hello friend i just would like to remind you one reality… these fan boys tells you that if you have standing with trigs you can reach out to station…

I just want to remind you thats its still null sec… and probably these people waiting there for you so they can blab you … might they forgot to tell that… check the killmails in pochven lot of people die on the way trying to moove their assets or pods out

Same person … check his cargohold

God speed !


Yes, like i said, its hard work, it being hard doesn’t mean its not possible, you might not want to do it but an option is an option nonetheless

Oh thats what you’re on about, that being said hilmar still works for them and there will be other old guard members still floating around, that and code documentation is a thing, the issue with legacy code is that after all this time its not easy to tell at a glance exactly what systems rely on others so its partly trial and error, hence why sometimes random things will break that aren’t related, but that isn’t a CCP specific thing by any stretch thats just a code issue with any significantly complex and old project, its why most things try to re-write and replace the product but that doesn’t really work with EVE

Thing is, you don’t have to do it, but thats a deliberate choice, the tools exist for you to get your assets out of Pochven, if you don’t actually want to move them yourself and you don’t want to pay someone else to do it then you’ve decided to abandon those assets yourself

Sure, but they can’t actually solve that issue, its just the nature of the gaming markets, MMO’s aren’t as popular as they used to be and considering the number of MMO’s that have sprung up and died during EVE’s lifespan they have already done really well to keep going this long

I’m not ignoring any stats, but unlike you i’m looking at the bigger picture and not just going “The numbers are dropping EVE has a retention issue” when its actually all MMO’s that have that issue and a decline in numbers is natural for a game this old, and that even then when you look at the massive swings in population in something like WoW the decline is actually not really that bad, its not about being a fanboy its about looking at all of the numbers and not just the ones that help your argument

I’ve been more than reasonable, the issue is you don’t like my answers so you’re acting like i’ve told you to go kick your neighbours dog or something, if you want those assets out of Pochven you either need to move them yourself or pay someone else to do it, if not then you don’t really want them badly enough


how much CCP paying to you to defend their ridicule ??? ( of course they dont… but im just curious why and how come you climb up and jump that much to defend them )
DO you hope they gave you a medal for suggesting players make 500 jumps with bowheads for 2 months to move their stuff out of proven and pay a subscription to CCP to make these jumps possible? @CCP_Fozzie what is your opinion about this?
I mean cmoon … Old red federation members returning and their stuff in null-sec. hundreds and thousands of fitted rigged ships…

Now they come back years later and you ask them to pay the 2-month subscription and in that 2 months barely enough for them to move their ships day and night with bowheads for months lose their freighters and bowheads full of ships on the way and just subscribe to these months only to be able to move their stuff out but not to play game ?? and not to take their fights ?? @CCP_Fozzie

When Otela fall … have you considered the past thousands of players passed from RVB one day wants to come back … and maybe these are the days??? which in fact these are the days!

RVB and Otela was a COLLATERAL DAMAGE ?? hammering retention was collateral damage ?

You have just exchanged a old oak wood fire … for gain some paper fire … quickly burn down and crumble… where is all these trig crazy invasion players now?
RvB create more content in 2 system then whole fricking Pochven atm … and helping player retention great amount are you aware about that ?? @CCP_Fozzie @CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Fleebix

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It’s not against the law anywhere that I’m aware of for a game company to introduce new content.
They provided announcements and emails.
What more do you expect? If you’re all about creating content and being unique, then it really shouldn’t be hard to grind rep and jf your stuff out.
You Will have content at that point.
You apparently spent years in eve, so you should be ok with the idea of adaptation.

As for your comments about liking ccp and being fanboys etc… If you don’t like ccp, why are you trying to come back to eve?
Are you just looking for people to be angry for and with you? Good luck with that, I guess.

Welcome back to eve. Some things have changed, some haven’t.

Also please check these 2 pilots zkillboard too… see how its look like what ther are doin…

Im really done with this post… probably i will structure a new post where i can direct all returned players pile up and say bye before they leave without subbing … im sory for the situation but there is hundreds of returned players not as lucky as you … and im ok with standing up for them

Blue clear and out !

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Aren’t you claiming to be versed in PvP all the time??? You have 1) PvP experience, and 2) numbers, something not even all Povchen residents have. You scared from wormhole (not nullsec) PvP?

Come to Otela, jump in your ready fit PvP ships, bubble the gates and guard the wormhole+station for the bowhead. Eventually you will find some PvP this way to entertain the guards. Or people can grind standing, make it a team building event, whatever.


Sadly nothing, i wish i got paid for voicing my own opinion :frowning:

I defend things that have logic behind them, and after being here for 17 years i can see the logic behind spicing up the game by adding new content that encourages people to act and think outside of the box they have been stuck in for years, Pochven is a nice breath of fresh air in my personal opinion

No, but i can give myself one if i really wanted, thing is with most things in EVE, if you need something moved you either perform the work yourself or you pay someone else to do it, this is the way of EVE

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tear yourself as much as you want fanboy in comms outside in space. everybody talking … there is noone else than you and fan boy topa kind of guys believe the lies and misperceptions of yours… keep painting green… thats just simple truth … just telling the truth numbers there … We are not stupid

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Bad comparison.

You are comparing averages of maximum values with different time windows. This means that with larger time windows, the average will be higher, not because of a higher player count at the time, but because of an artefact of your sampling.

If you want to make a useful comparison of player numbers, make sure the time windows are equal.

Black Pedro has a nice explanation here:

And a bit more here:

Really :))) ask to people who play this game :slight_smile: and about new normals… You dont even need todeviate stuff… here… Market and people aware about everything

I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one sadly

But as pointed out this discussion isn’t going to go anywhere when you’re not able to see the forest for the trees

Removed some off topic posts.