Not for busy people

I have tried Eve on and off since its inception, I gotta say I love the build system, I love the combat system, I love that you can get all sorts of random stuff and schematics and all that from NPCss and the economy in the game can become completely built from the ground up by harvesting from NPC’s and add in player activity.
What I don’t like is the fact that if you don’t have many hours to contribute you can’t really be a part of anything in Eve, I have tried with my alts to be parts of mining organizations or even going ratting in mid or low sec.
But the moment you’re Guild or squadron realizes you only have 3 to 8 hours a week to contribute you get dropped like a bad habit and you really can’t do s*** in the game unless you have others with you.
You WILL be ganked in highsec even though supposedly there are consequences to these actions (I haven’t seen it but I’ve heard there are), And often by multiple people who will disregard your comms when they claim that you’re AFK.
I have to admit I left and came back more times than is healthy and always to learn the same lesson- no more.

Sounds like you were part of some rather crappy corps then. I’ve been playing EVE for 17 years and sometimes I don’t even log in for a week or two at a time. EVE does take quite a bit of time investment, but it’s not an absolute requirement. You can still enjoy the game with a limited amount of time to play…


Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results.


So you’ve played Eve ‘since it’s inception’ and you’ve never managed to find a corp, and your biggest complaint, after 20 years, is that you keep getting ganked in hi sec? That’s the intro post you are going with?

Edit: I looked at your zkill @Rheiss_Bartorio and I can at least respect the fact you’ve tried to come back a couple times. We can 100% help you, but just yelling about getting ganked is never going to end well here. Some free tips

  1. Join EveUniversity
  2. Any time you want to fit a small armor repairer to basically anything, stop.
  3. Join EveUniversity

thats why I’m a solo player
i do the ■■■■ i want
and play the time i want

btw you should try some pvp


Low effort → low result.


Sounds like you’ve been in some really crappy corps. There are corps out there that are more of a solo social group (R1FTA, the one I am in is like that).

RL should always come first. And there should be no minimum of hours required to play. That’s utter nonsense if they require you to participate in things that:

a) you don’t have time for
b) don’t want to do
c) all of the above
d) or you just want to do your own thing
And beware of corps that require you to “be on comms”

You don’t need to be on coms to do 99% of things in high/low or even WH space.

Maybe blobbing in null with a FC.

I think you should keep an eye open for those kinds of corps that embrace more solo-esq gameplay. Or even just loose social groups.

As for the ganking thing. It’s frustrating. But it is part of the game. As a ganker myself, I can show you very easy tools that take minimal effort to prevent you from being on the wrong end of those blasters. It does depend on the activity you are doing but it isn’t anything that requires major game changing tactics.

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This is just a myth
ie; Might (possibility of an accident happening) vs Will? (accidents will happen)

Also welcome to the Community


yeah your in a crapy corp I mean i run one for crying out loud

Dang it, dad was right, I am a failure.


Not a problem, I never fly what I can’t afford.

Are you in Safety Alliance as this is sort of their mission statement.

Also thinking such is due to Safety Alliance You WILL be ganked in highsec by Concord.

You can say this about players in eve especially the copy and paste ganking warriors.

EVE how always struggled to appeal to casual players for exactly these reasons. Hopefully one day this will change. I too have had to reduce my playtime and it’s becoming less and less justified to keep paying.

I will gank sadistic psychiatrists until the end of the world and one more day…

before this is over, I will turn to nothingness every next clone of this mentally ill pirate princess…

take screenshots…

What is a “copy and paste ganking warrior”?

Some new breed I don’t know about?

No it’s actually the majority of them. The ones who didn’t figure out anything themselves and had to be told/explained on what to do and how to act, probably through memes so their 3 brain cells could fathom it.

The ones who have zero originality and sperg the same boring James stuff, mostly because they couldn’t come up with anything of themselves and because they hide behind group thinking as they’re really just sheeple pretending to be something else. Most EVE players are terrible&clueless, most gankers are (thus) also terrible&clueless.

Just sounds like people to me…

I’m an NPC :joy:

wanted to keep it ingame :slight_smile:

As Omega sub, my character continues training skills whether I have the time to log-in and play or not.

In my opinion that one point alone makes it worthwhile to keep active Omega sub. Bonus point is when I do Log-in, my character is ready and able to use all it’s assets.

And since the yearly sub price is fairly cheap, that basically makes this game a bargain, especially when factoring in the amount of time / entertainment value in playing this game.