NPC roles in New Eden

I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now. When I first started playing I noticed a lot of these stations had names similar to real world “departments” like customs and whatnot. I was watching tutorial videos and one of them, “planetary interactions” I believe, mentioned having your things go through the customs station. Up until this moment I thought these “titles” where mearly flavor or immersion decoration. So I’m hoping someone has made or knows where I can find more information about the different types of stations and how they interact with the world. Thanks guys. May offer some information.

As far as services rendered by NPC Corporations, they have whats called LP stores where they sell special items that you use currency called Loyalty Points for, which is a reward from doing missions for said corporation.

All NPC stations allow anyone to dock at them, and offer most the basic services. Clonebay/Repair service are not at all NPC stations.

What is imperial shipment storage? Because the description talks about providing storage for corporations or something like that. But doesn’t every station have the ability to act as a relay for a Corp? That’s what I’m asking. I know about agents and LP but what I really wanna know is, do these places like the aforementioned ACTUALLY do things or is it just a flavor title?

Just a fancy title/name

Fancy names and titles to give you an idea of what types of missions and/or agents are likely to be there?

To my knowledge all NPC corporations have all the agent types (mining, hauling, security)

I was hoping that there was some actual structure to them. But oh well. Thanks for the info

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