NPE and Ganking

Hi, I’m a relatively new player, and I noticed a lot of player in corp chat talking about gankers, usually complaining.

Would it be possible to add it in the NPE so that people learn how to not die to them?

It would, I believe, have the side-effect of reducing the amount of I got ganked fu gankers threads we see around.


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That’s… a little bit complicated. Ganking is part of the game, but it’s not a static part. Even the definition can seem to vary based on who’s saying it. A person’s definition might start as “I got killed by any means and I didn’t want to” then evolve into “I got killed by any means and I don’t understand how or why”, it eventually turns into “I got killed by specific means and there’s nothing in the mechanics that could have prevented it” it typically matures into “I didn’t prepare properly so I specifically got suicide ganked”, and it rarely comes back full circle to what is probably its original meaning: “I got killed by any means that I am at fault by being completely unprepared for.”

So, the word itself is problematic. Assuming the complaint about ganking is referring specifically to suicide ganking and not just a broader “I suck at this game so I’m blaming the game” there are still issues with covering it in the NPE. The NPE doesn’t get updated that often. If the NPE covered any specific tactics to avoid a suicide gank the gankers would adapt much faster than the NPE would get updated, making that information instantly obsolete.

Thus, the NPE can’t stop people from dying to suicide ganking. Also, suicide ganking is actually pretty rare… the times you’d need to apply tactics to prevent it are more nuanced than the NPE can possibly teach.

I think what the NPE could do is help players develop the support system so that when they inevitably do get ganked (suicide ganked or otherwise), it’s not a reason to ragequit, it’s just part of the game.

So your idea, I think not only it wouldn’t help, but it might do more harm than good by increasing frustration of a suicide gank by instilling a belief that it shouldn’t ever happen.


It was meant more as a how to tank tutorial.
Sorry if I made it sound otherwise.

The NPE currently says hey here’s a rep mod, put that on and you will live.

It doesn’t quite reflect to the reality of the usual space engagements, only the pve aspect of the game. Where an active tank will usually suffice, the pvp part almost always favors a buffer tank over an active one.

Anywho, good to see your vision of it.
Much appreciated

What I am surprised about is that CCP does not include more player resources into the tutorial. CCP never tires highlighting about how amazing players are, but when it comes to help players with the experience of other players, CCP goes completely silent.

I think it would be a good idea to have pointers in the NPE (for instance the combat part where you are supposed to die) that give you a more detailed glimpse into PVP combat, what to expect and, for instance, what to watch out on your overview if you undock from a station. A pointer to make people more aware of suicide ganking could potentially tell people to look for Tornadoes or unusual numbers of Thrashers on your overview and dscan when you undock or jump through a gate.

Perhaps something along the lines of a “Situational Awareness” component to the NPE. A section that covers:

  • Using and adjusting the overview
  • dscan and how to use it
  • Crimewatch flags and what they mean
  • System Security Status and what it means

You know, even a simple explanation like “The entire reason you are a clone is because you will die. A lot” would help by setting expectations.


Part of the new NPE is getting yourself podded, so that’s sort of covered. But re-emphasizing the point is not a bad idea. Particularly letting players know that NPCs aren’t the only threats out there.

I went through that with the NPE, but it didn’t really drive home the point that you will die a lot. I mostly experienced it as “we’re not going to let you keep that cool ship we gave you.” Felt like a cutscene moving the plot along rather than a lesson in actual gameplay.

Yeah, I agree with that. Emphasizing loss more would definitely not hurt, especially with ships.

It’d also help if the NPE didn’t tell you to use Autopilot every time you travel more than 10 meters.


Ccp already try to tell you you’re going to die. It appears in the career agents several times and there are two missions in the career agents where you MUST lose your ship to complete it. It even features in the new drifter related NPE tutorial, you MUST lose your ship.

Bottom line, the game telling you you’re going to lose your ship is going to be ignored. It’s just a scripted event to them. It does nothing to prepare them for a real attack from another player. Just like the game telling you this is a pvp game where capsuleers shoot eachother all the time, is ignored.

What may help, which seems to be in limbo right now, is community fittings. This is where players will be able to go to see suggested fittinga

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The issue you will always run into, is despite the NPE, there will always be players that think to themselves “That this could never happen to me, I’m far too smart for this.”

It really about the player mindset, you will always have a player fully fitted in deadspace gear, or full officer fit. When someone scans them down and pops their flying loot pinata, they are going to go to the first place that they can get people to listen and agree with them, either their corp chat, or the forums.

The short, you can add a million more NPE missions that stress the fact that any high profit risk in eve also means a high risk of losing your crap, and you will still have players raging on the forums over losing their flying loot pinata.

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