Null Ore changes is brilliant

They are going to make it so the big alliances can’t get all they need from only their territories.



A. Blue donut will be a thing.
B. Everything will come to Jita and go from Jita anyway.

Nothing will change expect logistic.

I only hope they will make mining more interesting.

He’s just trying to latch onto the latest thing that he’s read on the forum without actually knowing what he’s talking about. Yet again. Sigh.

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Gee I sure hope this only affects anoms and not athanors. I’d feel like an idiot if I was making a huge deal about something so small.

I’m already several billion ahead on my holdings. Good times indeed.

These are the beginnings of the changes. Sorry I should have stipulated that. They won’t stop with what they did so far.

You missed depress high end prices a bit.
The change is partly undoing the huge null buff done years ago so you can easily predict effects simply by seeing what happened in reverse.

You’re the guy who literally thinks nothing is happening.

I’d quote you if I cared enough but you literally said this “affects nothing and is just small stuff.”

Meanwhile people I know that actually makes capitals says this complicates a lot.

Proving you don’t make donkeydong.

Low-Sec also needs exclusivity in some minerals.

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Bollocks. You are showing us again how little you understand of the game.

That may yet happen - they did talk about this being the first such change, rather than the only one.


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I agree with this nice looking gothic lady. My vote would be for Veldspar only being available in low sec and null sec belts.

They did, they called it PvP. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The problem is they are in essence moving an activity from one highly farmable location to another.

It’s kind of “do nothing” IMHO.

Sounds good to bears though, makes them feel warm and fuzzy.

Its moving it out of the Alliance umbrellas

Right but because of the wardec changes it is moving to another set of farmers, net net I bet nothing changes.

Now if they had coordinated with a nerf to Orca mining, that might have been better.

Orcas already mine less than exhumer. There is no need for a nerf.