Null Sec as Endgame Content vs the Sandbox

While reviewing the April 17 Metashow for the sake of CCPs FW vision I noticed how heavily @CCP_Rattati emphasized Null Sec as the premier Endgame Content and CCPs vision seems to be to streamline players from high sec, through FW (which is supposed to be sov warfare light) into Null Sec.

The proposed FW changes aside. The idea that Null (Blob Warfare) is the end goal and ccp as devs heavily trying to direct people towards null seems fatal to the sandbox ideology and player retention. With not a small portion of players finding null a lackluster experience and returning to the solo / small scale oppertunities of current FW low sec and to an extent wormholes provide.

That FW implentation in general is struggling is common knowledge to those involved and is nice to see and hear that CCP is finally adressing this gamestyle, still loved by many since its implementation in 2012. However FW mechanics are a whole different topic.

What do you think as high sec as the “training / rookie”- area. Low Sec as the “stepping stone” and Null as the true endgame content. Players should be funneled into ?

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It won’t work to many players ingrained in the high-sec playstyle, lots of solo mission runners in high-sec. CCP kills high-sec they kill the game.


I don’t view nullsec as endgame I’d rather call wormholes as the next tier. But endgame is what you as a player deem as fun enjoyable activities. Do what you like not what others want you to do because it’s your damn money paying for access to the game


I think this is completely backwards, Nullsec is clearly the starter area for PvP, where you can learn how to PewPew with zero consequences, easy rules, and a lot of people that basically tell you which button to press and replace your ship when it goes boom.

Wormsec would probably be the next step after null, if you gained some experience on what buttons to mash.

Lowsec is already a lot more challenging as the rules are slightly against the aggressor, otherwise pretty similar.

Highsec is where the actual endgame elite PvP happens. The rules are so convoluted and the mechanics are so stacked against the aggressor that this is the most pilot skill intensive space.

So I think it makes sense to direct new players to null, that is where they learn the game.


Lowsec is the end game. FW is just a purpose to be there. Nullsec is a niche crowd. And highsec is just fine. They need to stop having visions of what eve needs to be. Instead make eve as it is better. So much focus on new players. Listen to the old players. New players need depth and explanations. Not changes. Old players need fixes, purpose, and content.


To be frank, this is BS and I’m very concerned the new lead dev generation thinks that way. But constant lobbying of the nullsec bloc CSM finally pays off.


If this statement comes from Rattati and was made on the MetaShow, it’s of course total rubbish. What else do you expect from that guy? Rattati has no clue and shows this at every possible occasion that presents itself.

If someone says “Zhalyd, stop your toxic vile. He knows what he’s doing” then I point you towards 46:40+: There he says they have a system in place for Triglavian sites that respond to player actions. Yet, the MER says that money influx from trig activities is off the charts and only generated by just a handful of people. He says “if you overfarm, you suffer” - Where is the suffering in Trig space? Or has trig space not been overfarmed yet and the ISK influx that is already outclassing all of null sec is not enough? In either case, it is clear as day that neither Rattati, nor Psych nor CCP at large have any clue what they are doing besides wrecking a trainwreck even more.


What “end game” ?? There’s no end game in EVE. It’s a Sandbox, can do anything you want, be anywhere you want to be. Lots of players play in ALL areas of New Eden.
I’ve got clones in ALL security space and go wherever I need to be to do whatever I want to do.
CCP trying to “funnel” players into this sec or that sec is bullsh-


They could start with the new bro GUI. The overview and chat boxes mainly. Right off the bat funnel new accounts into player corps that have a good newbro turnout. It took me hours just to figure out how to undock with a tutorial. And that was back when you couldnt undock in a pod. Had to contact a GM to get a ship or isk to buy one. That was just dumb.

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They already said this year would be the year they remove highsec for anyone other than brand new players. Stated mechanism has not been revealed but I believe there would just be gate mechanisms to disallow any character older than XX days to jump or undock.

Nullsec is where the players should be according to CCP and that is just a fact. They said the numbers show retention and overall player counts would be up dramatically by removing highsec for anything more than new player tutorial and short term living.

Source missing.


LOL another one of these characters, really you are getting too easy to spot.


CCP is the game maker you are the player. You need to follow the rules and play as intended.

There are plenty of nullsec corps for you to join and play in.

To hell with the rules.

I’m not a joiner, I’m not a follower, I’m a leader.


Haha, looks like Pharaoh needs more soldiers for his null-sec meatgrinder pyramid-building schemes.

The idea that there’s a tier of space that is the “end game” area is so asinine that I’m not even going to bother arguing against it. All space is interconnected, especially these days, with wormholes, filaments, etc. If CCP wants “end game” space, then maybe they should change the map to actually treat tiers of space as a logical progression. Or better yet, design a game around some actual content instead of just grinding ever more imaginary money into your imaginary wallet.

Overall, watching these out-of-touch, graying pseudo-gamers prattle on works better than ipecac.


Then lead others to nullsec. CCP Rattari is right highsec is being removed for the good of the game and players.

I don’t lead to parts of space, I lead to gameplay. I tell them to do whatever the hell they want. Want to gank? Great! Gank anyone you want. Want to steal and cheat others? Do that, sounds good.

I don’t give a rat’s ass what Rattari says. The day they take away my playstyle is the day I uninstall and never look back.


Yes, more content. That’s what we want. Whoever grinds for isk is a brainless drone.

low sec pilots are way better than null sec scrubs
CCP lost contact with their own game

btw null sec blocks spins that null is the great fulfilling endgame ( their prerogative ofc)
HS noobs believe (don’t know better)
the DEVs cant buy that :frowning:

Remember, all that thinking, planning, baiting, and maneuvering you do in your small-gang or solo FW engagements is just a stepping stone to the true pinnacle of skill and enlightenment of watching blobs of colorful squares collide with each other in slideshow mode.