Nullification and Warp Module Update – Live Now!

I disagree with the new CCP idea, that if someone catch you - you should fight / die. They removed the escape option (ECM, WCS changes), therefore if you don’t want to fight - the best course of action would be to avoid the combat at all costs. This means less people will take the risk, less fights will happen, people will stop undocking for station pvp / duels, less traveling through low-sec / take part in FW, less explorers in WH, less people will go to null-sec.

Also mandatory clicking on modules is bad for gaming experience, there was a reason that damage control became the passive module, then why are they doing the same mistake with other modules?


I dont think that is the idea, if it was, then why apply the new module to ships that ONLY have evading as their defense.

For this to work CCP would have to be under the entirely incorrect impression that 1v1 fights are a thing.

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nullification is only about bubbles I think. no warp stenght given.

Why is it called the great escape? You just made it harder to escape… balls up


CCP is just sugar coating thier nerfing everything ideas just like when they create a YT video dedicated for industrialist after spitting on them in the face.


This is not new, this has always been the CCP approach for as long as I can remember. I do agree that it is not the best approach. Such stark, binary if you will, outcomes is makes for shallow experiences.

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Many of us are finding the Shuttle nullification doesn’t fit with Eve’s ‘Risk to Reward’ philosophy. An undeveloped character with no new skills can scout in a 10,000 isk ship for a fleet that’s worth billions of isk. Remove the d-scan capability of a shuttle, if possible OR just remove nullification from shuttles all together. If you’re going to venture into null sec as a new character, you shouldn’t be able to moonwalk through the most dangerous areas of Eve without consequence. Something is broken with nullified shuttles.


So basically interdictors are out. HICs and maulus navy issue are in…

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While I know and understand why you can’t say anything about future changes. I dang sure know you can say you hate the change that happened or that you even spoke out against it. I get that CCP will do what the F@@K they want to do. The players are starting to feel like no one is on their side.


Personally? I preferred the -3 for the wcs. Still trying to push that one through.

I also have asked if they can tell us what they hope the results of this change to be, how will they know if they have succeeded or failed? And the timeline for it. Right now is the acclimation period, then when the dust settles we will see what the new paradigms become. I want to know that we will revisit, re-evaluate and know what we are looking at, for better or worse.



If you’re flying around in a fleet worth 100b ISK, you can be sure that your enemy already knows, regardless of the capabilities of a shuttle , or any other ship for that matter.


just figured those of us who are really tired of being marginalized should comment on why were leaving. if enough of us do, then ccp won’t be able to lie about the exodus. great game, but you guys are catering to the wrong people. not all of us gank - in fact quite a small percentage do. yet, you continue to please a select few at everyone else’s expense…bye - might check in to see what else you screwed up (much later); but for now i’m voting with my feet.


what in what reality does this even work? have you been paying attention to gameplay changes over the last few years? dscan is useless against cloaked ships AND cloak delay is minimal for any halfway competently-skilled ganker even in an astero. try exploring outside hi sec or go into a wormhole occasionally - you might get an education.

I see you (or your mates) post a lot of those scam messages to the “unhappy”. Yes, scam as in subversive. Your message here is a distortion of what you really do. I see you are with Safety (code). Basically, what you really do is exactly what CCP want to see in game in high-sec.

And considering the 8 Golder Rules of Eve, your extortion to players by asking for mining permit is the kind of bad behaviors that the devs approves and encourage.

Really, again, not only are you scaming and extorting the people you gank (which is a noble thing to do according to CCP), but you are also scaming the people here that you try to recruit by not presenting what you really are and what you really do.

So just say it the way it is: you don’t like the players since you scam them in game and on the forum, and you love CCP by doing exactly what they want. You are a money making machine to them.

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Thanks Mike.

When I first heard of the change 1 week before the release, there was no mention of the core strenght on the CCP post. I only saw we could only fit one WCS, and thought it was still only -1 strengh, which got me rage, since I ususally fitted 3 or 4 on my haulers.

Then I tried it on Singularity when it was -3 and then calmed down as it was basically what I was using. There was still that short activation time and that long cooldown which will slow down my trips, but at least I could still “fly prepared” as you once told me when I wished you to fly safe (magic bus run).

-2 however is not acceptable. Some say it will force people to be creative with their fitting, but the other side of the medal is that it makes it so easy for the gankers that they don’t even need to think about it. All the burden is on the the haulers//miners/etc.

If you could only fit one scrambler or disruptor, then there would be some balance for the “fitting creativity” argument (or deep pocket for faction scram).


I agree with the sentiment of your post, just want to point out this one thing - The burden is always on the hauler because Eve’s jump gate design is an artifact from the 1990s.

An absolutely harmful and stupid change. The person who suggested this did not offer anything for a very long time and you started thinking about his dismissal? He, having learned about this, gave out this piece of absurdity? Or did this person suggest that you change the drone aggro system at one time? I just see the hand of the “creator”


So, make it 100 mill isk… the point is the same. Risk to Reward is broken with shuttle nullification.

Add me to long list of annoyed players. Why does the WCS have to limit drone ratting ships? I use a WCS only to be able to warp away from Dread NPCs, I don’t even use it for interacting with players. If this update is to increase PVP… its a failed concept cause if the people that do ratting/pve stuff don’t undock there’s less PVP not more. Seems like all these nerfs affect pve players in ways to get them not to undock, I don’t mine because it was so badly nerfed. I basically stopped doing industry because of all the nerfs because its getting too confusing and too long winded to build anything and why stop there CCP? maybe if you destroy ratting too… there will be no point in undocking at all… just gives me more reasons why i should quit eve, I only stick around for the people I talk to not for the game. Nothing that I like is left to do.


When the dust settles… will there still be a floor?

Anyway, 2-strenght warp stab is already weird as it is, if it’s 3-point new meta will be 2 T2 scrams since 1 faction scram will be useless. -1 mid slot. A heavy nerf.