Nullification and Warp Module Update – Live Now!

none…as usual (the only one i’ve seen rescinded was the drone change - because the null sec crowd whined).

the “risk to reward” argument was broken as soon as it left the lips of the lying SOS’s who thought it sounded reasonable enough to offer it. follow the line of ccp actions: it all points to a lessening of anything other action in eve online except pvp.


…you are kidding, right? i mean who would see this as benefitting anyone who explores - especially alphas deciding whether they want to waste their money becoming omega accounts.


so in exchange for a sure tackle and battle the tackler gives up a slot. On the assumption that the target has also given up a slot to carry the stab. Choices to be made on both sides, I suppose.


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Good for you. Just don’t use 'em, you’ll have the challenge you want.

Eve can be a little rugged at times. CCP wants you dead, very often, and paying to reship.
We are here to help. We build and sell superb collections of tactical perches, safespots, instawarps, and zerospots etc.
Use our collections … along with a little bit of common sense … and flip the bird to CCP Grasping.

:smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:. I’m I kidding or I’m not.:thinking: well…

Hey CCP, when it comes to the WH, they are too OP, they need to be nerfed, please do it as soon as possible !!!

If CCP takes away my ratting with ESS, if it takes away the industry, if it takes everything away from me, I go to the WH and it’s as if nothing happened, I make a lot of billions farming for a couple of hours and we continue as always, very good friends CCP.


Bubbles in WH are nerfed because of the Nullification.

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Its almost as if CCP rolled these changes out after only a week on the test server and without notice specifically to trap people in nullsec, knowing that the second the changes went live the ensuing gate camps would result in massive losses from anyone in an inconvenient situation :face_with_monocle:


At this point its pretty obvious if you aren’t solely a PvP player then CCP_Rattati is going to punish you for it by nerfing whatever it is you like to do until it’s not worth doing anymore.

The mining ship nerfs are coming next.

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Fun fact: While the -50% drone penalty seems to cut the number of drones one can use in half, when one has 15 Mbit/sec of bandwidth, your three drones each using 5 Mbit suddenly become ONE since there isn’t a drone yet that uses 2.5 Mbit. So while the math works to a 50 percent penalty, it’s actually 66 percent.

Gotta love the passive debuffs of a module that now only works when active.


If you’re paying attention you’ll be able to warp out well before an NPC dread locks you - I would have thought

What is the reasoning behind buffing stabbed ships again? And one GTFO module worth 3 old modules while only carrying the drawbacks of one single is a massive buff! Does EvE really need even more safety from non consensual PvP?

CCP nerfed tackle hard because CSM constant whining about nullification, gave nullification to haulers and shuttles, and you really advocate for even more measures to avoid PvP?

In case you didn’t realize, the difference between strength 2 and 3 is game changing. With a +3 module, stabbed ships can’t be realistically tackled anymore by one ship. A +2 module already requires one expensive or two tackle modules.

That the decision is that binary is purely CCP’s fault by reducing the solution space with that balance pass.


For most ships people have been talking about and using wcs on it’s fairly easy to give up 3 or even 4 low slots, so the fact that they now only can use a single slot for wcs is in itself a buff. Especially if wcs would be +3.

It’s quite limiting and in some cases “fit destroying” for a tackler to be forced to have 2 scrams on top of all the other stuff they might need like mwd, long point and possibly a sebo. Right now 3 midslots is pretty much the minimum that works for tacklers, with +3 wcs they need to have 4 to be able to do their job.

For many solo PvP ships it would even be impossible.


So could you please tell me where people took what kind of risk whatsoever in undocking max stabbed max ecm ships to avoid absolutely everything?

This is exactly what max stabbed ships would be: no risk at all. And yes there are mechanics to go around. use scout alts, pings, bookmarks, webwarps, mwd+cloak, dscan. There is no point in having a sole mechanic that simply negates every others.


You really don’t play your own game do you ?
Anyway thanks for killing insta travel inty and nerfing them to death so new players can’t travel at all, they werent leaving the game fast enough.


When you go from 65k players to 23k and still killing your game… smh


You say you use it to warp away from npc dreads?

Npc dreads don’t point. Just web and neut.

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you are basically saying ccp removed your I-win-button.

Thats a good change imho!

Why should a single hauler pilot always win against a single tackler pilot?