Nullification and Warp Module Update – Live Now!

Nor are they meant to be easily caught.



Yes, caveats abound, because none of us have time to write entire essays. But you seem to agree that the analogy is mostly apt, so moving on…

Agreed, but I’m not sure I ever said the bubbles themselves are what get you killed. But it is the bubble that will stop them warping under cloak if covops equipped, such that said campers have time to do something about their presence. With the current mechanics, haulers are vulnerable to gates that are bubbled on both sides.

Someone gave an example of the epithal. But there are also wormholes. Admittedly, I was mostly referring to the latter when i was writing the above, and am guilty of mixing scenarios here.

See above. This statement was a continuation of the wormhole scenario above, and indeed, the loki example you just gave. The combination of covops cloak and faction scrambler really is massively overpowered. It may not make sense to use it as a lowsec gate camper, but away from the gates at exploration sites is another story.

What false claims? Tell me what can counter a faction scram and this will carry…

Your first sentence, you’re just accusing me of what I accused you of, only I gave a basis…and now your deflection proves me correct…because once again you’re skirting around the issue that a module has now become completely and utterly invincible, and trying to muddy it with rubbish about fitting benefits that have no real benefit.

The rest is irrelevant since you’re talking about haulers. In what scenario is a hauler going to be able to fit something in the lows that would better get it out of a fight its not designed for? Hauler’s can’t fight. Even if we were talking more generally about ships that aren’t haulers, hunters pick and choose their targets on the basis of whether they can take them, so having more low slots is still useless, because if they’re in a fight it’s already been determined that they will lose most of the time before it’s even began. That was the case even before these changes for the most part, and now it’s even worse. Hunters aren’t as brave as they like to claim, by and large, they pick weak targets. Gate campers are less discerning, and just engage pretty much anything, but that’s why there are lots of them. This is not balance, this is not fun, and matters not if we can still have one, or only have one when that one is absolutely bloody useless. You’re still under the impression that it’s of any use, ever, at any time, like it’s great that we get to have this great mod that works as well as many used to. You’re forgetting the reason why many were necessary. It’s not useful anymore, it’s completely redundant in the face of the infallible god module that is the faction scrambler. We’ve been through that in this thread again and again and again, and people such as yourself just dance around it, like you’re doing now because it makes you literally inescapable…and for all the talk about “I win” buttons being bad, you won’t give up your own.

It’s not balanced, and what you say about having to close distance and lock etc etc, is lack of positioning and lack of opportunity…which is to be expected. That doesn’t justify things being completely one sided and a foregone conclusion once combat has been initiated. In the same way that a hauler or a lone traveller does not have the god given right to get away, you don’t have the god given right to pin them down. Even the salmon should occasionally be able to wriggle out once caught, rare though it may be.

Corrected that for you.

CCP wants money, and will say the game should be whatever the community says it will be. Unfortunately, non PvPers are inherently, a quite bunch and a loud minority has been allowed to dominate the narrative for far too long.


You haul around null? If you’re flying around lowsec, nullification doesn’t matter anyway, and now you have nothing to fall back on if a server tick issue ruins your cloak timing. If you feel safer, great, but you’re not. Still, I’m not mean spirited. I hope that the luck you’re having holds, and you can continue this false sense of security.

PvPers always come out with this self-serving spiel, and there’s no evidence for it whatsoever. It wasn’t always this way. Just because PvP is possible everywhere, does not mean a place is meant for it. It’s lazy thinking that concludes that can = should.

This is an MMO. A social game. If there’s no place you can at least relax a bit with friends without being docked, no or few activities you can engage in with others without constant fear of destruction of time and investment, it’s not fun, it’s not social and it’s not smart for CCP to allow it to continue. There need to be varying degrees of engagement in a game that claims to be a whole world, as MMOs do. But that’s simply not the case anymore. You only have to look at the player ship destruction numbers for May. More ships are destroyed in highsec than anywhere else. I’m not going to argue that you should be 100% safe in highsec, but it’s literally the most dangerous part of New Eden now. How does that make sense, including from a lore perspective? It’s more dangerous than null these days, which is only reinforced now by the nullification changes. CCP spends more time trying to find ways to protect nullsec that it does highsec. It’s backwards.


Care to elaborate? Of course not. Not a single person who’s disputed it ever has done so. They just pretend to, while talking about everything else but that.

I lost my t3 ship because of this disgrace and the replies I got from support were sad. I urgently want t3 ships to remove this module and make them immune, t3 ships should be kept apart from this update, that’s why we were learning and using these ships, it doesn’t make any sense anymore. It is very sad that I do not lose a t3 ship with Travel fir and if it is not fixed, I will seriously quit the game. Since the time I exploded, I only take daily and leave, I do not log in.


Did you forget to activate the module before warping out of the bubble? Or did you not activate the module and land in a bubble?

Yea that’s harsh when you lose your ship that way. But now you’ve learned to activate that module at the right time, right?

the problem is the timing of running this module. While t3 ships were naturally immune, they finished t3s. In every system, will I open that module and get wapr, what will happen when I pass through the door? When we see what to do in large systems where I can’t see the balloon, pressure doesn’t work.

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What I do:

  1. Keep the nullification module ready in case I jump through a gate and see a camp with bubble on the other side.
  2. Dscan gates before I warp to them - for this you may need a nearby celestial, anomaly or prepare bookmarks

Once you do this, it’s really hard to get caught in any ship that has a fit nullification module, including T3Cs. I’m flying a T3C without nullification subsystem and just an offline nullification module that I online when I’m travelling or when I expect bubbled gatecamps.


You’re trying to explain tactics to someone who created a ticket because he lost a ship, whining to have it replaced.


It’s fun to kill blinky T3Cs :slight_smile:
Keep on providing content!

They need to fix the pvp instead of killing the t3s in the game. no one can go out with the ship except t1 because they finished production. It is very difficult to do pvp, everyone is trying to escape

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Sure let’s ask them to just stay still a day be slaughtered…

You do know they ran a competition to see who would have a banner in their new offices, don’t you ?

Who wants to buy a proteus?