O7 Crowd Kon7rol

Love them or hate them…

"You put a spell on me. On the ways you cheat and deceive. So many tricks up your sleeve.

Yet I still believe."

This is my EVE. And I’m glad CCP.

Merry Christmas.

p.s. This is not an invitation for a discussion; but a recognition thread, saluting Crowd Kon7rol for including that “thought”.


Well, I can’t say I love them…

Anyway, thanks for posting the vid…

Merry Christmas y124 o7

Still can’t believe that ccp_swifty guy spent like 1500 hrs in New Eden cause how much of that time was spent ship spinning?

Come on tell us please @CCP_Swift

Time spent trying to get good.

Will have to up the hours this year :sob:


Wow you remembered the website to the forums?(sarcasm)

Hope you are doing ok

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Nooo…that epithet is reserved solely for Marmite.

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Count me on the bleh side then. Total disapointment :confused: For Marmite ofc.

Crowd Kon7roll is fun to watch for their cool face expressions. Like they want to say
“I don’t give a damn” :wink:

Well CCP_Swift in no way I mean disrespect through my ways, but how good are you really?

Inb4 Swift spawns all the Frostpackers in one hi-sec belt in a bunch of expensive mining ships then teleports his titan on top of them and erases them from existence. :face_with_monocle: :smiling_imp: :snowflake: :psyccp:




Both Chloe and Lisa are sitting in Jita with SP implants mining :pick: so there’s that!

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