October 2018 Release - General Feedback


(dewk) #293

True, the whole ECM/ECCM system needs to be looked into. No kneejerk changes like this one was.

From the number of suggestion given there should be in among them a possible better system. Its clear no-one likes the current % chance.
Hence the number of people complaining about the EC300 drone, but its not the drone, it’s how the system allows a single 1str ecm the power to jam massive ships with much higher sensor str. Sure it’s a low chance, but any chance in this situation is just a joke.

(Ildrara) #294

Bleah bleah bleah.
Many of these are ■■■■■■■■.
Scrams keep you from range control and leaving.

Just wrecked your whole ■■■■ argument. Good thing the devs decided being able to lock one target is better than sitting there helpless. They like my way.

(Buggs LeRoach) #295

so they’d be like the old drake fit for tank ; low dps and you just die last because you’re not really a threat …
can we give the caldari ecm boats a bonus to sensor damps at least they’d have some type of effective ewar and not be trying to tank or dps which other ships already have those roles …

(Buggs LeRoach) #296

range control is one of the counters for damps listed by brisc … so you also wrecked his argument as well …

(Circumstantial Evidence) #297

MukkBarovian - PL FC, has written in support of the change, and thinks completing the overhaul really is as simple as CCP proposes: add tank and watch players adapt to a new meta.

Recently CCP nerfed ECM. Before the nerf a successfully ECM’d ship could not lock anything. Now it can lock the ship ECMing it. ECM is now a taunt mechanic instead of a daze. This is a straight up nerf. There is no upside or anything gained for this loss in power.

And I am more excited about the prospect of ECM mechanics than I have been in a long time.

Taunt mechanics introduce a number of gameplay options in PVE and PVP, if they are attached to a relatively tanky setup. In other games you may typically see undertanked characters with a tank up front. There are options for crowd control that start simple and get more complex.

When ECM totally shut down opponents, it was only reasonable to make ECM ships squishy. Their effect was too powerful. Now there is a new option. CCP could allow short range, relatively tanky, ECM boats. (Maybe with a range penalty like the navy Griffin?)

This would be a much more interesting kind of ship to fly than being logi #12. This creates more times where the F1 monkey won’t have his FC holding his hand. It rewards group skill in that coordinating ECM ships is much more difficult than coordinating logis.

CCP PLZ: Tanky ECM ships that can be thrown into the middle of a brawl.

(Salt Foambreaker) #298

lol, saved for posterity.

(Xsagaroth) #299

Perfectly valid and accurate response for large fleets, ECM is still utterly pointless in small gang and solo. But fk yes, tank all the ecm ships plz, i still wont fit ecm to them but meh :slight_smile:

(Tink Pickles) #300

Oh gods! I wasn’t aware that moving to counter a counter meant that the original counter was not, in fact, a counter! Even though the Counter Counter can only be used at short range, which means the only ship where this counter counter successfully negates the counter is on the Navy griffin, who’s jams are such short range that they have to be in scram range to jam you in the first place.

Also, you wrecked nothing. You “wrecked” (no you didn’t) warping. Not burning out of range, because afterburners are a thing. You did not address sensor boosters, skilling up, auto targeting missiles, smartbombing them (If they are within scram range, then it is not hard to get in smartbomb range), or having aggressive drones in space ready to auto-engage the moment the jammer redboxes you.

Anyway, in keeping with the countering counter negating the fact that the counter is a counter theme of your post, I counter your counter counter with warp core stabilisers! With three of them, even a faction scram cannot stop you and off you go. By your own logic, your counter to my counter is no longer a counter because I have countered it!


The problem with fitting ECM as a taunt is threefold:

1: If you make the ships tanky enough to pull it off effectively, they will be even more tanky without it and can be better deployed as extremely resilient neut or cyno ships instead. Even then, with the current racial split of ECM, it would be better to fit unbonused damps to abuse the greater tank than ECM.

2: ECM strength would need an incredibly huge boost to make it worth trying in that manner. Something like double or even triple the existing strength. Otherwise the taunt will fail most of the time, especially against larger vessels.

3: The ships you most need to hit with such a taunt are currently, as far as I can tell, entirely immune to it (FAXes).

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(Saphire Logan) #301

Has anyone mentioned a module or script that breaks a jam once you are jammed. Eccm is like a buff to ecm defense like a shield amp is a buff to Shields

(techzer0) #302

Love the ECM changes. Thanks guys.

Resubbing. Got really sick of relentless ECM.

(Mequen Wheeler) #303

This ECM nerf blows for those of us that are casual players and don’t follow every single release. Thanks, now I’ve a bunch of useless Blackbirds and Falcon.

(dewk) #304

only the target breaker does as I understanding it, but you could say auto-targeting missiles too, provided there’s nothing between you and the jammer.

everything else is only good before jam starts or once it’s finished it’s cycle

(Proteus Onzo) #305

What happened to this part from the CSM minutes?

It’s possible that ECM can be changed so the jamming ship can still be targeted back. The counter would be an ECM ship buff in a survivability regard.

Where is the survivability buff?

Also, please re-balance Claw, or its slots.
With 2 mids, those go to prop and scram, forcing it into armor tanking, which is counter-intuitive against Minnie speed/agility, on an interceptor.

Armor would be fine if it had a kite function with artillery, but that is not the case.
Its AC optimised and wants to keep close to apply damage and maintain scram.

If nothing else, consider moving the launcher high slot to mid.

(The Dexter) #306

Sadly i renewed my subscription today. Next thing i will do is cancel my two active subscriptions since quiet a lot of my friends will be doing the same. That patch is total nonsense.

  1. You nerf ECM even tho it can be perfectly countered by ECCM Sebos or Counter-ECM. ECM was the only way that smaller PVP groups where able to engage bigger groups.

  2. You introduce a nerf that basically makes any ECM Ship (mostly Caldari) useless in PVP.

  3. You push an patch that nerfs ECM but not even releasing boosts for these ships that got basically useless with this patch. Why the hell? Now you leave this ships useless until you come up with any boosts/ideas?

  4. Only because a few ppl complained about ECM (mostly the ppl that got killed because they didnt knew how to fit a ship with ECCM) it doesnt mean that there wasnt a majority of players who was totally fine with ECM as it was implemented, they just not spamed the forums or playing crybabies in streams/forums.

  5. @Brisc Rubal this guy is just ridiculous, thinks he knows everything better. Argues by saying “But my friends says otherwise”, or “When i was in lawschool” wtf is this?

Take Feedback serious and try not to convince everybody that they are wrong. It seems he lacks the capability of being a member of CSM, because he can’t handle feedback or understand the issue a lot of players have with this patch.

Just by the amount of feedback from all the EVE players regarding this patch you should notice there might be something wrong with your perception.

Kind Regards

(Salt Foambreaker) #307

And that’s just the ECM, lets not forget these Care Bear Classics:

Unload without Docking
Instanced PvE Dungeons

The last few patches have been just terrible.

(Xsagaroth) #308

Far more elegant solution - specially if you consider how broken some modules now are (the standup ECM module being a prime example here).

(Iowa Banshee) #309

Another question :

Do Standup ECM Jammer Burst Projectors work ?

If they do Damps & this may be a counter to the Abyssal Weapons that making structure killing so easy

(Iowa Banshee) #310

Those 4 losses with enemy ecm out of the 80 losses you racked up must of made you bitter.
I see you lost 5 force recons was using ecm to difficult for you?

Dev Blog: October Balance Pass!
ECM Balance Pass - November
(techzer0) #311

So we only count losses?
You seriously believe ECM has only been used against me “only” 4 times?
Oh you lose more than 10 times than you win and think that’s good.

No wonder you want ECM back to the broken thing it was.

(Iowa Banshee) #312

The losses you have on zkill show ECM used 4 time
… and this is a Trading alt that sits in jita