October 2018 Release - General Feedback


(techzer0) #313

So because the losses it “shows” is only 4 then it must be only 4 times it was used on me?
Can you math?

Trading alt? Sure it is. Your losses have nothing to do with trading.
MTU Trading ship? Assault frig trading ship? Pod trading ship?
You might be retarded.

(Iowa Banshee) #314

I clicked on all your losses and only 4 times showed ecm in the attackers list - which is less than the number of times you used your falcon LOL

and … Thanks for the insult nd
" Might be is better than IS "

(techzer0) #315

That wasn’t an insult. I truly believe that.
What is an “nd”?

It has been used on me hundreds of times in my EVE career and I have more losses than 4 while being ECMed.
Killboard doesn’t track everything 100%.

People use broken mechanics to their advantage all the time. How is that “lol” worthy?

You still haven’t explained your trading ships. Or why a trading alt kills other players in non-trading ships.

I can though. It isn’t your trading alt. You just suck at EVE.

(Iowa Banshee) #316

CCP wanted you to TAUNT in game not on the forums

and taunts don’t work if you ignore them.
… bye bye

(techzer0) #317

So you say “bye bye” when proven wrong.
Is this where you check in to your safe space?

Meh. I expect more from someone with a terrible killboard that lies about being a trading alt.

(Proteus Onzo) #318

Taunts are made by tanks.

No survivability buff was added to ECM ships, even though the CSM minutes specifically state that as the counter to the ECM change.

From the CSM Minutes:

It’s possible that ECM can be changed so the jamming ship can still be targeted back. The counter would be an ECM ship buff in a survivability regard.

Lets say you ECM an artillery Muninn or Hurricane. It will Alpha the hell out of you.

(Bronson Hughes) #319

ECM can still be used for jamming logi.

This was a pretty significant nerf, but ECM isn’t entirely useless.


(Proteus Onzo) #320

Its useless for jamming anything except Logi.

Anything else, will shoot you in the face for certain.

(Iowa Banshee) #321

Logi + Target Painter + Assist = Dead ECM

(Xsagaroth) #322

aaaand still no reply from CCP how many forum posts does it take?

(Salt Foambreaker) #323

Read the blog on the ECM change. You will see that they didn’t have any idea the counter even existed when they made the change.

After that embarrassment no one probably wants to touch this topic.

(Bronson Hughes) #324

Not so much against a structure though. (Which was the original question.)

(Commander Aeris) #325

1 of the most under-used items that one should always carry: Auto-targeting missiles
and drones for those not fitted with launchers

ECM had a consistent counter, you just have to fit properly.

(Iowa Banshee) #326

Yes sorry about that - these forums are hard to follow much prefer the reddit nested replies.

Structure ECM No use against attacker - Tho the projected burst may help against the 3000dps abyssal weapons

Talking abyssal Brisc…
You show me a counter a structure can use against them that works every time.

(Peter Yurgin) #327

Yes. If you are bashing a structure that jams you; you can just continue to bash the structure now.

(techzer0) #328

Does your 2 man corp do a lot of structure bashing with or against Leshaks?

(Lugburz) #329

When in drone boats i always carried some sentries, usually bouncers or curators; ecm ship uncloaks… drop sentries
100% works every time.

Taranis is pointless i can get enyo or comet to do the same job but better.
Crusader makes a nice highsec shuttle but due to low range and cap issues its gash at anything else.
Claw is easily superceded by wolfs, probably even firetails…
AND raptor was underused anyway I imagine.

Griffin navy is an utterly pointless ship design; close range jams with extra strength… gee great…
Rook is dead as a dodo as an ecm boat, can still be used as an all out sneaky combat ship i guess but in comparison with other recons for usefulness well… its not.
Falcon still works, anyone who used it close up before was an idiot anyway it gets a bonus for range as does scorpion and blackbird; oddly the last two are the ones you see in fleet most often anyway - these two remain largely unaffected by the change; maybe the griffin - but generally ecm ships are… out of focus; jams are broken.

Grats you guys literally broke eve


(Lugburz) #330

Im really hoping EvE vegas has something decent to say.

(Scooter6976) #331

it will be something along the lines of:
working as intended. we cant wait to fix all the things we just broke; give us feedback so we can!

(Aroye) #332

Show me an ECM module that works every time.

Do you want a counter that works every time on something that doesn’t work every time?