October 2018 Release - General Feedback


(Scooter6976) #333

they want an eccm script that gives 100,000% bonus to sensor strength and doesn’t require the use of a slot. oh and cant be fitted to logi ships! basically.

they don’t want their fighters to be jammable. they don’t want their capitals to be jammable.

they don’t want to ever be forced to downship to deal with a ‘nuisance’ type of threat.

they want ‘I win’ doctrines that cant be countered with a cheaper doctrine.

solo pvp be damned. whats solo pvp anyways? that’s a thing? pfft, so troll the threads for buff suggestions to those ‘ecm hulls’ and tell the users to inject to titan naow!

pardon the sarcasm

(Covey Deninard) #334

Hang in there …………you are not alone on this………

(Covey Deninard) #335

This change was so stupid and aimed to a select group’s gripes that to take their argument further would be to allow skiffs to mount offensive fits like other ships because they too can to nothing but sit there and die, over and over…………change it back CCP……….if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it……….there were counter measures to jammers prior to the change that were completely balanced and fair. ………and tell those who whined enough to get this change that its their turn to be called “carebears” and “cry babies”…………Not every mechanic needs to tilt the game towards gankers, pirates, anarchists and “Grand Theft Auto” rejects………

(Iowa Banshee) #336

When they created the FAX the triage module was taken from carriers so they no longer had 100% resist to ECM. This change has been a long time coming to fix this pain in the null carebear side.

On zkill NO carriers with sebos have been killed since the 10th - prior to the 10th it seems a sebo was almost standard fitting. No Sebo equals more mid slots for tank or damage mods which translates to more isk per tick

I know on my Chimera I no longer fit a SEBO

Edit: When I say my Chimera I mean my alts Chimera - I wouldn’t want some nd doofus thinking this character is my only character.

ECM Change in Oct 2018 update is just wrong
(Scooter6976) #337

sebo’s don’t exist remember?? ‘no counter to ecm’ :roll_eyes:

they KNEW what they were doing. if they didn’t, its because of two things: a) they ignore their own feedback threads AND b) they are incredibly ignorant of their own game. the former is very likely and believable; the latter, I WISH wasn’t so.

(dewk) #338

None work 100% of the time even if ECM is stronger, this is do to the totally random % chance.

Its the same when a ecm strength is only 1, it still has a chance of success against sensor strengths as high as 28, still gets a 3.5% chance of success. With the rounding even the worse possible ratio would still allow for a 1% chance of success.

Its strange that ECM is % chance based, when its ecm strength vs sensor strength, its like throwing a pebble at a aircraft carrier and having a 1% chance of sinking it.

(Scooter6976) #339

ok, ill humor you

ecm does no damage. there is never any hope of sinking anything with ecm. ever. ever ever.

but lets say an ecm drone vs a carrier with nsa fitted, yes, theres still an incredibly slim chance of landing a successful jam. lets say 1%.

this would be comparable to a kid shooting a bb gun @ an aircraft carrier, namely the captain, and having a 1% chance of putting his eye out and creating chaos onboard. for every bit of 30 seconds. there is no other effect.

99% of the shots the kid takes will have ZERO impact on the aircraft carrier whatsoever. what sort of power would you suppose an aircraft carrier could drop onto a kid with a bb gun?

ecm WAS as close to balanced as it Ever was, just prior to this patch. instead, this crap batch of changes went live, and shocker here, dozens more things are broken than prior. used to be, the best way to defang a carrier was to either kill or jam his fighters. now, you just have to kill them. will people bother with trying to jam them anymore? perhaps, but it will be an afterthought. since any successful jam will warrant primary from the fighters, and we know how effective fighters apply vs subcaps right?

the ONLY THING ECM DID WAS DISABLE A PILOTS ABILITY TO ACTIVATE TARGETED MODULES! that is all. nothing else. it applied zero damage, had ample drawbacks, and required a dedicated fit to be especially effective/reliable. the COUNTER(S) was exceptional in its versatility and low fittings req’s and cap usage. the Counter(S) also stack incredibly well.

but…if nobody could be arsed to fit them before, you can bet a pretty penny nobody will bother fitting them now! also, nobody will bother fielding the ecm hulls, as the entire system is non-sensical and broken. ecm drones will still be used, albeit to limited effect. ppl will still die feeling helpless, same as before, or perhaps even faster since that former ecm pilot will now just be another dps boat on grid. or damps, which is equally ‘unfun’.

this was a buff for fighter application. it killed solo use of an entire ewar system and its hulls. it lets damp machariels (cuz this is a thing right brisc?) run roughshod over anything with comparable range because NOTHING with comparable range is even remotely close to its speed potential. it also means if an ecm pilot tries to maximize his effect in a fleet scenario by spreading his jams, he is Drawing guaranteed locks from every thing he jams. its just absurd on its face. I seriously thought the taunt thing was a joke at first. other games have a taunt? well since when was eve trying to be like other games? did I miss a memo somewhere?

fml, I thought we were playing spreadsheets in space, where things like math and planning matter. and patience. and more planning. I guess that’s just the thinking of a toxic capsuleer. stupid me eh?

(techzer0) #340

But but but zkill says you’re just a noob that loses small ships and doesn’t use ECM in the first place.

Your edit is kinda funny. You attack me because of what my killboard says without even thinking that i might have half a dozen characters and many more characters i use as a SP farm. (which i do)

It’s like your saying “please acknowledge that I have more than 1 character even though I am going to attack everyone else under the assumption they only have 1.”


(techzer0) #342

Yeah okay.

(Scooter6976) #343

I knew it!

(Chatarina DeBeers) #344

Unfortunately, wormholers will be unwilling collateral damage, as they often are, due to the incredible usefulness of HICs for rolling holes. We may address this with a specific mass manipulation module at some point in the future but want to move forward on fixing this broken behavior as fast as possible.

I would love a little less stepmotherly care, if you please! We might not be as many as the Null Bears, but we’re a dedicated crowd who play EVE mostly for this one unique aspect; wormholes. I’d love to see some updated reasons to keep playing that part of the game, as it’s mainly what keeps us here. ^^

(DarkRealm SteelSky) #345

after the updates released are useless interceptors Raptor*. therefore guys, let me change quickly on the Raptor Crow. what you do is meaningless alterations in egremni drum, kompensiruet all my Raptor!!!

(Scooter6976) #346

THIS^^ is what is wrong with eve online.
THIS is where all the ‘work’ is going.
THIS is why we get crap ‘expansions’ for YEARS.
THIS is what IS and HAS been killing eve.

PA will close this shop down pretty quick once we get another batch of epic fail releases from ccp.

You cant leech players from eve online to go play your new game based in the eve universe, chocked full of p2w crap and then act surprised that eve is failing. and you cant expect non-eve players to appreciate the eve universe; at least no more than they do any of the other fps games on the market. and fps is a crowded market to begin with. and mobile? comon!? that’s not a crowded market is it?? how many new lemmings are they Really gonna get when theres SW lore, WOW lore, and many other far more recognizable games out there?

every penny and manhour they spend on these other ‘efforts’ is a big FU to eve subscribers. thanks for alpha and all, but wtf?

and what do we get? dev responses? nop.
instead we get a single csm’er responding to every other post, carrying ccp’s water, explaining to us dumb lemmings, on the topic of Proper BALANCE: ‘that’s too much work’, ‘ccp cant’ or ‘ccp wont’

well I have a couple ideas as to WHY they ‘cant’ or ‘wont’. its called ‘‘echoes’’ and ‘‘nova’’ and ‘‘war of ascension’’.

and before any of you give me ■■■■ about it just being 50mins out of an entire fanfest weekend, ■■■■■■■■. they are using the ONLY reliable player base they Have (eve) to try to bump their other attempts.

how long did it take the Chinese to crash serenity?? couple years?
tranquility has been carrying on for 15+
in Spite of ccp.

(Winston Onzo) #347

wah wah… a company is trying to branch out and try other things and get other people not just eve players into their games, which would hopefully lead them here… I’m not a FPS person, so i won’t be trying nova. Though i know some who will.

the devs have been busy getting that whole event ready, thats why you hadn’t seen them on here very much… you need to quit, no actually go ahead and keep crying tears… im sure someone is enjoying them. I am.

(Scooter6976) #348

how long have you been playing eve? remember dust? or walking in stations? or Valkyrie? or…

they can try all they like, at the expense of their singlular success. and I can call it like I see it. same as you.

and lol @

why? so the new players can be ignored too?

(Unseen Spectre) #349

I just saw the ship & module balance stream wtih @CCP_Rise from EVE Vegas, and from that it appears that there will be no help to make ECM viable for solo players in the near future.

So I guess until further notice the Caldari EWAR ships in an EWAR capacity are worthless to solo players which I personally think is a shame - and not balanced at all given that the Caldari faction only has the one type of EWAR.

But I am also sorry to say that this was to be expected - CCP has chosen the direction (which they are fully entitled to do) and now they have to deal with it, so for me there is no reason to waste any more time on feedback on this issue.

(Commander Aeris) #350

I also loved how they were scared to show usage statistics for E-war ships/hulls, while they did do so for the DPS and tri ships.

Probably afraid that their statistics after the ‘update’ would show how badly they gimped that section of EVE…

(Unseen Spectre) #351

Yes, I think the ECM change has left the Caldari EWAR ships in a pretty bad place. The ships have been forced into a position which they were not designed for (i.e. to tank incoming damage over a longer period of time) and I think that the reduction in signature radius is not nearly enough to compensate for the lack of jamming its target.

I also think that CCP with the ECM change have created more problems than they solved. The solved the “bad feelings” issue but now have to balance a whole line of EWAR ships while at the same time ensuring that the EWAR ships do not infringe on the roles of other ships.

An at last there is the collateral damage/sacrifice of ECM solo play which is my primary concern - and currently ECM solo play is dead as it is. The proposed changes do not change this.

CCP have the option to introduce a secondary Caldari EWAR type that is useful in solo play and keep the ECM change, but whether this will happen is another matter.

Personally, I would like to see the lock-breaking ability re-introduced, i.e. the EWAR ship will break the lock (100%) on the targeted ship but the targeted ship can re-lock afterwards. This could be in the form of a module for ECM ships only. A secondary effect could be that all active modules stop their cycle and have to wait on cooldown a few seconds before they can be re-activate. This could be balanced as an ancillary module (like a shield booster) powered by cap charges with a cooldown after each use an a reload time. If fired without cap charges a drawback could be that EWAR ship will also suffer the effect as per targeted ship, i.e. modules stop in cycle + cooldown. Maybe you would only be allowed to fit a limited number of this type of module per ship? I think such a device would complement jamming while still being separate. The counter play to this will be to be quick to reactivate the modules on cooldown and a sensor booster to improve re-lock time. Anyway, this is just an idea.

(Iowa Banshee) #352

I know its not the end of the month and not for all of eve - but a quick look at the zkill stats for the Rook, Falcon, Blackbird and Griffin shows that both kills (about 1/2) and losses are down.
Showing that usage has dropped

(DrysonBennington) #353

When are you going to fix the Loading Resources screen so that it doesn’t hang and generate an error message?