Off topic - A maths problem

Anyone else here have a game theory and/or maths background and initially get hooked into EVE seeing it as somewhat of an optimization problem? (Come for the optimization, stay for the tears…)

If so, here’s a silly maths problem. Trust me, it’s NOT trivial like these ‘fruit maths’ problems usually are.


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#include <stdio.h>

void main(void) {
  double s, b, p;
  for (s = -100.0; s <= 100.0; s += 1.0)
    for (b = -100.0; b <= 100.0; b += 1.0)
      for (p = -100.0; p <= 100.0; p += 1.0) {
        if ((b+p) == 0.0 || (s+p) == 0.0 || (s+b) == 0.0)
        if ((s/(b+p) + b/(s+p) + p/(s+b)) == 4.0)
          printf("strawberry=%.0f banana=%.0f pineapple=%.0f\n", s, b, p);

strawberry=-99 banana=-81 pineapple=45
strawberry=-99 banana=45 pineapple=-81
strawberry=-88 banana=-72 pineapple=40
strawberry=-88 banana=40 pineapple=-72
strawberry=-81 banana=-99 pineapple=45
strawberry=-81 banana=45 pineapple=-99
strawberry=-77 banana=-63 pineapple=35
strawberry=-77 banana=35 pineapple=-63
strawberry=-72 banana=-88 pineapple=40
strawberry=-72 banana=40 pineapple=-88
strawberry=-66 banana=-54 pineapple=30
strawberry=-66 banana=30 pineapple=-54
strawberry=-63 banana=-77 pineapple=35
strawberry=-63 banana=35 pineapple=-77
strawberry=-55 banana=-45 pineapple=25
strawberry=-55 banana=25 pineapple=-45
strawberry=-54 banana=-66 pineapple=30
strawberry=-54 banana=30 pineapple=-66
strawberry=-45 banana=-55 pineapple=25
strawberry=-45 banana=25 pineapple=-55
strawberry=-45 banana=81 pineapple=99
strawberry=-45 banana=99 pineapple=81
strawberry=-44 banana=-36 pineapple=20
strawberry=-44 banana=20 pineapple=-36
strawberry=-40 banana=72 pineapple=88
strawberry=-40 banana=88 pineapple=72
strawberry=-36 banana=-44 pineapple=20
strawberry=-36 banana=9 pineapple=-99
strawberry=-36 banana=20 pineapple=-44
strawberry=-35 banana=63 pineapple=77
strawberry=-35 banana=77 pineapple=63
strawberry=-33 banana=-27 pineapple=15
strawberry=-33 banana=15 pineapple=-27
strawberry=-32 banana=8 pineapple=-88
strawberry=-30 banana=54 pineapple=66
strawberry=-30 banana=66 pineapple=54
strawberry=-28 banana=7 pineapple=-77
strawberry=-27 banana=-33 pineapple=15
strawberry=-27 banana=15 pineapple=-33
strawberry=-25 banana=45 pineapple=55
strawberry=-25 banana=55 pineapple=45
strawberry=-24 banana=6 pineapple=-66
strawberry=-22 banana=-18 pineapple=10
strawberry=-22 banana=10 pineapple=-18
strawberry=-20 banana=5 pineapple=-55
strawberry=-20 banana=36 pineapple=44
strawberry=-20 banana=44 pineapple=36
strawberry=-18 banana=-22 pineapple=10
strawberry=-18 banana=10 pineapple=-22
strawberry=-16 banana=4 pineapple=-44
strawberry=-15 banana=27 pineapple=33
strawberry=-15 banana=33 pineapple=27
strawberry=-12 banana=3 pineapple=-33
strawberry=-11 banana=-9 pineapple=5
strawberry=-11 banana=5 pineapple=-9
strawberry=-10 banana=18 pineapple=22
strawberry=-10 banana=22 pineapple=18
strawberry=-9 banana=-11 pineapple=5
strawberry=-9 banana=5 pineapple=-11
strawberry=-9 banana=36 pineapple=99
strawberry=-8 banana=2 pineapple=-22
strawberry=-8 banana=32 pineapple=88
strawberry=-7 banana=28 pineapple=77
strawberry=-6 banana=24 pineapple=66
strawberry=-5 banana=9 pineapple=11
strawberry=-5 banana=11 pineapple=9
strawberry=-5 banana=20 pineapple=55
strawberry=-4 banana=1 pineapple=-11
strawberry=-4 banana=16 pineapple=44
strawberry=-3 banana=12 pineapple=33
strawberry=-2 banana=8 pineapple=22
strawberry=-1 banana=4 pineapple=11
strawberry=1 banana=-4 pineapple=-11
strawberry=2 banana=-8 pineapple=-22
strawberry=3 banana=-12 pineapple=-33
strawberry=4 banana=-16 pineapple=-44
strawberry=4 banana=-1 pineapple=11
strawberry=5 banana=-20 pineapple=-55
strawberry=5 banana=-11 pineapple=-9
strawberry=5 banana=-9 pineapple=-11
strawberry=6 banana=-24 pineapple=-66
strawberry=7 banana=-28 pineapple=-77
strawberry=8 banana=-32 pineapple=-88
strawberry=8 banana=-2 pineapple=22
strawberry=9 banana=-36 pineapple=-99
strawberry=9 banana=-5 pineapple=11
strawberry=9 banana=11 pineapple=-5
strawberry=10 banana=-22 pineapple=-18
strawberry=10 banana=-18 pineapple=-22
strawberry=11 banana=-5 pineapple=9
strawberry=11 banana=9 pineapple=-5
strawberry=12 banana=-3 pineapple=33
strawberry=15 banana=-33 pineapple=-27
strawberry=15 banana=-27 pineapple=-33
strawberry=16 banana=-4 pineapple=44
strawberry=18 banana=-10 pineapple=22
strawberry=18 banana=22 pineapple=-10
strawberry=20 banana=-44 pineapple=-36
strawberry=20 banana=-36 pineapple=-44
strawberry=20 banana=-5 pineapple=55
strawberry=22 banana=-10 pineapple=18
strawberry=22 banana=18 pineapple=-10
strawberry=24 banana=-6 pineapple=66
strawberry=25 banana=-55 pineapple=-45
strawberry=25 banana=-45 pineapple=-55
strawberry=27 banana=-15 pineapple=33
strawberry=27 banana=33 pineapple=-15
strawberry=28 banana=-7 pineapple=77
strawberry=30 banana=-66 pineapple=-54
strawberry=30 banana=-54 pineapple=-66
strawberry=32 banana=-8 pineapple=88
strawberry=33 banana=-15 pineapple=27
strawberry=33 banana=27 pineapple=-15
strawberry=35 banana=-77 pineapple=-63
strawberry=35 banana=-63 pineapple=-77
strawberry=36 banana=-20 pineapple=44
strawberry=36 banana=-9 pineapple=99
strawberry=36 banana=44 pineapple=-20
strawberry=40 banana=-88 pineapple=-72
strawberry=40 banana=-72 pineapple=-88
strawberry=44 banana=-20 pineapple=36
strawberry=44 banana=36 pineapple=-20
strawberry=45 banana=-99 pineapple=-81
strawberry=45 banana=-81 pineapple=-99
strawberry=45 banana=-25 pineapple=55
strawberry=45 banana=55 pineapple=-25
strawberry=54 banana=-30 pineapple=66
strawberry=54 banana=66 pineapple=-30
strawberry=55 banana=-25 pineapple=45
strawberry=55 banana=45 pineapple=-25
strawberry=63 banana=-35 pineapple=77
strawberry=63 banana=77 pineapple=-35
strawberry=66 banana=-30 pineapple=54
strawberry=66 banana=54 pineapple=-30
strawberry=72 banana=-40 pineapple=88
strawberry=72 banana=88 pineapple=-40
strawberry=77 banana=-35 pineapple=63
strawberry=77 banana=63 pineapple=-35
strawberry=81 banana=-45 pineapple=99
strawberry=81 banana=99 pineapple=-45
strawberry=88 banana=-40 pineapple=72
strawberry=88 banana=72 pineapple=-40
strawberry=99 banana=-45 pineapple=81
strawberry=99 banana=81 pineapple=-45

Exactly zero of those solutions are all positive integers.

Brute forcing this may time… some time.

This is such an easy thing! The ultimate answer… as always… is…





The lowest possible values are:

Apple = 154476802108746166441951315019919837485664325669565431700026634898253202035277999

Banana = 36875131794129999827197811565225474825492979968971970996283137471637224634055579

Pineapple = 4373612677928697257861252602371390152816537558161613618621437993378423467772036

When in doubt, ask Google. Or Quora. :woman_shrugging:

It does not say “all”.

Can you find positive whole values for apple, banana AND pineapple.
That sounds like an all for me…

I can read. Nowhere does it say they all have to be positive. Obviously does it have many solutions, and one can find positive whole values for every fruit.

What you did read was the OP saying “Trust me …” on an EVE forum and you trusted her.

Question. Are you one of the perhaps 50000 people in the world that has the technical expertise to solve this problem?

No. I just googled for the problem and its answer. Given that it’s a extremely complex problem disguised as if it was easy enough to be solved by 5% of people without any special skills, I think that cheating is the appropiate course of action.

The problem cheats, and so I cheat too.

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There is the answer to the question as asked
“Can you find positive whole values for ?” To which the answer is “Yes”.

The question doesn’t ask what the numbers are, or if they are realistic quantities of fruits, just can it be solved. It just asks if it is solvable. There are three unknowns and an adequate number of constraints (the equation, positive and whole) to be able to answer it.

Answer the question asked, not the question you think is being asked.

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This is one of the most EVE-like responses I have ever seen.

Well done. Go have a beer, you’ve earned it.

Also, side note. Despacito is now stuck in your head.

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Meh, Despacito is so last year… here’s the newest earworm:

(In case you wonder, “illo” or “quillo” are an abbreviation from “chiquillo” which means “boy” but in this context is closer to “buddy”)

If 100% cannot solve it, it can be safe to say that 95% or 97% can’t solve it.
99.999% too.

Also, the guy says 1 million for a question, but you might want to put all the past and future money on it too, on top of that one million.

In megatons of yardstick weight mass from diabetics medication testing.

I was just about to post something similar. :slight_smile:

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