Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Humans are not logical like that. I’m used to seafood but not to insects and I assure you it’s absolutely not the same.

One should not insult a host by turning down a dish based on mere preference though, if it cannot be done quietly, so I guess.


It will be even better if the host won’t insult guests by offering food that was ALIVE like to savages instead of proper and modern synthesized food.

A host offering their guests traditional food is not an insult. In fact, it’s a great honor to be included in such a meal. It’s very odd that any Caldari would find observing the ways and traditions of one’s ancestors to be insulting.


How about you go back to the slave pen, since being a slave is a tradition of your people?


It seems like a pretty bad deal if the gladiator lobster isn’t at least tasty?

I am Told by the Principal of the College of Culinary Arts, that Giant Lobster is difficult to prepare on account of the Size of the Lobster, but it has a Taste similar to, if somewhat Stronger than, Culinary Lobster, but the Texture can be quite Varied, due to the Difficulty involved in preparation.
I was Also told that the Kitchen at the Grand Arena was Probably the only Place on Kaztropol that is Equipped to Routinely prepare such an Item. Also that the Head Cook at the Arena was “A Dilettante that Only Knows how to Butcher things”.
Upon Further Enquiries at the Arena I learned that there Had been a Dispute between the Two Ladies Concerned, regarding the Proper way to prepare and serve Roast Gonads On A Stick, which is a Popular snack food at the Arena. The Dispute centred on what Kind of Stick should be Used.

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Cease this defeationist nonsence at once!!
The Homeworld will be Ours again, and every gallente occupant who will dare to step their dirty foot on the planet will be dealt with!

You shall look even broader. Luminaire was a shared system before gallentean invaders decided to take it from us. We shall strike back.

The justice will be restored only when the WHOLE Luminaire will be Caldari for as long time as Gallente were holding it since the time of the war for our Independence.

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I have not given up hope. But I will still be diplomatic. One catches more flys with honey.

And where you do good work protecting our boarders from the expansionists, I will work on relationships in my way.

There’s a reason she’s one of the best recruiting tools the FedNavy and FIO have, y’know.

At the same time, some accommodations should be made to ensure that the guests feel comfortable. A lot of people have dietary restrictions, whether cultural, religious, or medical (I’m allergic to beets, for example). My clan has a custom that at any sort of formal meal, we serve a variety of bite-sized items (e.g. dumplings, sushi rolls, meat on skewers) to ensure that everyone will find something they like. After all, if you’re hosting visitors from another clan, it would sour relations if you served them food they didn’t like, or even simply couldn’t eat.

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Absolutely. Could not agree more.

Well I was going to announce the big reveal on a thread all on it’s own, but seeing as many of you have already got your hands on them, it’s been relegated to the off-topic thread.

As many of you know my new science fiction series “Doctor Spice” was released yesterday and the ratings, I’m sure are through the roof 1.

But for those that haven’t bought, swindled or rob a piece of history here are some holopics of them.

The famous Love Shack that you have have on your bedside table!

You too can be fighting off aliens with a Replica Love Wand, just like the one Doctor Spice uses!

And last but not least the Extendable Spice Tool. I don’t know what it does but it’s a must have!

If you would like a signed version please send me an evemail and some token amount of ISK and I’ll forward one on to you.

As natural as they come,

Julian ‘The Doctor’ Flavours
CEO of Julian of New Eden Inc.
Creator of JFT and Eau de Parfum Flavours
S+ tier fighter of Super ■■■■posting Siblings!
Ex-Supreme Commander of Allied Love Militia Forces
A Meowstar of the Caldari Cats Production
Lover of Lovelovers and a strong distain of Lovehaters
The ‘First Doctor’ in Doctor Spice

1. I haven’t checked yet

You’re reeally racking up those titles, huh?
You are well on your way to becoming a self-aware, better spoken version of Vaari, it seems…


Why would I buy your extendable spice tool and love wand when I already have my very own:

Extendable Love Wand

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I have already bought myself a replica scarf. It’s very soft!

I just returned from my first wormhole expedition. It was nerve-wracking, especially when I got lost in there, but I also made a massive pile of ISK.

What should I be proving and to whom?

After many years of flying only Catalysts while in CODE. I have finally found a new favourite ship.

My Nemesis is called “Diana Kim”. Naturally, like any good pilot with experience in Caldari space, “Diana Kim” carries a Guristas ‘Dirty’ Bomb (just in case) and comes supplied with a Caldari Navy Overlay Transponder as standard so you can make others believe you, too, are part of the Caldari Navy. The SKIN is extra garish to highlight the Gallentean excesses I hold dear.

What’s your favourite ship, IGS?

By far, the Heron. Such a versatile little thing. From combat, to exploration.

After that, probably the Merlin, then the Tormentor.

In the Dessie range, the Dragoon and the Confessor.

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So far, the Probe. But I’ve only flown the Burst, Probe, Reaper, and Rifter so far.

It’s not a secret that I have a particular affinity towards the Harbinger. My main title in my corporation alludes to not only my being an apostate, but is also as often read as a reference to my skill with lasers.

Historically I’ve also had a special place in my heart for the Abaddon, the Crucifier Navy, and the Coercer.

Now, however, I’ve expanded my horizons and fly a much wider array of ships. I now really quite enjoy the Typhoon, the Navy Osprey, the Bifrost, and the Jackdaw, among other ships.

I’ve recorded kills from over 100 different hulls by now, so picking just a few is difficult.