Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

The Cloud Ring and The Cauldron are my favorites. I also vividly remember the experience of seeing Ginnungagap the first time from Kalavela Expanse. It’s hard to appreciate the power and scale of that thing until you observe it from an extreme distance - and it still terrifies you.

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The Jovian Nebula. The sickly off-green pea soup colour really adds to it’s precursor-progenitor feel. I often try to find clips of the alliance tournament broadcasts that show the inside view. V difficult

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So, uh, pilot? If I’m not mistaken that literally is Caroline’s Star.

It didn’t used to look like that.



Bit cryptic but not bad really considering the subject matter.

See, Arrendis? Not never, just … not often.

Nah. Trying too hard to be clever with his senselessness, he tripped himself up.

I spent years in fighting bloodier than anything the Pendulum has seen outside of maybe the ground combat on Floseswin—I’m still not sure they’ve matched the ‘millions dead in twenty minutes of local time’ that B-R, X-47, and M2-XFE reached, but if anywhere did, that was it. Over a hundred thirty of ‘me’ have died in that fighting, in everything from Corvettes to Carriers and Force Auxiliaries, and I can’t count the number of lives I’ve seen lost.

I’m tired of war, tired of all of the senseless, stupid death, and all of the nonsense that goes with it. And if I wasn’t, I’d be flying for the Republic.


The sheer explosive power? :smirk:

It is common knowledge among the Minmatar that lazors are dangerous and can blind you! unlike Autocannons.

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That’s true, you don’t want someone shining a laser pointer in your direction.

Filthy Minmatar weapon systems pollute space with unexploded ammunition, unlike holy Amarrian lasers, which respect God’s creation.


Clusterwide, mysterious disruptions to communications systems can only have a supernatural origin. This is a sign of the coming of the True Emperor. Repent, sinners, for the restoration of all things is at hand!

Can we expect you to reconsider your beliefs if this does not happen, Mr. Nauplius?

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… No.

Really? … but it seems as though you might start to wonder about that supposed gift of prophecy and whether and how much you (or anyone) should really rely on it.

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Why would he start wondering about that now, when a decade or so of similarly failed prophecy hasn’t had an impact?

He did ultimately abandon around half of that decade, though.

In retrospect… I don’t think he did. I think the singular thread through it all is ‘I am the chosen one and I can speak for God’, and everything else is just the latest set of rationalizations for why Mr. Superspecial can’t seem to get a girl.

That’s something that resurfaced after Ms. Tsukiyo persuaded him he didn’t need to worry about his own cursed ego. There was an interregnum, and it’s not the same now as it was. He’s walking a similar path, with similar reasoning, but so far he’s staying closer to home with his heresy.

Don’t be too hard on Naupy-kins.

The reason why his prophecies have failed is because the divine line of spiritual foresight offered from his god has to pass through the one true emperor first, then to him. But seeing that the middle man is missing….

You can’t blame him.