Off-Topic Thread vol. 2


The fact that that thread degenerated from something so positive into the mess it did is sad enough by itself. The fact that it gave you enjoyment, of all people, is even worse.

It probably also provided a lot of fodder for the AmarrMil eggers’ fan clubs.

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At least my popcorn served an important cause before it died. This fills me with joy.

Either way, go and enjoy your festivities…
Just don’t party too hard on your cracked and rotting ‘Foundation.’ You might fall through the floor.


I’m still having a hard time coming to terms with this.

To think that somebody that had so much going for them could fall so far. Keep on hating your own people just to fuel your own ego, apostate. One day you’ll realise just how empty you are inside.

I wonder whether you’ll betray the Republic then, too?

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While I find it distinctly amusing, you should probably find it slightly concerning that you’re leaning hard in my direction these days. Ye little Gods and spirits, it’s downright gratifying to watch someone’s brain unclench after so long.


I remember this game, the lonely pariah talking in oblique terms about Foundation Day; usually leads to, “How are your family?”, “Where will you be celebrating?”, “Will you find time to see old friends?”– I cannot imagine what you hoped to accomplish, those are questions… well for someone.

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So much misunderstanding of why I did what I did. But this gives me an idea. I’m going to have to make an extra special post just for Foundation Day that should clear everything up.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up.
I realized the truth about the place I was born and actively chose another while being fully informed about it.

It was a treacherous and painful road, but I feel much better after having made the journey.


Of course you have to. And I’ll be there to clear up for the cluster why no words that leave your mouth should ever be given the time of day.

I think this says it all, really. I’d take no joy in watching the deed unfold, even were it to be to the detriment of a hostile entity. I can understand why somebody like you can’t understand that, though.

Go and make your thread, apostate. I’m sure you’ll find it therapeutic for a precious, delusional moment or two.

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There’s only one way to solve this dispute between Amicia and Arsia.

Mud wrestling !

Please don’t. Even though you’re clearly joking, I’m quickly becoming aware that there’s an alarming number of people across the cluster that will take inspiration from this.

This was already tried between Pieter Tuulinen and Ava Starfire!

The IGS is the only type of mud I’ve any interest in rolling around in, thank you very much.

I thought that was jelly ?

Maria Daphiti. Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.


It’s been tried since, too, but the IGS got its collective knickers in a twist over the idea of someone mud-wrestling and more or less harrangued the people just looking to make resolving a conflict a little funnier into basically writing the whole place off and leaving.

So, y’know, basically, people suck and should stop being dicks to one another. But it’s the IGS, so we all know they won’t.

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Didn’t the Brutor Tribe also get involved in that debate ? Or was that a different one ?

I believe so.

Not when it expressly violates the intent of the legislation. Adhering to the letter of the law while violating the intent behind it is, in fact, disrepectful. And part of the intent behind the CEWMP Act was to limit the conflict to space-borne capsuleers and military assets, rather than endangering civilian populations.

Nonsense. One can engage in actual debate, and attempt to make progress, without being emotionally invested in whether or not the other person is receptive. Again, I express myself for my own sake, because I feel I should or need to. But I’ve long-since accepted that I can’t ever force you to actually think critically about what you’re presented with, I can’t ever really get most of you to listen. So there’s no point getting emotionally invested in you… only in whether or not I’m making my point clearly enough that you could understand it, if you were willing to.

Edit: Frankly, anyone who enters into a discussion or debate reliant upon, and invested in, the receptiveness of the opposition… is setting themselves up to become a violent cynic who has given up on discussion as a means of resolving problems. Because the other side is almost always too invested in their own viewpoint to seriously consider the validity of any other. When you find someone who is willing, the first thing you should do is actually listen to what they’re saying.

I promise, it gets results.

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Asserting a single intent in multilateral legislation, you’re not naive enough for that to be considered good faith.