Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I’m starting to see what went wrong with Kernher and Elkin

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I am indeed very grateful to have your permission to think what I like without additional charges of heresy. At present my thoughts are of how amusing it is that you think that you’re in a position to be giving passes to me, or that it is I that ought to be seeking your respect. You seem a bit confused as to our relative positions in the Empire.

Delusions of grandeur aside, we are both lowly instruments of the throne, and ill equipped to clarify its wishes on this matter. When confusion arises, I find it best to seek clarification. Assuming the position of the throne on such matters absent its guidance could prove perilous for those contending to put words in the mouth of the Empress…

You do not know when to stop digging, I’ll give you that.

It’s ok. I cannot say I was exactly thrilled about this, but I also cannot say I’d not have done, or would not do, the same had the roles been reversed. The whole co-op is an opsec nightmare.

Glad you said it yourself, so I did not have to. :wink:

The Amarr Empire still is a supporter of Edencom, and Edencom-aligned pilots have been called to keep up the fight. Neither The Throne, nor the Sanmatar, have included any kind of “except that, don’t do that” clause to it. What news we have is that resistance is still on and that we are preparing for a new fight. Again, no one has to like that, but liking facts is not required for accepting them.

As much as I love this idea, I am sad to inform you there is no hierarchical command structure between the entities involved in Lux Invicta, any more than there is one between entities in the warzone who have (and I expect will) co-operate against pirate forces.


Are the invaders not currently residing in the abyss?

Should I take this to mean that you’ve received word then from the Republic that they will withdraw from planets to which the throne lays claim which the Minmatar currently occupy? If not, it would seem to me that you have taken it upon yourself to adjudge the Triglavians as a threat more immediate than the republic for sins that they share.


No, but you can take it to mean that as long as one of our people remains enslaved, we’ll keep buying more bullets.

I do. If you’re going to pick up a weapon, do it to protect your homes, your friends, your family and your fellow citizens. Going around committing acts of piracy makes you a criminal, nothing more. But at least most pirates are simply pirates because they see it as a profitable career choice, rather than running around denouncing the society that produced them.


Does it look like they are still in the Abyss? Have you even been to the occupied systems? Or are you just writing off Amarr systems as part of the Abyss because the Triglavians broke the gates? There is also the matter of their continued footholds in systems all over New Eden.

The Triglavians are an existential threat to the core of the Empire. The Republic occupies provincial territory in the Rebel Provinces and threatens backwaters. Both are important, but Domain is more important. Anything that threatens the Throne Worlds is our top priority. And the Triglavian foothold in Amarr space is a closer to home threat than the Republic occupation of the Rebel Provinces. Choosing to focus our efforts on one does not mean that we have written off the other. The Excubitoris Chapter serves the Empress directly, and we trust our superiors to tell us if our actions are in error. We are certainly not bound to prioritising the War in the Provinces over other emergent threats to Amarr.

You keep taking upon yourself the roles of the Tetrimon and the MIO by trying to judge those who are outside of your jurisdiction. The Excubitoris Chapter is part of the formal heirarchy of the Empire as part of the Sacred Throne Order and not just regulated by CONCORD independent capsuleer law. Our superiors recieve reports of our actions, and we trust that they will convey to us any course corrections that need to be made.

But we do not, and will never, answer to a gallente warlord whose only distinction is organising capsuleers to kill eachother in the Provinces over the last few years. Every time you poke at us you weaken your position by demonstrating that you do not, in fact, know your place in Amarr.





A puzzling perspective, given your own comments in the next paragraph. I’ve already said, several times, that guidance from the Throne ought to (and will be) sought on this matter. You are the one that seems to think that you speak for the throne on military priorities.

My apologies, I didn’t realize that commanding actual fleets to defend systems like Floseswin, Arzad, etc from your Minmatar chums was such a vile and heinous act in the eyes of propper Amarr. If you’re hoping for some kind of apology, I wouldn’t hold your breath. I’m doing my duty to the throne. After all, one of us has to.

As you seem to want to take shots at my record though, please do remind us again of your accolades. What exactly has your venerable chapter been up to? What “actions” have you been able to report of late? Are you mustering an Amarrian capital fleet from the safety of highsec? Lead any fleets against enemies of the Empire (Triglavian, Minmatar, or otherwise?) Please, spare me this tiresome exercise.

I caution you: tread carefully. While you are not the leader of your alliance, as a CEO, words uttered in carelessness do indeed have the potential to affect LUMEN’s standing in the eyes of those loyal to the Empire. This discourse has drawn more gazes upon you than mine.


Fight on, sweet children of God.


I have never done so. I have spoken only of the priorities of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne, you are the one who has been repeatedly attacking those priorities and attempting to declare them not sufficiently Amarr. You chose to misread a paragraph about supporting EDENCOM being explicitly expressed Imperial Policy over the last year as me speaking for the Empress, which would indeed be wrong if I had ever done such a thing. I think you did so deliberately, but it is possible that you simply misread.

No, I wouldn’t expect anything like an apology from someone who has proven at every turn to be an ill-mannered cur.

But I also did not denigrate your role in the warzone, so do quit putting words into my mouth. What I have said, repeatedly, is that the Warzone is important, but not the only important thing and that success in the warzone does not give you the right to attack those who serve in other capacities. If you choose to take that as an insult, that is on you.

They hold very pretty parades, attend galas and balls adorned in the finest military uniforms and talk about the bright future of Holy Amarr, as they toast in extolation of their illusory sacrifices– safe in the knowledge that the Empire will always have true servants to pay the price God requires of them.

You are ill-mannered, Mikal Vektor, in that your detractors speak truly; the more pertinent truth is that those who presently speak against you have scarcely a fraction of your service, and little but their manners to recommend them.

To be all silk and no steel is at least as shameful as its inverse.


I see you have found the secret of training cats: simply command them to do what they’re gonna do anyway. :wink:

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It is certainly notable how many jurisdictional breakdowns there have been during the last decades. They are probably one of the largest destabilizing influences on Holy Amarr, so it is no wonder that sworn enemies of Amarr cheer them on.

I do not think I reveal any particularly sensitive intel if I say it gives us hope every time we see the Amarrian hierarchy break down, and room taken, forcibly if necessary, for questions asked.

There are so many questions in the Empire that you should all be asking.


I just like how they insist on doing it publicly. Normally, I wouldn’t dream of pointing out how they’re broadcasting this public squabble, over and over again, across the entire GalNet, including to Amarr baseliners… but I have to admit, I’m pretty sure no matter how much I smug, Mikal’s gonna continue to insist that running fleets in the warzone gives a commoner—and a foreigner—the standing to go publicly insulting a member of the nobility where a whole bunch of other commoners can see him defying the ‘proper’ order of Amarr society.

Every time he opens his mouth, he undermines the Empire, and he’s just the kinda guy who’ll do it even knowing it makes people he hates happy, because he can’t overcome his need to be right. It’s awesome.


Why not both? What I do is profitable and doubles as a means to flip off the Empires. Win-win in my book. Does it trouble your sensibility that a simple pirate has an opinion on your life choices?


The main question of import that should be asked is where each individual person’s duty lies.

If we all keep to that and do not attack the structures that hold Amarr together, Amarr will prevail.

When we surround ourselves with the faithful and stand together there is no strength like it. When we act as vigilanties outside of proper channels and proceedures, we open Molok’s door and beget disorder.

Even if the likes of Saronu and Mikal were correct in their hostility to Lux Invicta’s–a coalition whose action of coming together across hard ideological lines at the battle of Arshat last year was praised by Lord Ardishapur himself–contiued activities, they would still be acting in a manner that breaks down proper jurisdiction.

I can and should ask my superiors whether my action is correct and they can and should tell me. Anyone outside of my chain of command does not have the right to ask on my behalf.


Jurisdiction is indeed important.

If the Empire just realized that in relation to outsiders, too.