Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Sooo remind us who it was who discovered these various insights, o humble Doctor of the Faith?

Stop being argumentative and start believing in the Amarr God. People have been far too patient with you.

I will admit that you do seem to be sincere in such calls, and sincerity can be an admiral quality, however im not sure if its born out naivety or willful ignorance this case.

The Empire is perhaps the most egregious of using the “Lets work together” rational during the very cluster wide invasion that you speak of to enhance itself at the expense of the other Concord Members. While you may sincerely believe in it, your betters do not. As such, we must continue to fight the CEMWPA wars, despite any cluster wide threat.

So, just as a minor style point: When the entire document lists an ‘About the Author’ that credits one name ‘Dameon Jaeger’, it’s not really necessary to attribute all of the quotations, separately, to Dameon Jaeger. After all, the whole thing is one long Dameon Jaeger quote; he wrote it.

Also, I think pages 18 and 19 are reversed, since the ‘Overview Setup’ heading title is, well, all of page 17, but page 18 is ‘About the Author’ and then page 19 is the actual information about setting up the overview. Oh, and p12, last word of the first paragraph has a typo. So does the first word of the 2nd sentence on p10.

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In response to a post that included…

I’m not saying that’s the bit that response applied to, but I’m definitely marking this one for posterity. Thanks, Ibs! :wink:

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I very nearly edited my comment to get ahead of you on this very claim. But I did not and battles are won by the people who show up. :stuck_out_tongue: :cocktail:

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you guys are still here? why

we want to see how many posts this thread can contain before the IGS folds in on itself and collapses.

It’ll auto-close at 10,000. At which point, I’ll request the Utari’s Puppies thread be re-opened and rename it to Off-Topic Thread Classic.

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But it isn’t locked. It’s one of the old ones that has no lock on it.

Even better!

Some foreign students at the university have made a complaint about how I don’t accept sexual favours in return for inflated grades. Apparently this creates a “hostile teaching environment” and offends their “cultural heritage”. Made me question what other Sabik worlds universities are like if that sort of thing is considered normal.

Well-- it’s a “by any means” sort of culture after all, so, I guess…?

Still this is very weird; the practice must be very widespread for them to think it’s something they’re entitled to instead of an individual weakness they can exploit in certain professors.

Behold !

The Time of Judging is upon us !

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In other words, a soft power approach to Reclaiming that you are disguising under the veneer of charitable outreach.

Who did you approach in the Federation when you conceived this initiative of yours? Did you approach capsuleer representatives of the Federation to talk about the sensitivities that you may need to consider when interfering directly in the member states? Did you approach the District Parliaments or the Member State governments, any local organisations or considering the attitude of the population itself to gauge their willingness to accept aid from Imperial-aligned organisations?

I think that any of the above was performed. And until such time as you do, these efforts will be determined to be nothing more than a sinister plot to undermine the Federation’s integrity at the level of it’s basic building blocks. Captain Dallocort is therefore absolutely correct in identifying the Empire as ‘foreign’ to the Federation, which it is, and despite the Treaty of Pachanai giving an impression of friendliness, the Empire remains ideologically it’s adversary.

Mantel - would you be able to be approached for such services? I have an Idea.

This… might not be something you can trust. Not from SAYR, mind you, I’m sure their reporting is accurate. But keep in mind that the reason the attacks on the TTC structures ended isn’t because Goons are done. They made their TTC Sotiyo in Ashab their war HQ, and it got blown up. If Asher’s still dead-set on harvesting as many Highsec XL structure kills as possible, he’ll drop a faction fort in Keba, max-plate it, and giggle maniacally as hostiles attempt to attack it while he can Titan bridge from Sakht or D4KU-5 to just next door (or, more likely, he and Shines can bridge from both directions to put fighter blobs on all 3 gates into that highsec pocket).

The war forcibly ended on 6/27. That means Goonswarm can’t declare war again until 7/11. If Asher’s still looking to collect those kills, expect it to happen then, and those Sotiyos to get hit on 7/12…

… if Shines lets them live that long. INIT, Dracarys, and LAWN, as well as BL0B (who have their own reasons for hating the TTC) are still at war with the TTC. I don’t know if FRT is willing to come defend, now that the Ashab Sotiyo (a significant point of tension for Noraus) is dead.

Now, maybe the TTC has bought itself enough of a window for Asher and Shines to get distracted. Maybe Asher won’t want to put up with another highsec slog. Whether or not those Sotiyos survive will depend entirely on whether or not he’s committed to destroying them.

Either way, the TTC remains nullsec’s hand in highsec’s wallet.


You, sir, are a very generous soul to believe that this is a kind thing to say.

Possibly to any of us.

She’s not wrong, though. As awesome as I look, I am actually smarter still. :wink:


Generosity is a limitless positive entropy field.

There is balance in everything.

Even in the weaving of words.