Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Many years of acute attention to the details of the world around us.

I’ve found that some people are more logical and tend to use facts more often than others. Arrendis is one such person. Her judgment is usually sound.

Now here I am imagining you’ve got a handsome Gallente spy tied up to slab so you can threaten them with a giant laser cannon death ray.

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In such a purely hypothetical case, “Scorch” crystals actually, and it cuts from toe to head, not across the waist…

Using your bare hands, first breaking the wrist, then moving up the forearm and breaking that, then move up to the upper arm, followed by a forceful ejection of the shoulder from the socket -hypothetically speaking- could be pretty effective means of getting someone to talk. And it’s much more intement.

I suspect it would work on legs too.

The problem with using pain to extract information, is that the subject generally is willing to say anything and admit to everything to make that pain stop. I thought by now it’s been clearly established that torturing a potential spy is one of the least effective methods of acquiring actionable intel.

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Well then, how do you extract useful intel?

I’ve always found that simply asking nicely - in an extremely roundabout way - works wonders.

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I have always said that every diplomat in the cluster knows the secret technique for finding out the plans and moods of the opposition. You know, the one called “I asked them”.

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Still, you have to admit that it’s nice to see she’s consistent about holding her own ego to be more of an authority than the CEP, CBT, or treaties ratified by the Megacorporations.

Subversion. You can start with the hard, aggressive approach, but you have to know going in that nothing you’re told is reliable. Once the subject ‘breaks’, they’re telling you whatever they think you want to hear. It won’t matter if they don’t know anything, they’ll make something up, just to get you to stop. If they do know something… they’ll still make something up, because what if you don’t believe the truth? Better to give you what you expect, so you’ll believe it.

But again, that means, as Utari says, you have nothing actionable. None of it can be trusted. So all of the effort in that section is completely counterproductive. The better approach is to conserve your effort and resources. Isolate them. Mildly neglect them. Human beings are social animals. You’ll see when even the brief moments of contact for feedings have become something they crave.

Then you offer them what they want… what they need. You let them get cleaned up, tend to any minor medical issues… and you give them people to talk to. You keep it light, conversational. You get them laughing, you laugh with them. If they cry, you offer sympathy and understanding, comfort. And you ask tangential questions… never approach what you want directly, but let them ramble in their answers as you ask about things that aren’t directly connected… but their ramblings can tell you the size and shape of the hole they’re trying to avoid talking about.

And little by little, as you follow-up with questions about the things they volunteered near (but never on) the edges of that hole… they’ll fill in the hole, too… mostly without realizing it. Mostly without actually doing it… but they’ll say things that fit together with things other captives are saying… neither one giving you anything critical alone, but together… narrowing that hole down immensely.

And then you look at how the hole fits into all of your other intelligence-gathering. If your intelligence arm is at least as good as a bunch of knuckle-dragging mouthbreathers in null, you’ll have a result that’s not only actionable… it’s solid, and your enemy will not ever know you have them… until your slug goes through their gray matter.

But then… I suppose they won’t know then, either.


Honestly, at this point the degree of inflexibility and dogmatic adherence to her own bias is impressive. It’s so far past the usual rigidity one would expect of nationalism to be its own class entirely.

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Torture is silly for attempting to gain actionable information about anything other than umm… erotic preferences of the prisoner.


I was deliberately misusing triggie grammar to annoy people.

With this message hereby I notify you that this misuse of triggie grammar did not annoy you, but as a matter of fact it did confuse me.