Old Player stories - The Hamish Saga

I know its a long shot but does anyone have a copy of Istvaan’s Hamish Saga stories. Sadly the http://www.tribaltrustofpator.net/ hasnt been active for a while and was the last know place you could find them.


Crawlings yields links to:

you are awesome

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The Wayback Machine is what’s awesome, and so are the folks over at the Internet Archive non-profit who created it. Be sure to use the Wayback Machine whenever you want to look at a past version of a site, particularly a site that has been taken down or has changed substantially in content.

Fun fact: anyone can instruct Wayback Machine to take a snapshot of a site if it doesn’t currently have an up-to-date snapshot, or any snapshots whatsoever. Use this feature to preserve content you don’t want to disappear (or be protected later on) and henceforth be unable to reference! It even has web crawl capabilities if you want to read up on that.

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