Omega Slaves: A EVE Online Story

I will post videos on how you can enjoy the game as a Alpha Clone EVE Online Player full of handy tips on how to get the most out of the game if you are new or if you are a veteran. I have been playing this game for many years to be considered a veteran, an expert in anything this game has to offer.

Join bulletbites in his adventures today!

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How to be a marketleader without wasting your time ingame looking at your buy/sell-orders

Omegas Can’t Change Into Alphas

Alphas Are Addicts Too

Facebook Live


How To Be A Content Creator

Selling Characters is Hard

Money For Nothing

After figuring out that the FB links don’t work on the forum I reupped the vids through youtube:

Facebook Live Videos


How to be A Content Creator

Selling Characters is Hard

The Good Deal featuring htao Beverlry

Play To Pay

One Lone Wolf

These videos could be amazing but they are just lag fest. You need to either upgrade your pc or turn the settings down.

Roadrunner Tactics

Hilmar explains that Star Citizen is not Eve Online

Arnold Says No

Alpha Trader

Quafe Heroes

Metagame Misadvantures

Alexander The Great