Online player count drop

According to the graph you posted it seems to plateau at 2010 then level off with a bump in 2016. That’s hardly dead. Problem with you doom’n’gloom is you never say when.

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Eve will die on March 32, 2028

There will have been days added to March in 2026 to compensate for changes in Earth’s orbit caused by CERN research.

Good news though. Eve 2 will be launched on March 33 using some insane offspring of the Hadean engine experiments, and yes you can import your old characters. Except for Goons. You will be forced to start over.


CCP listens, a lot. That doesn’t mean they just have to do what players say.

This game continues to change and grow and excite so many people on a daily basis.

These threads keep popping up because so many people are so in love with the game that the idea of it ending is troubling.

Even if it does die, damn it was f-ing mind blowing.

CCP deserves less negativity and trolling and more hugs.




“quality of life” is just the sort of specificity one can really work with.
I suppose this means solid gold cup holders?

Since Korea owns the game, I’m thinking “our” suggestions will now fall on deafer ears than they did before. Nice post, though. Love the graphics!

Another guess, the current drop could also be related to a level of war fatigue down southwest. The uptick in 2020 was probably partially driven by that same war starting in the summer, the blast on the horn of goondor, etc etc.
The finger pointing at ccp some here love to do is business as usual. Only the people who do not log in know the true reasons :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I don’t think EVE is dying … but I don’t think it’s thriving either.

It’s just plodding along … doing its thing.

Funny, seems I see this sort of thread in all the forums for World of Warcraft, Sw:TOR, Lord of the Rings online, Star Trek online, Elder Scrolls online…

Seems like business as usual for me for MMOs…

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Blizzard has been losing millions of players over the last 2 years even with the pandemic. EVE Is kinda holding its own and even had an increase for a bit, sounds to me like it’s doing just fine. It’s just people looking at numbers to purposely misconstrue them backing their own personal agenda, and agenda which seems to be based on “I’m a 12 year old”.


That sounds about right.

How would eve look with a 1000 player count?

Maybe more lifelike… cuz you know, space is vast and most of it is void of stuff.

IT’s probably due more to multi-boxers finding the new grinds not worth the effort.

But we’ll always have our little broadcast-inputting Kusion friend being a badass ganking indys in highsec to keep those numbers up.

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I dont understand why people seem to feel that EVE is different then other products. With a car or a computer or a shovel - if the product sucks people dont buy it. Here, if folk arent playing, its not that the quality of the product has fallen off, its the negativity of the community or some other excuse.

Sure “eve is dying” has reached meme status. But there are two ways video games die. Some are just cut off, while others slowly fade away. Eve is a shadow of its former self. It has half the the players logging in from its glory days. In fact, back when 40-50k would happen every one of those players were a subscriber, now we get 20-30k, and who knows how many of them are subscribers vs alphas.

Presumably, eve is still profitable - perhaps there are enough suckers buying skins to make up for the lost subscriptions, but its hard to argue that CCP is not directly responsible for eve’s decline. Just as with any other product - people are voting with their wallets and just not logging in like the old days.


Im logging in a lot less for a few reasons, a big one is being tired of not knowing what my ships can do from one day to the next, or if the skills I’m training are going to be nerfed.
I have five paid accounts that I’ve dropped to four to focus only on one who’s in faction warfare. For the most part I now only use tech one ships, mostly frigates, with cheap modules.
I’m thinking of dumping all the stuff from the other four onto the one I’m keeping as an extended source of income to keep from running out of ships.
I have a couple of reasons for doing faction warfare, the first is it’s fun, the second though, and it’s a close second, is I don’t think CCP is going to nerf faction warfare, and might even enhance it. I also don’t think they chan screw with my ships much or the skills I need to fly them. That second one doesn’t seem like a very good reason to completely change what I’m doing, but that’s how it goes.
I had to do this because if I didn’t do something I was just going to stop playing, it got to the point where I didn’t feel like logging in, wading through all the login spam and then discover that my ships were broken, it just made me tired and disinterested. Couple that with feeling the need to actually read change logs and half the time I have to play is up in smoke.
What I’m hoping is that faction warfare is something I can do that will make more fun for other people, keep me flying instead of reading logs, and if I’m lucky I will get better at PvP which I am beyond terrible at.
Who knows, maybe in a year or so CCP will stop dicking with stuff and I can fire up my other accounts again.


For the first time in my ten-year Eve career, I’m having trouble selling stuff.

I agree that the pace of changes, and some of these drastic ones, requires a lot of adapting from us. Couple that with pesky UI changes and fuses will run short. Not all changes are good, but some really are, like the fleet formations. Some of them open opportunities, and may even be interesting enough to try a different play style. The sandbox is flexible and accommodating enough to do that. I quit the game for a while 5 years ago, came back because it has no equal either in aspect or community, and genuinely think I’m more prepared and willing to face whatever challenge ccp throws at me, at least after having postponed my initial reactions to changes (which is not saying I agree with some of the designs).
Good luck in FW (yes, it needs a lot of TLC too). And most people are terrible at pvp, including me :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe, just maybe, the ubiquity of multiple accounts was a sign of how unhealthy the old state of the game was and a good EVE doesn’t include you firing up a bunch of accounts.


You should focus more on frigates and destroyers. It’s what CCP wants us to fly.