Online player count drop

You mean making criminals suffer criminal consequences? YOU MAD, get outta here!


summer, lockdowns ending, mostly nice weather all around. All these reasons contribute to people going afk, the summer lull in the PCU has been increased with the lockdowns ending, and most people wanting to go out and actually do things with friends, unlike you apparently.

eve has been dead since 2004

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I’m thinking you completely miss the irony of you sitting alone at your computer on a Friday night posting this.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I have an Idea.
How about we move ALL the ORE to lowsec and see if everyone comes back…

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Summer usually has a drop in player count, not sure if it will increase late Autumn-early Winter. Game seems to be broken at the moment, imo.


O My. Please make this happen. Make My Eve dream come true.

Isn’t this what happend to Co2? too soon?