"Only fly what you can afford"

“Only Fly What you can Afford”.

What a load of codswallop.

I wonder how many times you hear this phrase repeated in these forums by players whom indulge in alliance warfare with multiple Erebus, Avatar and even faction super class vessels such as the Revenant.

Despite their calls to the contrary, do you really believe that all but the richest coalitions can afford to replace this type of hardware repeatedly?

Do you think the coalition that will inevitably build the first Palatine Keepstar will be able to afford to replace it?. There isn’t enough mineral content on the Jita Market to actually build the thing.

I’m sure there will be many who try to slate this, but bear in mind that circle of two had a trillion ISK stolen violently from their alliance wallet…

Do you realise that only replaces ten well fitted titan class vessels? In an alliance of thousands of players?

The sentiment applies perhaps to smaller ships, but there is little reward without risk is much better suited.

Taking out a ship that you can’t afford is of course a risk, but the idea that you shouldn’t do it is perhaps short sighted.


I can’t afford to replace many of the ships I fly. But I have the means to make the money to do so when needed. Don’t fly what you aren’t willing to lose is more appropriate.


This reminds me of the “broken telephone” game kids play…

Since when did “Only fly what you can afford to lose” turn in to “Only fly what you can afford”?


This has been a concern of mine for sometime since I began in Eve. I mine and so I am subject to ganking. They go out and buy a cheap throw-away destroyer then attack me in even high sec space, and my skiff is expensive and I cannot afford to keep on replacing it. I could go for the cheaper procurer, but I just like the skiffs. So what’s the answer to this? In my opinion groups like CODE and their activities just ruin the game for beginners such as myself.


Learn to defend yourself. If you are being easily ganked it’s because you are not taking the necessary steps to ensure your own survival. Probably all of the following is happening:

  1. You have poor situational awareness. Lulled by the false sense of security given to you by being in “high sec”, you do not pay attention to local let alone use d-scan, so you have no idea what is happening outside your mining site.

  2. You have a mining ship that is built to maximize mining returns only and has ineffective defenses.

  3. You might even be AFK most of the time.

Therefore it’s no surprise if you are easily turned into a victim. It is entirely your fault. And I say this as a miner myself - Ptraci has maximum Rorqual skills and I have a fleet of mining alts. If you become willing to sacrifice some m3/minute for a mining ship with a bigger tank, then you will survive a suicide attack. If you are willing to pay more attention to the game and be more pro-active and vigilant in your mining, then it’s unlikely you will be suicide ganked. But of course this requires effort and sacrifice on your part.

Much easier just to whine about it and hope CCP changes something. Here’s a hint: they won’t.


If you cannot get the total cost of acquisition of a ship (purchase of hull and modules, insurance, …) back when flying the ship itself once, it may be a fluke.

But if it happens repeatedly, you’re doing something wrong. Plain and simple.

“I just like the skiffs” is NO excuse for getting blown up in them and ending up with a net negative. Use something different, move to a different location where you aren’t just gankbait, whatever.

Sorry (no, really not sorry) to say, but I’m leaning towards “serves you right”. There’s another saying out of the book of golden rules:

“If you get blown up, it’s mostly your fault. Only yours.”


The phrasing is wrong, it’s “don’t fly what you’re not willing to lose”.

Being able to afford something doesn’t mean said person won’t have a meltdown if he loses it, so he shouldn’t fly it. NOT being able to afford another one right away doesn’t necessarily mean one shouldn’t fly it, for some people it adds excitement.


I’d rather use a different metrics: If, over the lifetime of the ship, from purchase (or building) to its demise you end up with a net negative, you need to rethink your approach. On the other way round, if said ship breaks even on its expenses, every ISK you earn from there onwards is a bonus.


Only fly what you can afford…

…IF you cannot handle losing it.

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only undock if you want to fly

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Only fly through the undock


My mak is so old, it has the wrong size rigs. It has been used weekly in hi sec often 10 jumps from a major trade hub. It has long since paid for itself and several replacements.

My charon has traveled between amarr and jita for years. It helped move all my assets and others when RvB relocated, making multiple trips each day. Guess what… It’s still going strong.

Fly smart and CODE isn’t an issue. They do not reach everywhere. It is very easy to keep your ship for a long, long time, recoup the costs, and not have a worry.

You are your own worse enemy, not CODE.

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Good luck dealing with whiny brats complaining incessantly on the forums that they lost their stupid ship, with “there is little reward without risk.” “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose” has much more “shut the ■■■■ up” built into it, and is much better suited for achieving inner peace as an FC or alliance leader.


99% of what I own I can easily afford to replace.

The remaining 1% of what I own I can’t readily replace, but I sure can afford to lose it. I can deal with not owning a capital ship for a while.

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I actually do only fly what I can afford to lose.

I actually have at least one backup of every ship I fly already fitted (fit?) and ready to go (and spread over different systems so I can travel in an interceptor and have all the ships I need in multiple locales). I guess I’m OCD that way. Needless to say… I don’t fly capital ships of course.

quite mind bending, how you take good advise and then drop this huge amount of crap around it.

What someone can “Afford” to lose is not only different based on how much isk someone has, but also about their personal feelings about what they can afford and willingness to spend. Its really, what can you fly and not be too angry that you lose it.

For example, three people might have a billion isk. One might say he can afford to lose a billion isk ship because he can instantly replace it. Another might be more conservative and say he can only afford to fly a T1 cruiser because he can lose one every day and not run out of isk. Another might fly a 5 billion isk bling ship and he doesn’t care if he loses it and can’t replace it right away because he’s having fun.

Some people might also look at their cash flow. So, look at losses over time and estimate the monthly cost of those losses. IE: Should you fly an implant pod in null. If you lose only 1 or 2 pods a month and are good about getting away when you lose a ship, then a few hundred mil in implants every so often might not be an issue if you make X isk/month. If you are being podded every day you might forego implants because the time and cost of replacing them might outweigh their usefulness and your ability to make your income cover the losses.

But it’s not good advice is it yellow,

I notice in your posts that it’s just attempts to get everyone else but yourself to be flying frigates.

Your “good advice” is for your benefit only.

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What? i rarely talk about ships, and the last time i mentioned one, it was the 4k cargo cane. whoever you think you’ve been reading, it wasn’t me. my favourite ships are the rokh and the tornado. :slight_smile:

the advise is sensible. it’s to get new players into a mindset that prevents them from losing it all. the point is to have them realize that they’re responsible for their stuff and that putting it all on the line, in one go, will likely make them regret it. it is of no matter who gives the advise.

the real question here is why you’re so angry about alliances and titan pilots. or what’s wrong with your perception, because not one will you find anything even remotely close to what you’re saying i’m doing.

Frigates are awesome! One day when you’re a sad bitter vet you’ll rediscover them.

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