Open ticket

Of course it does :roll_eyes:

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Congrats! It could be all red full of PVP attempts and I still wouldn’t call you a scrub. In fact I’d congratulate you on risk taking and attitude. That’s the difference between me and you, one i don’t expect you to get.

well, i suppose for the right price i’d gladly post on my alt and verify it publicly. put your money where your mouth is.

says the guy who posted on my thread to begin with, making a male karen reference.

If you can’t take a light ribbing, don’t prove me right.

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dude just stop, you tried to be cute, got called out, then verified a care bear casual forum warrior. then you try to switch gears, rookie mistake, and play the I’m a really good guy game. you started the ribbing, trust me, I can do this all day. Just pick a side, either be a troll or don’t be a troll. you aren’t very good at it tbh and that’s fine, I’m just one of those guys who genuinely doesn’t care. I posted a legit comment hoping for some feedback from others who have experienced a delay as well. You took it upon yourself to get involved. I’ve been trolling you with zero effort. you should just quit while you’re ahead.

I have no idea, a friend of mine usually makes support calls anytime he’s stuck somewhere, then after 5 minutes he calls me on the phone because he can’t wait long. Needless to say 99% of those calls are incoherent ramblings and will take support a long time to decypher. So if it’s of any help to you, my friends issues are fixed but his calls are still open, blocking you from support. I hope you can find a solution yourself. If it’s not a issue that’s personal and you don’t want to share, I understand but… maybe post your issue here and we’ll try to help you.

appreciate the heads up. i haven’t called, only done the online ticket, was told they would forward it to the appropriate dept and there may be a slight delay but should be handled asap. that was 9 days ago. I can’t access two of my accounts, is what the ticket is for.

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Sticking to the “I’m a tough guy not a Karen” routine. I like it, because I can drop an issue, because I’m not a troll, I do enjoy jokes though. And that’s the difference between you and me.

I fully expect you to have the last word and insult. It would eat you up alive to not have it.

Ok, best is to wait, they are on teh case and every minute you can’t play looks like hours. I can’t promise anything but you’ll probably get the time you lost back. I’v been there too.

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Oh and sorry for the interruption, I see you all were busy with some sweet “Pure Pwnage Forum PVP”. :wink:

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ah the classic, i butted in with my two cents, said something stupid and got called out for it, so I’m gonna call you a tough guy and pre-emptively get the last word in while claiming you will. almost every reply you gave said that’s the different between you and me, that’s a lot of differences, may want to rephrase it.

fyi, you came to my thread talking nonsense, not the other way around. insulting me while crying about being insulted. like i said before, you aren’t very good at this. my kids are probably older than you are.

I have to ask…lol, the purple helmeted warriors? is that a metaphor for something? Cause at least one comes to mind for me. hey man, or woman, i don’t judge. be you. just seems sort of blatant to me.

Yeah, I have one ticket open for that long as well without a (not automated) reply. I think they’re short-staffed atm, due to the summer holidays.


From reading OP’s responses I understand why CCP does not want to respond :joy:


Im going with “yes it was a waste of time”, given your lack of tact and intellect as shown by your reply.


I’m pretty sure I know who his main is. Not many in here see the words but change their meaning to fit the fantasy conversation only he sees. What’s on the monitor is totally different than what’s in his mind. He has a narrative and will twist whatever is posted to fit it. Though I thought he left the game a while ago.

I’ll let him post a a bit longer and see if anyone else picks up on it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I somehow see right through this question.

The few times I had to submit a ticket was for a real reason concerning something that couldn’t be solved on the forum and each time the reply time was almost instant give or take the timezone difference.

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I think I know whom you might mean.