Open ticket

I mean yours looks a bit suspect as well tbh

you people are literally the one’s who elected Biden aren’t you?
WTF are you even talking about, you know who i am because of the words i use and some narrative?
first off: I have never posted to the forums in my life until yesterday.
second: You idiots were the ones who started the whole discussion with your lack of tact.
third: There is no narrative moron, i plainly stated I could not access two of my accounts, maybe if you read more and talked less you wouldn’t constantly be annoying others?
it’s funny i randomly clicked on 4 or 5 other posts and the same 4 or 5 of you are on every post made.
go away little fanbois, no one is the least concerned about your conspiracy theories and general idiocy. like small children who just repeat what you say to them as if the thought was somehow theirs to begin with. all this nonsense about not having a reason for a ticket, or that you know who i am because of the narrative you imagine i am pushing? you should seriously seek help, you are not stable and clearly have some serious issues.

what exactly looks suspect? the fact that we already established long ago that this is an alt and that apparently because most of you don’t know how to play this game, your buddy also couldn’t put two and two together? what is suspect is that you clearly don’t know how to use scouts, hunters, high sec runners during war, etc…plenty of good reasons for having an unaffiliated alt. but you already know this, you are just trying to create suspicion, because that’s what snowflakes like you do, you create a situation and then respond to it as if it has already happened, in an attempt to bandwagon the other snowflakes and make some sort of stand, creating this illusion of intelligence and validating one another. If you spent 5 minutes reading the crap you post you would clearly see that you have become the thing you dislike the most…little soyboy snowflakes. go back to tiktok and let the adults have our video game.

you let me post a bit longer eh? mighty special of you.

by all means allow me to post longer and how about you share with the rest of us how exactly what you are saying makes any sense at all? Are you not noticing that the only people talking trash in here are you and your 3 fanbois? did you not notice the others who replied were helpful and some even warned me of your constant trolling attempts? has anyone noticed that these 4 idiots are literally on every post made? anyone wanna wager that at least 2 of these people are the same person? im done with this, yall are seriously not worth the time it takes. unlike you basement dwellers, I have other things to do, like actually play eve. buh bye. I wont be checking this again so feel free to waste more time.

So everyone on these forum’s are Americans? xD your brain is huge bro please stop showing off.?

Look if you came and responded like a decent human being instead of throwing a fit, everyone here would have helped you.
But instead you chose to be short tempered rash and agressive. In eve if you come out and sit on the undock helicopter-dicking its going to get chopped off that’s just how this game works ego maniac’s get decimated.

So don’t blame us for trolling you while you hide behind a forum alt bearing no responsibility for your own words.


Im pretty convinced. I can see the throbbing vein from here lol.


“you will need to take anti-stress tablet’s to play eve online - hilmar 2021” I guess that includes the forums :joy:

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Still wasting your time with trolls I see.
Hope you’re having fun at least.

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Sorry to contradict you but his only mistake was to reply to trolls and keep replying to them.
The first two posts after his OP were trolls but he didn’t get it and… he’s still not getting it.

This was a disaster from the beginning. Closed

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