Operation Magic School Bus

Thank you, the funny thing is? That is one of the few videos that I link that is not on my channel


Hi Mike, do you fancy catalyst hulls located in Jita for the bus?

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Thanks to MSB’s partnership with CODE, they have plenty! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin:

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Always appreciated.

Should be doing a Bus run in Caldari space today

Oh and for those wondering? I just flew through Niarja (and boy are my arms tired) No losses but then I was in a quick ship, not the Bus.


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thanks again Mike, for that free ship, love the fitting =) :star_struck:

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In reference to the picture in that other thread that someone commented on tagging you (which you certainly read as you thrown a like at that post) I made a quick search for a similar pic but with a yellow school bus and to my amazement such a thing already exists so thought I throw it in here not to be off in that other thread. Btw the caption even fits into the EVE mindset as well.

(Disclaimer: Oh and of course Mike is completely legit, this is just a joke, in case you are new and not convince by this long thread yet.)



Thank you for the Omen again. :smiley:

very welcome

Oh and folks, NEXT month, November, is the annual fund raiser for Operation Magic School Bus. More on this as we end the spooky month.


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id almost double what i sent last year, but i don’t remember lol.

Well, we are into November of 2020 . . . wow

At the end of this month the Bus will celebrate 6 years of operation. Yup. Players have supported the Bus helping out the newbros for over a THIRD of the games existence.

I am asking, this month, for donations to the Bus. I decided a few years back that I would only do a fundraiser one month a year and November is it.

If it is material goods then I would appreciate the donations being in a trade hub or near to it. Time spent shipping things about takes away from time used for Bus runs. If you donate isk then it is to me, Mike Azariah.

If you think that this is a scam? Ask around, look me up. I live and die by my rep in this game.

I have often told donors that I will keep doing this until I run out of assets so if you donate to the Bus you will be helping to doom me to forever wander the spaceways, stopping at career systems and helping new pilots. Some futuristic Flying Dutchman (except that I am Canadian)

In advance, thank you.



There you go, a few ships and some cold cash to help out any newbro that feels like giving space exploration a try!

Thanks again for running this great operation and I hope it’ll meet the same success it always does!

From Signal Cartel with love, and may Katia Sae watch over you.


Isk and ships (Amarr ships of course…because Amarr Victor Bobeus Vult and all) gladly donated to a good cause.

Mike is one of the very few EvE players I trust.

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Mike to Xuxe: “Do you trust me?”

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lol nice

I do trust Mike Azariah, actually. Once, due to a really stupid error I made, he was in a position to keep a large amount of isk of mine. Instead he did not and so, yes, I trust him. #1 on my ballot last time too.


That’s one way to vet a person.

i guess i could drop another bill isk to you.

kind of a risky one, though


RIP John 7o

Some iskies ent to support a good cause

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Big props for this wonderful program. Hope all the donations make it possible for you to help more new players. Sent some for it as well.

Carry on the great work.