Operation: Snake Hunter

Greetings Operatives. My name is Applejacked, and I recently suffered a betrayal from the Alliance leaders of Patchwork Freelancers.

I’m reaching out here for help. I’m relatively new to Eve, and I was not expecting someone who I trusted, and who pretended to be my friend, to stab me in the back.

So here’s how it all happened…

I was talking late night in discord with some members of the Patchwork Freelancers, and one person (who shall remain un-named) let it slip that the leader of our Alliance, Entropy Valmorgen, had been taking bribes/payments from our supposed, ‘enemies,’ to hand over control of our territory in the Seyllin / Ane systems.

My heart skipped a beat. I had been wondering if something shady was going on due to Entropy Valmorgen’s unusual behavior in coms when in Fleet. He would often mention being on multiple discords with enemy alliances just, ‘chatting,’ with them and having a good time. And I had been wondering why we would so frequently either: 1. stand down, 2. always engage the enemy with an identical fleet, and 3. Always use the same modules, etc. over multiple weeks. Obviously something wasn’t right. And this all became clear in our last fight to defend, “The New Place,” in Ane system last week. As per usual, we ran a shields only fleet, same mods and fittings, and low and behold, big surprise here, we were met with a massive burst of Mjolnir Torpedos, set perfectly to counter the average optimal range and defense types of our ships.

So what is a new member of an Alliance supposed to do when someone gives them intel that the leader of that Alliance has taken a bribe from the enemy? Well, I thought, I can trust Dwerth Taymor, he’s a cool guy, he’s my friend right? I’ll send him a mail and see what he thinks about this information.

Here is a link to the Transcript of Messages between myself and Dwerth Taymor which led to my betrayal: “Confidential” Informant Transcripts

After the final battle, when we most assuredly lost, walking into a trap against a perfectly armed fleet to counter us, I woke up the next day to find that I had been kicked from the Alliance. Dwerth Taymor sent me a mail referring me to the “Eve University Wiki,” and said he could not disclose the reason why I was removed from the Alliance and connected corporations.

My heart sank. I had spent almost every day in discord with the Alliance, talking to everyone, making friends, and suddenly, I’m out. Kicked from everything, banned from all channels, with no actual conversation taking place, no confrontation regarding any issues, nothing at all.

Then I received a mail from Entropy Valmorgen who said I was, “spreading rumors about him,” Which obviously is in regards to my “Confidential,” Mail to Dwerth Taymor alone. So immediately I know Dwerth betrayed my trust, someone I thought was my friend, and who I am logically concluding must have received a portion of the bribe that Entropy took to engineer our loss in the latest fight.

At this point, I could care less about Entropy Valmorgen and whoever he is choosing to sell his alliance to. I’m more upset that someone I thought I could trust, someone I thought I knew, someone who I would have called my friend, would betray my trust. Dwerth Taymor, always pretended to be happy and friendly towards me, then one day I wake up, and I’m kicked and banned with no further conversation. Ouch.

So here we are, Operation: Snake Hunter. Aptly named after the individual who I believe is the most worthy of the title, ‘Snake,’ Dwerth Taymor. I would like to exact my revenge and have begun devising a plan of attack over the course of the next several months. My ultimate goal is to eliminate all of Dwerth Taymor’s most valuable assets, one by one, when he least expects it. So of course, I will not be posting planned attack times & dates here on the forums. There will be one discord for vetting where we will talk and get to know each other, and a second discord for actual mission ops, only to be used by individuals passionate about hunting down liars & thieves and giving them the much needed justice they deserve.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this information, and if you are interested in becoming an operative for, ‘Snake Hunter,’ Guerilla Strike Force, and have what it takes to strike back against the forces of Evil, I invite you to send me an in-game mail directed at Applejacked, or ‘Applejacked Warlord,’ and we will do all further communications in-game or on discord.

Cheers Everyone, stay safe, and if the Snakes bite you, remember Operation: Snake Hunter is here to help. Once Dwerth Taymor has been sufficiently dealt with, we may look at expanding the operation to help other citizens of New Eden who have been betrayed or wronged by liars, thieves, back-stabbers and cheats.

I look forward to hearing your reply in-game, until then, Applejacked out.

— Distress Signal Terminated —


Patchwork Freelancers are a known enemy of the New Order. I endorse any hostile actions against them.


crying in public still doesnt make your lies true! youre delusional man :frowning:


[edited portion] Please consider speaking to someone if you are genuinely taking this so personally.

You tried to split me and my alliance leader citing a source you couldnt name for anyone to verify. I let him know what was up. Simple as that.

You are taking this way too hard and taking this game WAY too seriously.


Why are they?

CODE. Highsec gankers.

I’m sorry … Anyone here with actual braincells who would answer my question, please? :blush:


Welcome to Eve

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This is hilarious!
What a ridiculous accusation.
I was in voice comms with you multiple times when you were warned to stop being so disruptive. I even told you myself to stop exaggerating details. Then you turn around and try to instigate a conflict between leadership. Im sorry you had a bad experience, but all your whining and lying only justifies the actions taken against you.
At first I sympathized with you, but as you started to make idol threats and continued to refuse listening to reason it became more clear that you are the type of player we wouldnt want to support anyways.
I wish you the best in EVE, but you need to let it go. You cant take video games so personally…



Meds run out?


You are literally ruining your in-game reputation this early.

Start over with a clean account. Put this chapter behind you and use the experience for a new toon.

Now you know what flies in eve corps and what doesnt. You can use that next time.

Take care man. Maybe we see you out there and have no idea and you suddenly target and splat my pod and lol in local.

It is just pixel fun.

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Your blatant disrespect and dishonesty has lit a fire inside my soul. A fire which will burn, and burn, and consume all that you hold dear in New Eden to a pile of smoldering ash.

I will be sure to post, “It is just pixel fun,” in local next time I destroy one of your stations. Best of luck to you. I am honestly impressed that you are able to post on here since Snakes lack the proper appendages to use a keyboard. It must have taken quite some time to type all of that nonsense using those fangs of yours.

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It is just pixel fun. Don’t take this outside the game, that always ends bad.

You tried to get someone to bash my station last night and when he realized whose it was he stopped and we laughed about how ‘psychotically mad’ you were over nothing.

People who know me are loyal because I will bend over backwards to help the team, and pour countless Isk into making content for everyone. My reputation wont be tarnished by some newbro spouting venom- I was loyal to my alliance leader and let him know someone was working against his group’s cohesion. Period.

I even let you down gently and tried to hook you into EVE University to learn more about the game.

What have you done other than make everyone glad you were cut?

Good luck with your campaign to make me pay and ruin my reputation. My friends are loyal for a reason. Apparently that reason is lost on you.


On the contrary, Space Bug and his friends showed up to rain on our parade. We were all laughing at how two-faced you were with the message you sent. Which was forwarded to all of us by the way. Cheers lol.




Good advice. My fleet is growing by the hour. Any other gems you’d like to pass along? I’m sure I can, ‘Trust,’ you after you’ve clearly shown me you’re such an honorable person right? Don’t be sad buddy, it’s just a game, buy some plex, you’ll get your property back in a year or two maybe.

Not even my actual enemies are this toxic or butthurt.

We literally just dont talk to each other and shoot on sight outside highsec.

Set your standings to me red and wait to see me outside highsec. It is what the grown ups do.

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Thanks for the Advice, but I think I’d rather break all your toys instead :slight_smile:

I like content! You want to shoot stuff, I want to shoot stuff. I will see you out there!