Option to make colored price tags

I don’t either, personally. But apparently some people do see an interface and have trouble reading the magnitude of numbers, as demonstrated by the requests for things like this. It’s like the colorblindness mode, even if you personally don’t benefit from it other people do and therefore it’s worth having as an option.

It’s only taking away the lowest and least-interesting sort of humor. I don’t care if people are easily amused by something that isn’t at all impressive, it’s not a meaningful loss to the game. They’ll find something else to laugh at, something where the laughs are actually justified.

Because there are some funny stories doesn’t mean things got to be like this just to be generating a few funny stories a year at the cost of people getting wasted by a ratio of 99% - 1% without a funny story :orange_heart:

Just my personal opinion, you shouldn’t hold back improvements which benefit 99% of people because a 1% is benefiting a current flaw, which in this case is also parasitic :parrotdad:

humm, comparing to the color blindness mode is a little different as that had merit to have its change implemented due to making it more user friendly to those who are some what visually impaired. I’d like to ask you with regards to the rest of whats been quoted, would you consider the issue with the amount of numbers and people having trouble reading them due to a form of dyslexia?

Are you saying you having the option in your game becomes a problem for you? ooh my just think about all the clutter of extra options boxes in your game menu, watch out you’re not getting a stroke :milk_glass:

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