Option to make colored price tags

Different color codes for like at least K - M - B (thousands, millions, billions) :man_juggling:
Default setting or and customized ones. different ones for each extra 0 before or behind the dot
In this picture millions are RED, thousands are BLUE, this will reduce the number counting and helps prevent you from being scammed. :mountain_biking_woman:

If you’re a forum troll commenting on this, give me your best shot. :black_heart:


Could be interesting. I already hear the scammers cry havoc when people can’t fall for their 1B warp disruptors any more. :rofl:

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Idea is quite good, but selection of colors not. Red should be reserved for screaming - using it elsewhere would work really bad with legit orders above million (like that annoying window popping up each time you try to set up an order below average). Maybe shades of a single color would work better?

Market definitely could use its own little things and I’m +1 to every enhancement that can be turned off or customized :wink:

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is this just for the market window or for the trade window too?

if it is, then its probably a double no as they want scamming in the game to some degree. Yes people get caught on market scams but only because they either dont know how to work the market interface or have blurred vision from drinking to much. Other than that, there are other reasons which i wont go into but those are pretty much the main targets scammers tend to go for.



There should be scamming, but it should be interesting scamming. Scamming with deceptive prices isn’t some brilliant feat of social engineering, it’s just spamming your scam everywhere and hoping that you get lucky enough to have someone make a mistake with the poor interface design and accidentally take your bait. It requires zero effort or creativity, and removing it from the game is no loss.

If you want to scam someone you should have to put effort into it. Do the social engineering to gain their trust and then exploit it. That’s where the interesting stories come from, and therefore where scamming has value.


Eve already has reasonable scam protection built in for contracts. The contract window shows you the price in digits and text:

Scammers tend to depend on greed induced speed. If you don’t look at the contract before accepting it - it really doesn’t matter what color it is.

As someone with aging eyes that don’t focus as well as they used to I would like the option of choosing a larger font or higher contrast (black text on white background) but, since I read contracts before accepting them, different colors would have little value.

Glad we have intelligent people around here, don’t even take these cave men serious, those are the jokes of nature, a sign that the universe has humor :girl:

First to all this is not about preventing scamming, it’s about a more clear understanding what is in front of you eyes and will improve the way you work with numbers and values, which another side effect is the reductions in scams. :us_virgin_islands:

I know some of you are fearing this concept and want to protect scamming habit but truth is none cares about you, you can come with a group of friends on this forum and promote all kinds of toxic and disgusting behavior, but in fact you are an unwanted entity on this planet and an undesirable parasite which you would understand if your brain was healthy :custard::milk_glass:

EVE has never been great from an accessibility perspective (most games aren’t), but has been improving.

If it was a feature that could be turned on and off sure, but encoding information in color is not a great idea.

I’m not asking to make people lifes any more diffecult :ok:

I misread some of your comment, after your first line I assumed you were spamming nonsense after that I stopped reading your comment appropriate, my apologize :on:

Except the devs of course

yeah i look at most of those scams and its like i cant fall for that even if i tried, my wallet wont let me

Well I’m asking the devs to bring the option for it, what is wrong with that? :statue_of_liberty:

Accepted and appreciated :wink:

I interpreted selection of colors as “selecting colors” in generals rather than the selection within the color spectrum.
To say the idea is good but what you’re are saying not.
After that I just fast read the rest and took 1+ for turning ‘off’ every enhancement or customizing, as of turning “off” those abilities lol :person_climbing:

I personally dont see a problem with the interface, I find it easy to use as do many, you just click to order by what you chose when manually buying from the details window which is signified by the little arrow in the corner. your buy / sell orders are highlighted which makes them easier to identify too.

If you truly do have a problem with how it is, then I’d suggest downloading a program like eclipse, then download the plugin windowbuilder. This will give you a basic setup to design a version of what you’d like to see as the potential market window gui.

you said and i quote “It requires zero effort or creativity, and removing it from the game is no loss.” the first half of that is true, I do agree with that. just like the hoards of people / bots repeating the same scams in the major trade hubs. The thing is though that you’re also taking away the humor aspect too and while you and others may think of that as not a loss others may disagree.

This is actually insulting and amusing at the same time. I’ve personally never scammed in my eve career through out the period of time that I’ve played this game, however that does not mean that I want to see certain aspects of what makes eve, eve… thrown away just to please some with the inability to use a simple gui properly. Hell, you even doubled posted these comments and have the gall to say that people fearing the removal of one aspect of scamming are “undesirable parasites with unhealthy brains”.

not people who want to keep this abilities in particular, but people who go on these forum and defending everything that’s toxic, the most sickest things :green_heart:

what did you meant with double no, like for the market window no and the trade window no, or no no for one particular thing of these? :shallow_pan_of_food:

If you weren’t trolling don’t take anything personal, if you were that was for you :skier:

both as they’ve been involved with scamming for a long time, mostly with the use of the trade window but I have heard of a few funny stories of people who have made mistakes and purchased items at obscene prices through the use of the market.