Orca point defense high slot for PVE

I just read through a closed link asking for point defense for battleships and I would like
to propose the same for an Orca. PVE and high sec only is fine with me for restrictions. It could use charges based on laser types or machine guns 0-4k range.
What do you all think?

I think it’s a horrible idea. The Orca already has drones it can use to defend itself.


How would it differ from a smartbomb?

it would not trigger concord ?

Just proposing :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would actually be smart?

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What’s wrong with your drone bay?

But lets be honest here, Battleships and similar sized ships do badly in the current Meta. Even CCP has said as much.
Going sideways rather than simply buffing their DPS straight could be a more interesting approach,

I’ll admit I have a different theory for how to solve a lot of this issue but mine is a bit more radical.

Too worried that it’s going to hurt rock paper scissors balancing.

A straight dps buff feels more like what we need for battleships.

Not only are tech 3’s, abc’s and cbc’s doing a battleships job, but now an orca does a domi’s drone dps but with faster drones and better application to boot…

Orca’s are a semi capital which is also slower than a Domi, has less potential for active tank, (Not sure on the armour buffer vs shield buffer type potential), and is most certainly going to cost more than a Capital.
So not sure that is the best comparison.

I won’t say it’s the way I’d have wanted the Orca to get self defence capability I’ll admit.

But a straight buff to battleship DPS changes all sorts of things to do with volleying ships off the grid as well. Because that is where they do get use which is in null.

It’s not to be fair. An orca is never gonna have the combat utility of a domi.

But raw strength+projection is what i feel should be the battleships party piece. Seems irregular that it’s matched by a mining support vessel.

The issues go farther than that. A straight dps buff means bigger pve payouts.

But adding on ‘special mods’ doesn’t seem to be working. Mjd’s, heavy warp disruption, grapplers…

So despite all the evil that would come from a straight dps buff, i think it’s the only way it’s going to work…or delete t3’s with extreme prejudice.

Honestly I think a PDS would be the smart way to go…

I played Valkyrie a little bit before putting it up forever(flight awareness mechanics suck, i won matches cause ppl crashed inistead of me shooting them) and i must say trying to kill a Carrier is difficult…it has several Point Defense Guns.

Now i do not know about Battlships, but maybe Orca’s(semi-capital), Caps, Supers, and Titans could benefit from having High slots filled with PDS.

Soooo a risk free hs smart bomb? Just use drones.

I have my drones out mining, and I would like an alternative to pulling them back to release combat drones, or cycling on/off my smart bomb so as not to kill my drones accidentally. For high sec PVE 1 drone is all that is needed so I envision it to be comprable to a high slot PDS and I am only talking 1 slot here not a whole bank. Also to keep this out of the hands of Botters make it something you have to cycle on an off like a regular weapon and use ammo charges so it is not infinite.

So you just want to be lazy. Bad reason for a change.

I’d be okay if it does negligible damage, and causes Concord to kill you for activating weapons in empire space.

You fundamentally do not know what you are talking about if you believe “have to cycle on and off like a regular weapon” can stop botters.

Or we could not do this and add a 50% nerf to drone mining.

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Why does a properly fit Orca need to worry about rat dps in the first place?
Why does a properly fit Orca with drones need to worry about rats?

The real question, I guess, is:
Who benefits the most of this idea?

My new best friend!
Let’s mine together! :smiley:

I should be able to take down a defenseless Orca with a rifter.

Sadly, this is probably coming down the pipe anyway.