Ore anomalies nerfed?

What’s the cheapest and most accessible way of doing abyssal stuff?

ITs my alt. 1 corp for 12 years. Cmon.

Stop this harassment of asking me the same damn question which I have ignored when I said that I do not run Abyssal sites as in using the filament to jump into that space due to DC in another thread. It has no relevance to my question about Emerging conduits which are hisec content.

Why are you overreacting like this? I don’t remember getting an answer from you at all! I just thought I’d ask you, because you seem to know things which I don’t! What the ■■■■!

I mine a little but i just rat. This will kill a huge chunk of players in null and this is unneeded. I love how you Attack people instead of looking at the issues. The main issue will be logging into a world of no pve and just fornite style pvpers all with your attitude of being a tool. All because ccp wants more money.

I have ran lower level Abyssal sites a few times in a Gila, but I cannot answer your question.

Apparently CCP disagrees with your opinion.

No PvE. You’re overreacting. Yes, CCP wants to get rid of people who just keep farming. That’s a good thing, because there’s too many of you. You yourself are evidence enough that “less of you” is definitely desirable.

Okay! Thanks! Don’t hate me, I’m not aware of doing anything to you!

Look who I found!


Well more than a few times, but the issue is more to do with clone loss and the ease of changing clone, I find it a pain to chop and change my clone to just go run some Abyssal sites, especially as I have to have a structure to do that, which is annoying in its own right so it is a 18 hour cool down which means I am stuck with a basic clone and other fits don’t work and it just gets tedious as hell.

As for this nerf, it is too late to get anyone interested in mining in hisec. I am not sure what else to say about it as in the game is so imbalanced anyway it does not matter what you do at this point, the horse has well and truly bolted…

What do you mean?

Why would anyone in their right mind mine the belts in hisec? A Goon friend of mine told me that the Goons have a truly huge stock of minerals and ore, they can replace their stuff and manipulate the market as they want no issue. Does that help?

PS They worked themselves into that position so no salt from me, I am just pointing it out.

That depends on what you consider the “right mind”. Your goon friend does not matter, though, because they’d not be doing that anyway. At least they haven’t so far. Such an outlook leads nowhere, Dracvlad. Most people are not aware of the industrial might of others and industrial might does not automatically make anyone use it. It’s like looking at life and thinking “the universe will end some day, so what’s the point?”.

Is this outlook leading anywhere positive?

Are you looking for miners?

Do you look at the price of ore and minerals, there are better things to do, simple as that.

Your point is that it’s not worth the time and effort, therefore barely anyone wants to be doing it? What about all of those who don’t think like this?

There are less and less people like that playing Eve, most have been driven out.

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I’ve seen cowards in my life, but you are on another level. I mean, how weak a person can be to be unable to stand space pixel losses in a space pvp game…


Whom do you have left to work with?

Not really minmaxed. T2 fit ham Loki (ok, bcs are minmatar/caldari) is enough for comfortably running anti-empire L4s… with a bit of luck it easily spikes to 220M/h. Has enough room for error margin that it is possible to run multiple (2-4) different missions at the same time…

I am wondering just how easy it would be to run anti-amarr missions in paladin…

I have no idea about anti-Empire missions in hisec, I was not even sure this was possible in hisec? That is how little I know about them . I was aware of anti-Empire missions by Sansha in Stain. Most people have an issue as they want free movement around hisec so this is part of the issue that people have too. I never got anywhere near 220 m/h even doing SOE missions. and I was doing them with twin Paladins.

I would think that they are run by a small minority of people and your figure obviously includes the higher LP value of pirate modules and stuff. So what you are talking about is top of the range earnings.

The same kind of coward that stay for the VAST majority of players in todays games and that were also the VAST majority in the games in the past…

Not wanting to loose anything is no new phenomena…

Don’t let yourself fool by games like dark souls and all its clones…those are exceptions…the first godmode cheat was created in 1980(yes 40 years ago) :stuck_out_tongue:

Better get used to the idea that “going the easy way” ist not as new as you may think