Ore anomalies nerfed?

Mediocrity is not a new thing dummy…

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If you play almost entirely in, say, minmatar space then doing anti-amarr missions is no issue. it takes about 25-30 minutes to run them in my current setup, 100-120M per mission… mostly in tags. Which then can be used to make some extremely high yield stuff from lp store. The issue with them really is that they are unlike other missions - they are closer to burners. Loads of ewar rats, and in case of anti-amarr also cap warfare. Incoming DPS can be as high as 2K, which combined with warp disruptors/scrams and webs + neuts + weapon disruptors can be really nasty. Definitively not for new players - unless you go with faction battleship or marauder… but at that point your hull alone is more expensive than my fully fit loki.

not really - top range earnings are done by burner runners and extreme blitzers… those are the people that can cross 500M/h in hisec.

I thought you were talking about pirate faction level 4 missions which are as far as I know only available in their NPC space.

Most people don’t want to run those types of missions unless they have a dedicated character or two for them. I avoided doing missions against the other Empires and that brings my earnings way down, and a lot of people are like me.

I was not talking about burners, I was talking about normal level 4 missions.

In any case it would be interesting to see just how many people avoid the anti-Empire missions and as a result get no value from the LP. It is why SOE were so popular…

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