Original player from 2004, left for an 8y break and am back. Ask me anything

(Sovereign - Citizen) #61

Like you suck at posting? That was a quote from someone else. I gave the proper credit.

(Antigone Lin) #62

@Taliena How many players from back then do you still see playing now?

Also, welcome back. :slight_smile:

(Killer Gandry) #63

I actually stopped scrolling down when I read that high sec was supposed to be a safe place.

Only safish locations are the rookie systems and those are only safe for rookies.
For the rest it was always a risk to undock.
If you actually played the game back in 2004 like I did you knew there were corps like m0o who made sure that safe was an illusionary concept.
And setting afk flights through low sec without being ganked was still a lucky thing because even back then you had people sitting at range from gates in snipe setups and at safespots near gates to gank the occasional numbsnutt.

0.0 was a lot more of an adventure back then. It seemed all a lot bigger than it is now. The whole cyno and jumpbridge stuff made everything soo much smaller and easier to travel.
If you wanted to go from one side of eve to the other side of EVE and you didn’t have any bookmarks you were in for a treat. Warp to 15km of each gate and MWD to the gate.

(Antigone Lin) #64

lol I heard bookmarks were considered a valuable commodity back then because of the 15km to gate. Does anyone trade bookmarks anymore, @Killer_Gandry?

(Killer Gandry) #65

Only bookmarks that are traded over now are when you join a null sec alliance for their jumpbridges and stuff.
And yes, selling bookmarks back then was profitable.
It did however also bring one small disadvantage with it.
If you happen to buy from a guy who sold a lot of sets then there was also more chance there would be stake outs for some of those spots when you got word in the intell channels some unknown was travelling through.

Thing I miss most is the old missile calculations, splash damage from torps and space mines. ( and yes I mean splash damage, that is what it got called back then, just that they had an aoe effect, which also made me lose a ship in high sec near a gate cause my target MWDéd fast to the gate while torp was in pursuit and Concord got niffed due to being hit aswel)

(Sasha Viderzei) #66

Oï mate !

Welcome back on EVE Online ! As you can see, the forums still have its shares of a*sholes that will warm your heart if you’re missing the good ol’ feeling of having randoms not following the topic, etc etc.

I do have a question on my own : how was mining back in 2010 and earlier, please ? Since there wasn’t all that Rorqual spam in Delve & Querious, everything costed way more, right ?

A gain : welcome back ! Hope you’ll stick around the game some more :slight_smile:

(Aves Asio) #67

Would you like to buy amarr sun bounce bookmark?

(Nicolai Serkanner) #68

Your therapist doesn’t suck?

(Killer Gandry) #69

Back in 2004 you didn’t have barges either.
There were frigates and cruisers with mining bonusses. But if you really wanted to mine fast you would use a BS with 7 or 8 turretpoints. You had people with indies going back and forth while a bunch of cruisers and BS were mining, jetcanning their holds and indies picking them up.
The BS was the most expensive ship back then. That was untill the very first T2 frigates started to show up.

(Khergit Deserters) #70

Do you prefer the old Aura voice or the new one?
Do you prefer the old grimdark EVE or the new cheery one? For example, when you get podded now, Aura no longer laughs at you and says, “Oh, you foolish pilot!”

(Arthur Aihaken) #71

Let us know when you decide to leave EVE again. Based on the number of bugs and other glaring issues, I suspect that won’t be long.

(Antigone Lin) #73

Okay, so I’m post-Aura2016 and had to look this up.


(Rana Ash) #74

Any question ey, well i didn’t see anyone asking this so. What is the average air speed velocity of a laden swallow?

(Kuba Ganowski) #75

So… I am totally not interested what you have to show… I m looking for fresh view, someone who is unblemished, not another system child, you are piece of ■■■■, go away

(Taliena) #76

Antigone, I don’t see anyone I used to fly with. I do see plenty of characters as old as me, but who knows if they are the original owners.

(Taliena) #77

Khergit, I like the new voice and the new cheery grimdark eve :slight_smile:

(Taliena) #78

Rana, what a silly question. Everyone knows a laden swallow flies at the speed of two coconuts.

(FraznoFire) #79

what was your reaction to capitals and supers being added into the game?

(Taliena) #80

I remember the first dread, the first titan, the first time the titan used it’s doomsday, and the first titan death. Back then it was so damn hard to make isk that obtaining a titan was a phenomenal feat. Because of that, the rarity of them, the cost, and the risk of losing one was all such that I thought they were cool.

Now it seems like everyone is dual boxing, running a cyno alt and some sort of cap. I don’t like that. I guess the dread/carrier are now the new battleship. If I think of things that way then I’m ok .

With all the changes the ones I like the most are wormhole space and faction warfare. Wormhole space is now a lot similar to 0.0 back in the old days. No local chat, lurkers, danger, etc. And faction warfare is a very useful mechanism for pushing players into low sec that aren’t there just for gank pirating.

But I am disappointed to see that pie-rats no longer ransom you. That used to be very normal and was a decent way to sustain PVP as a pie-rat. Now days…well again, isk is just so easy/cheap.

(Crimsonjade) #81

WB and as usual a bunch of the players are asshats on the forums. other than CAOD being gone. new flashy things to fly