Orin Borider for CSM 16

<3 I specialise in lowsec but I always consult experts in areas i’m less familiar with

Orin is fairly new to HK but not to wormholes, I fully endorse him as the wormhole candidate for this year.

Even though the main sentiment towards HK is mainly grrr HK bad I ask that you put this aside and vote for a person who genuinely cares for the health of wormhole space and the unique gameplay that comes with it.

Good luck Orin.

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I have request to provide in CCP memes if u win/
Need create player-controlled wh gates:

  • it works only in one region or from one wh region to another
  • that eat nuclears and strontium for creating and firs connecting (also regional gate consume more nukes)
  • it works as wh and when wh is closed then structure eat nuclear and create new (timer for creating - 5-60 min)
  • 3 types: small (500), med (1000), and big (2000) (1 bil, 10 bil and 30 bil)
    This is helps to consolidate farm lands and increase pvp content

Also another change to lobbymemes:
Need change farm:

  • increase avenger cost to 30-50 mil (for more capital farm)
  • decrease drifter to 200 kk (or keep 300 but increase ehp little)
  • avengers not spawned if capital far then 200km from green thing
  • avenger spawn near capital for kill cancer memes
  • decrease npc aggro to fighters (for allow farm on carriers)

This is the man trying to run for CSM, Crapping on the poors so he can be richer


Here is the youtube video of my interview with Orin o7 thanks for coming by!

making changes to boost capital rating in wh is overall bad idea, its gonna boost the biggest corps and kick into ground small corps that do a lot of good staff for WH. after few years wh will be big farming blue donout without almost no pvp.

lets say we will boost cap rating in wh, and nerf subcap rating. Thats what gonna happend - u gonna roll to biggest c6 corp seeing 10 dreads on d-scan and 20 faxs on pos, how u gonna pvp it ? u can bring mostly 2-3 dreads b4 wh collapse, how many bombers do u need to make them lost anything ? do we even have such a huge fleets ?. What about small and poor corps in wh they have choice risk 3 dreads with is about 14b or earn scraps, after few lost they gonna leave for ns, ls, hs, if not evicted meanwhile guess who gonna take that wh (prooly big blue aliance).

Its a bit over-extrapolated, but those suggested changes will make effect opposite to what u think. It’s like lets help biggest corp rating in peace, and left scraps and danger for smallest neutral one that truely bring pvp content and life to wh.

I suggest you to kick small wh corps with few more changes like those one, and after few years it will be like u can either join our “all whs are blue” family or die trying or ur own.

u want to change wh to let ppl pvp better ? **Make HIC able to use cloack in WH space f.e it will initiate a lot of pvp even those roaming farming fleet wouldnt be safe

For now u have good ideas how to kick small independent ppl from wh and cement position of biggest wh corps, let me ask u how many new players can fly dreads ? Do they gonna risk it if they cant even deff it against biggest corps ? - no they just gonna stick to cheaper more isk/risk ratio staff while dreads rating will be for chosens.

sorry for bad english.

perfect question, and points