Oumuamua - artificially made object! 🥳

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Its people and technology combined, I wrote that in my post

So without technology it would be just natural causes

My explanation with world war I for example, that was about war of course, but millions die because of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer every year. “Diseases of affluence” how they are called, but its due to technology in our everyday life.

Nobody will tell that loudly on big companies meetings. We have to deal with that. We, the little people without money and power to influence those meetings other than burning more tires under the windows of those companies. It brews radicals and revolutions! Religious ferments! It brings change, but the change may be too late because the factories must run, the media must fill humans with pride, despite system slowly killing everybody!

AI is maybe up to few, dozen deaths now, those who forget that AI isnt perfect, whose who were sure that AI will save them! Those deaths, confirmed and loudly comunicated around may be few, its too early to know what will happen, if AI will be forbidden at last or something (yeah right, just like plastics were forbidden when they were discovered). What about microplastic in your body, about air pollution, its known, AI is future, polution is now. Switzerland despite being encircled by big mountains also gets a lot of polutants in the air, also from where I live. You dont know what we can burn in our homes, how toxic air is making people suffer in long term, and they just dont care, life have no meaning for them, what counts is urges, consuuuuuuuume, consuuuuuuuuuuume! This is the howl of humanity. Of China. Of Europe. Of Americas. of Africa. Humanity will consume itself! Produce and consume, where are we intelligent? CONSUUUUUUUME!!! :scream:

Oil will run out. People will die out, especially in europe. African childrens will flood europe and even war will not stop them. Russia and China are preparing for war already. In Russia they are readying themselves because they predicted that next world war will happen in spread of 13 years. The most intelligent people now.

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Yeah sure
People never had heart attacks or lung cancer before computers and stuff we’re around /s

This is such an immensely dumb statement… drop the tinfoil hat lmao

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I did not question that they were sick people anytime. What is worrying is the scale. Just look it up, how many US americans are obese and what that means for them. That is not a thing to discuss, that is a fact. “Diseases of affluence” is a thing that people suffer in those highly industrialized countries.

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That, funnily enough, has absolutely nothing to do with technology

This thread can die

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You can go troll somewhere else, this thread is genuine “humanity is doomed because humans dont think about impact of technology on their everyday life” and “Oumuamua is a spacecraft wreck of some doomed civilizations before us that didnt consider impact of technology on their everyday life” thread.

No place, no happening in space is special. That also means civilizations rise and fall.

If humanity will survive without electricity, I consider that a success, only if they will start building pyramids and writing history on the walls, chiseling it in stones for future generations. If people will forget how to chisel stuff in stone because they will have to live in virtual reality and someone pulls the plug, and everyone will be stupid suddenly, I consider that a fail.

Who tried to chisel stuff in stone? I did. Its a lot of work. Not the stuff people would do when they have computers and can clickyty-click into some entertainment that makes them sit for hours on their butt, eating chips.

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This thread is you trying to make us wear the same tinfoil hat you’re wearing.
It’s not even about the op you wrote down anymore :joy:

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There are many uses for tinfoil, I think everybody should know them. Making hats is just one of them.

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Indeed, as the very wise prophet Wierd Al shows us

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Strangest object to date.

I actually think that its bothering how fast and easily they dismissed the concept of a thin sheet as “unreasonable physical explanation”, without explanation… wtf, all they were able to think was that this had to be a intact shape of a solar sail, like a not curved one, but it could have been curved. Seems biased. And then tries to prove that it was outgassing when there was no observed outgassing. “We didnt see it because it wasnt visible because there was no dust on it”, but there was no gas either, and then they say it was some other thing from outer space, with different chemistry, like how is it special then, how space stuff is different than here? What kind of magic makes it a comet and not have a chemistry of a comet? No explanation at all… like wtf, and they just call other more reasonable explanation as “unreasonable physical explanations”. Seems biased too.

Probably did not want to be named nutjobs and stripped of respect in the community, so they stick to “reasonable explanations” when they are unreasonable. Like people have tendency to do when someone mentions aliens. “Woooooooo aliens. Spooky. Must be too much tinfoil” /Insert alien meme guy./

Not so for me, its at least the same strength of explanation like every other, especially when it fits math.

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I got you Nana :alien:

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I am getting goosebumps when I think about how strange it is. :joy:

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Yeah go look it up. There was never more wealth, better health and fewer fatalities, less war and less poverty. Thanks to technological progress.

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You can think so, but I have some document that may bring more light on that matter, long story short, we will be not living in the future like we used to live in the past and today. Everything will change.

Its the scenario when humanity reaps the harvest of polluted environment, lack of energy and throw to it some advanced AGI that thinks about itself only and we have a multifaceted end of the world as we know it.

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We all know it was the whale probe. We still have whales so we’re good… it didn’t stop. It will be back in a couple hundred years…

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I just noticed that Oumuamua resembles planet killer from Star Trek.

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Scientists think there must be aliens out there statistically, and are confused why there are no communications.

While at the same time saying that this object cant be alien because that is ridiculous.

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because it is

(Nana Skalski) #160

I think that life on some planet is not ridiculous, creatures launching stuff outside planetary system is not ridiculous. Wherever and whenever it could have happened.

Earth or some other planet.

Now or some other time long ago or in future.

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There is no filter on that planet killer thing.