Oumuamua - artificially made object! 🥳

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Yeah, what I mean is that saying this rock is an alien probe is ridiculous.

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It’s almost like saying, one good reason they want to hunt it down, is because of the amount they get to smoke from it after they capture it.

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OMG You made a splif joke!!!, and here i thought you where just one of those guys that are way out there. :astonished::grinning:

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I have heard another hypothesis you gentlemen of logic may be interested in.

The rock is fake - it does not exist. This is a CIA Psy Op designed to start de-sensitizing the earth populous to the idea of Aliens. It is rumored that a stargate was captured from Sadam during the Iraq war and that it is being used to trade large quantities of earth’s iron with an advanced alien race for offworld technology. This technology includes advanced methods for producing and controlling fusion reactions which we will see deployed in a satellite as a night time ‘sun’ in the next few years.

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Thats crazy, if that was true it would severly destabilize the tin foil market.

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There is only one option left if this is not aliens, its ancient humans from Atlantis.

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'Oumuamua Is Not Aliens


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PBS Space Time
Published on Nov 21, 2018

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If we had put something on it, and it reaches a nearby solar system before our other means, it is the fastest way we have to reach the nearest or , a nearby solar system, if it reaches a nearby solar system before it reaches the nearest solar system instead.

At 4 years to 8 years or some, to get a signal back from it, it would be extremely fast for us, compared to how long it would take us to reach it.

A good plan would be to develop a system to be able to leave something, or shoot something, or have something in it’s path, which would be able to reach the nearby solar system it would reach.
It would also be the nearest systems method we have to detect nearby solar systems.
We were not ready for this.
We are not ready for the next one.
We may not be ready for the next second or third one.
We should make preparations for it.

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Why couldn’t we visit other systems faster by using things like Oumuamua if it is not the first thing we can use to visit our first other system faster?

If they can visit us, that means they can see us, and that means we can use the mirror , like Alice, to go there, on the other side of it, but, without breaking it, at the same time.


Premiered Nov 30, 2018


Sometimes, the acceptance of a lack of knowledge is far more valuable than conjecture. That being said, let’s talk about what we do know, because regardless, it is very weird. Here are some of the things I checked out while working on this:

He also says that , he has a master degree, at :

and , he is credible, and, doesn’t want to lose his credibility, as a scientist.

Hopefully, he got better credibility than the ones who gave me credibility, because I apparently will be in litigation against them for the next 5 generations to come if not longer, or, at least, have to plan for it.

thought if there was some group of
intelligences signicantly advanced
they could chase such an object down
maybe it’s nothing more than an
interstellar greeting card blinking off
into the distance
unreceived , this time at least.
I shouldn’t have said that.
That was pure conjecture and
I probably shouldn’t
even be making this video at
all as a person who hosts a science show
has a master’s degree and
and looks like this I am
credible and
I want to hold on to that credibility
and also use it wisely observing
an interstellar object on
it’s own is huge
news it means that
these objects are more
common and more
weird than we
thought but the story that
would truly captivate
all humanity is if
we found out for

If it is tumbling 10 to 1, it can be easier to detect with the proper tools, and the reflections from it, used as an antenna.

I do have credibility from a diploma in computer programming and systems analysis with honours, which I also cannot afford to lose, and do not want to lose, and, even if I get charged, convicted, indicted, or alienated, whether from enemy or not, I can and will work to attack to protect my work.
This, both in self-defense, and acts of war, in observance with the Geneva conventions, and, rules of engagement, to protect my country, not necessarily where I live, if I am trapped here (illegally and against my health needs for security) and the allies of the country I decide to have my nationality from (if they want me to).

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The more important question is; if Oum is as large as it is, are there other roids the same size in orbit around the planet that it came from? How large of a planet would be needed to keep Oum in a steady orbit and what size object could send it hurtling through space?

If Oum was a space craft it would most likely have small detectable leaks where gases necessary for sustaining life in its interior would be noticeable.

lilsteel - nope.

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Why is it the more important question, if a more important question is useful?
You seem to omit the reason why, or, perhaps, you only intended it to be the object of your goal, or to discredit, or gain credit by discrediting, as if from spoils of war.

Why should it come from a planet, if it has gone through the Oort Cloud, and came from another star?

The star it came from, assuming it is from a Super Nova, or some other astronomical force , such as a solar system explosion, which would have caused it to go at that speed, was not enough to keep it in orbit there.
Our sun forces was not enough to keep it in orbit as it is escaping our system, most likely faster than Voyager 1 and 2 and the New Horizon probe, by many magnitudes.
The speed and mass and velocity and kinetic energy was so great in fact that, since our star would not keep it in orbit, the total energy of the planets would not be sufficient.

New Horizon and Voyager 1 and 2 are spacecrafts but have no small detectable leaks where gases necessary for sustaining life in its interior (or exterior) would be noticeable.

What do you mean by nope?
And why do you put my forum username before it?

Now, 45,000 years to reach another solar system may seem like a long time, but we’ve been alive longer and can’t find anywhere else to get to any faster yet.
It should get faster not slower, although, that may again depend, given the right or more appropriate circumstance.

As for getting support from you, I guess it would be as limited as your last remaining signal of intelligent life or death suggest.

manned spacecraft don’t have to emit gas when they have life onboard.

Also, if the space item doesn’t pass close enough to another sun, it won’t be going around it’s orbital attraction.

The space item was too fast to be caught in our sun orbit, however, that star was powerful enough to make it turn around close to 180 degrees if not more.
If it had landed in the sun, it would have required more energy to go through it.
It’s easier to go through earth or Jupiter, or other planet.

Space craft with life on board are not cars.
They can also consist of microbes which live, some of which literally live without oxygen.
The ship or craft (as if crafted by an author or original author with other people to take care of the authority of its security) signature doesn’t have to emit gas.
It would however, emit movement.

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A high-spin rate to launch it out of solar system orbit due to speed would be unlikely.
It would not compare.
The other satellites speed we have is probably greater than one we could achieve by that method or that way.

The same Super Nova that knocked out our satellites with radio-active energy.

Plus, Instead of relying on hypothetical conclusion we’d be better to find more scientific details and proof.
Plus, not bad science.

The kinetic energy of one of those interstellar high-speed body would cause more damage than an asteroid,
depending if it burns on entering the earth’s atmosphere.

It could also come from a black hole while it emits energy on certain occasion.
The direction of the black hole emission is much more strict and narrow than a SuperNova explosion in all directions.
The planets in the SuperNova vicinity or proximity most certainly get blowed up.

There’s a slight chance that an external entity had it to sling shot around the sun and turn around 180 degrees to get close by to earth.

The Oort Cloud may be partly made out of those things, which may get stuck around the Oort Cloud, and so, not be born or originating from our solar system.
The chemical composition of the thing may also be similar to what we have here or not.

The Kuiper Belt (also known as the Edgeworth– Kuiper belt ) is a region of the Solar System that exists beyond the eight major planets, extending from the orbit of Neptune (at 30 AU) to approximately 50 AU from the Sun. Jun 16, 2015

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I don’t believe it! I read an article from The New Yorker.

Have Aliens Found Us? A Harvard Astronomer on the Mysterious Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua(Slashdot)

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There is no need for a spaceship to emit gas once it has reached orbital velocity or is near a movement path which will lead it to go around the sun and the earth to get sensors data from the reflection of the celestial body, as it nears the earth.

Of course, there could be, but if it can be done by keeping the gases inside, and not emit interference, while accepting all interference, then, all the better.

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the search for intelligent life remains outside the mainstream. I am trying to change that

I was intrigued by the question: “Are we alone?”. If the answer is “no”, I will continue to be intrigued by the follow-up question: “Are we as smart as they are?”. My advice to any young scientist is: “Follow your childhood curiosity rather than your ego, and you will have a fulfilling life”.

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