Into the Ether


We are a corporation of USTZ and EUTZ players looking for like minded individuals to join our laid back PVP community! Our leadership recently returned and created our start up dragging old friends and enemies alike to PVP and create content for all those involved!

We are extremely interested in returning players like ourselves.

The corporation has a plethora of experienced directors and fleet commanders who strive to take the bullcrap out of the game so the content comes easy for our members! We formed this corporation to begin a new chapter in our eve careers and we would like you to come along! We are looking for pilots who wish to center themselves around real people in real PVP settings, looking to follow us to some of the most exotic places in eve while trying to get the fix that we so happily PLEX our accounts for! If you fit our requirements and wish to help build a better pvp experience maybe you can step, Into the Ether…


  • We are part of Out of the Blue. an alliance of our own making, based in the South in the region of Paragon Soul and constantly deploying to a content zone near you!
  • We have a very short list of blues and 90% of eve is neutral - we go shooting NIGHTLY.

ISK Opportunities:

  • Null-sec access is available for all your pvp funding needs.
  • Moon Rentals, mining, ratting, DED, archaeology and data mining, whatever you need to fund the bloodshed.


  • No Hard SP Requirement but must be PVP Focused
  • Dread Alt (highly encouraged)
  • Useful Light Tackle Alt/Dictor/Cyno Alt (Mandatory)
  • Teamspeak and Discord access
  • Must join comms and have an operational microphone (non negotiable)
  • Self sufficient
  • Consistent schedule and activity as RL allows (the significant other comes first)
  • Over the age of 18
  • ESI SEAT/Auths for ALL characters
  • Screenshot of your ESI page to prove the character on each account. (Since you can’t see that like you could with API)

Additional Information:

Recruitment Process:

  1. SEAT/auth upon application.
  2. ESI Screening.
  3. Teamspeak interview.
  4. Once all of those are done. Leadership will decide if it’s a yes or no. You might be asked to roam with us for a night to test it out.

What we offer our pilots:

  • A true eve experience, we flex every SP we train.
  • Limitless PVP immersion. Black Ops, small medium and large gang fights, Roams, Capital Warfare, needlejacks, WH pvp. You need it? We got it.
  • Experienced corporation staff and leadership.
  • A stable aggressive alliance.
  • High Skill Level FCs
  • Ship Reimbursement!

Thank you for your time!

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Totally would fly with Rots . 10/10 positive experience and good learning to melt the opposition.

Great bunch of guys! Would recommend them to anyone looking for a home that fits the bill.

Plus I love earning Rots Bucks!!!

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Wait where’d you get a rots buck and how have I not earned one yet???

Le Bumpski

up and up.

I got them after fleets, and weirdly I found a stack in the cones astro we knocked over. Figured you’d all have thousands of them already weird.




pew pew

Q(’.;Q) Who?

Rotsbuk In Rots we trust, all other pay cash

Come one, come all! Earn your rotsbucks, rots himself has confirmed he will accept them in exchange for fitted ships, sexual favors, and more!

join for pew.

Nah, pew for join