Pando for CSM 18

Hello there,

yes, I’m running again! Last years result blew my mind (candidate on most amount of ballots, EVER!) and the trust the community put into me gave me a lot of confidence. Trust is also very important for the CCP+CSM relationship and it can only be built over time. We got some good work done in the last term but i believe i can do even more in the next one.
For the those who haven’t seen me around before, my name is Pando, also known as zehPando from twitch (main character: Pandoralica ). I have been playing since 2008 but it wasn’t just idle time. I have never been so proud and embarassed at the same time as when i saw the graph below, showing the most active players that attended this years fanfest. I’ve been running my own corp (DEFCON.) and used to help run the alliance (The Inititative.) for a long time. My playstyle evolved several times over the years covering a wide variety of pvp-playstyles.

I stream a few of my fleets on twitch and FC Chat is a podcast i started to shed more light on the (for me) most exciting aspect of eve: Fleet Commanding. On there i talked to over 100 of the most knowledgeable people in this game like FCs, CSM members and even CCP Devs. If you want to do a deepdive on my take on things you are welcome to check it out on live on Twitch or Spotify . Or since twitch deletes the vods after a while there is also a Youtube video archive. I do also make “normal” videos on youtube from time to time.

Over the years i’ve always been outspoken about issues in the game especially when it comes to Citadels and opportunities for content creation and last year i decided to finally run for CSM for the first time. I would be very happy to represent the players with my knowledge again and help CCP find the best possible path for the game.

  • My areas of expertise.

Content Creation. The ability to find fun for my guys, repeatedly, reliably. To run a smooth op and end up with a bunch of happy people in fleet takes a lot of time and effort and i believe CCP isn’t quite aware of how much it actually is.

I think I’m not the typical big alliance FC as i see myself just as much as a solo, small-scale, med-scale FC or theorycrafter. I like coming up with solutions to the various problems that hostile fleets can throw at you. I do focus mainly on creating content for my alliance or viewers on stream but i’m not afraid to become the content for hostiles either from time to time (520b lost on zkill).

My experience is mostly nullsec based but i do have a good understanding how wormhole evictions or lowsec warfare works. Over all these years i also maintained a fairly neutral stance politically and a general positive attitude which makes working with other people (on the csm for example) a little easier for me than others with a similar level of experience.

  • What i think a good CSM needs/What players can expect from me:

Attitude/Approachability - If the devs don’t want to talk to you, you can’t really be effective as a CSM no matter what.
Time/Energy - All the knowledge in the world is wasted if you don’t show up for meetings, make yourself available and put in the work.
Knowledge/Experience - At the end of the day you need to know what you are talking about but also know when to not talk at all.

  • Why are you applying for the CSM?

Good question…. It will be a lot of work for very little return… But i want to see eve succeed.

For those who want to know more details about me and “My EVE Online story”:
I decided to go with bullet points to not bore you guys to death and add at least a video from that time to give you an idea what I’m talking about. I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


  • Started playing and got into Faction Warfare pretty quickly
  • Enjoyed the absolute chaos that were the early days of FW
  • Dipped my toes into nullsec but RL got in the way and i had to take a break


  • Friend talked me into coming back and joining his corp/alliance (The Initiative.)
  • Corp CEO was crazy but alliance was great so i switched the corp within INIT.
  • New corp (that i’m still in today) was all about PVP
  • Learned a lot from the old guys

VIDEO: The Inititative. Firewall (4:45)


  • Started getting competent at solo roaming and taking people along for the fun
  • Didn’t realized i was already FCing
  • Discovered my passion for theorycrafting (miss you EFT :heart:)


  • Started out with RR domis as a proper config to FC
  • Came up with RR Assault Frigs (config we use to this day in a similar way)
  • Started running cloaky gangs called ninjas to play around in hostile stagings
  • Ran tons of other smaller “more traditional” roams

VIDEO: DCON RR Kartoffeln (5:33 - German comms)


  • Fleets became bigger and more alliance focused
  • Lots of roams still but also stratops to take R64s and such
  • Started running Bomber fleets more often as actual bombwings

VIDEO: Transformers (4:42)


  • Discovered my love for booshing with a doctrine called snatch (it snatches people)
  • Crafted a config known as Booshravens to fight hostile capitals (used to call them 3 Guide Ravens but GOT references make me sad now)
  • Came up with “chemos” (Cloaky T3Cs to smartbomb ceptor fleets cause they were considered cancerous at the time)
  • Came up with a doctrine called stukas (primarily a mobile bombing fleet at first)
  • Started hunting caps with Stukas and kept developing/adding new stuff to the doctrine

VIDEO: First Chemoloki fleet ever (1:00)


  • Experimented with other fun stuff like Heavy Stukas (blaster nagas)
  • FCed the biggest eviction ever (Eviction of Rage)
  • Got falsely accused, banned and unbanned (a unique experience i don’t wish on anyone)
  • Got into streaming (mostly hunting fleets) and started a podcast Called “FC Chat”
  • Added the new Kikimora to the Stukas and hunted even more

VIDEO: Heavy Stukas #1 (5:53)


  • War happened (landed the biggest bombrun ever)
  • Scarcity happened so i stopped hunting
  • Focused more on streaming (including solo, small- and midscale fleets)
  • Started running public fleets
  • Focused a bit more on Pochven

VIDEO: PAPI You’re a Firework (1:51)

If there are any questions left or you want to know my take on specific things always feels free to jump on my Discord or simply ask me in chat whenever I’m live on twitch!


You got my vote last year, you’ll get my vote again this year!

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thanks calum!

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same as calum, looking forward to your next widow incident!


Pando doesn’t need support. But I support him. :wink:


You have my full support

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i will vote for you again

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I know there is quite a lot of people that think the csm is useless and to be honest there are days when thats true. But there are also days where it is not and it just comes down to people either thinking the influence we have is worth the hassle or not.

The CSM allows the current grifters at CCP to esape responsibility for the ever declining quality and player base of the game. Because when someone asks, they can just say “We have the CSM, its not our fault”. So bbolish it and let the devs take some responsibility. Get someone in charge who plays the game and has good taste and knows how to prirotize and lead a team. Get rid of the current grifters who are running this game into the ground.

PS. do you think someone could ever get elected to CSM after saying something like this?

I have been highly critical of CCPs leadership in the past so i would like to think so.


You are the man for the job, easy to talk to and a great understanding of the game. Its a easy pick for me.

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Good afternoon,
My name is Ceema, and I am the Vice President of Skee Ball and Coin Operated Redemption Games for the Brisc Rubal Home for Hot Unwed Mothers and as the official chroniclier of all things Brisc Rubal I can 100% assure you that this is incorrect.

The only time Brisc has thrown a legal tantrum was on 7/27/23 when Merkelchen unfairly suspended him on stream for the 19th time that month, causing Brisc to hire the services of Texas Space Law’s Issabella to mediate their dispute real time on air.

I hope that you can overcome your Cognitive Dissonance and vote for Pando as a form of apology soon!


@Pandoralica Greetings.
I don’t know you but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
I will remember your name when it’s time to vote.
Thanks for the bulleted rundown. Lots of experience. Congrats.
Fly Safe

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Pando good. Pando strong.



“Abolish the csm” is exactly why we need a csm.
good luck on your run this year. :smiley:

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@Pandoralica - what are your views on lancers?

Thanks :slight_smile:


When T2 caps were suggested it was actually me who said lances on dreads would be awesome. Now my idea was to take the existing ones and balance them for dreads and then give titans a bonus. The effects that were added on top arent my favourite and id still rather see a simple dps lance thats strong enough so people would actually use it in fights.


Thanks for the reply, do you think their special effects should be restricted to null sec or that their impact on JF hauling is beneficial to the game in general?

You have my vote for the effort you put in FC chat alone - watched quite a few of them, enjoyed all of them and learned a lot about the history of eve, the people behind and how they tick (mostly watched those related to INIT. ofc as an alliance member, but all around good stuff).

We need more “ambassadors” for the game and it is obvious that you care a lot :slight_smile:

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