Patch 18.10 ruined the game for miners/manufacturers

You know that NPC miners are thing? Even in null.

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Sure but maybe they should get kicked out then if they can clear out 22 belts, i checked a few belts going trough curse and GW and there was nothing in either except the very low sec system in GW that had like 10 rocks.

Get your guns and kick them out.

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Not at all. If you have minimal triglavian standings, the sole mineral out of your reach is morphite. Everything else can be obtained easily with minimal risks in HS.

Hu? Where?
EVEMarketer doesn’t confirm this.

Am I doing something wrong?

Inflation is a very specific thing that happens during specific circumstances.
Just because prices increase doesn’t mean there’s an inflation happening …
… but besides that …
… the intention is to have prices of everything increase.

Then quit, please, because this game is doomed … of course …
… but make sure to check again in a few months to start playing again.

Nothing is respawning in the null systems I frequent and ice belts are just disappearing.

Imagine that. PVP in a game primarily based around PVP at the core of all player activity.

This. I can’t talk about “industrialists” in general, but personally I am making a killing. Of course the price of the mineral is reported on the price of the end product, so since I keep my margin, it means I am making more money.

As a matter of comparison, I was doing 1B/day net benefit after the plex costs and a few personal expenses in August/mid september, since a month I’ve been doing 1.5B net gain per day. Even though I have no more structure and as such can build a lot less with a higher cost index (less time to invent/prod and tax is a straight addition to the cost index).

It does not talk for other people, of course. And more important, it may be linked to the present war and have nothing to do with my personal skills or CCP modifications . But that definitely did not kill me, and I don’t believe I am the smartest cookie in the oven.

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It most certainly does so yes you must be doing something wrong. The 5day moving average was sitting around 20k, its now up to almost 40k in literally 2 days.

lmfao. Exactly. The “very specific thing” is the patch severely reduced the ore/mineral availability by reducing ore availability and slashing tons of mineral returns from each ore. Ores/minerals are the foundation to almost all products made. When supply is deliberately reduced to cause prices of everything to increases across the board, it is inflation. Then you just said the goal is to get prices to increase, which means they are purposefully causing inflation in the game.

Last time I quite, it was for over 6 years. I only come back because a friend asks me to. That said, I never said this game was doomed or that it was even ruined. I said the patch ruined the game for manufacturers/miners. Meaning, we are taking a huge hit with this patch and will have to re-evaluate our options and decide if we want to move on to other endeavors to make our money. If I had known the drastic reduction in minerals was about to happen, I would have reprocessed everything before the patch. We just took a huge loss in minerals and put a huge dent in our production availability.

Do you buy your minerals or mine for them? We mine for our own minerals and the huge reduction in mineral output from reprocessing is where we are taking our hit in our production costs.


In the last two days, my highsec toon has managed to sell 220mill (estimated) worth of minerals for 674mill to market buy orders.

Since DT yesterday, my highsec toon has mined another 75mill worth of raw ore from combat anoms and regular belts.

Wait, did I say combat anoms?

Yes, I did, that oft overlooked source of a never insignificant amount of Veldspar in some sites is an awesome opportunity to mine in peace in Highsec. One that I never pass up. And now it’s even more significant because… ah, you know. Some people can’t find any ore suddenly. Knowing where to look for it is a handy talent that seemingly few have. Or is it just easier to whine on forums?

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It is even easier to let somebody else do it and then pay them crumbs for it.

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Nonsense! CCP ruined everybody’s life not just miners and manufacturers

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I understand your frustration. I’m not a fan of some of the changes, but it does make everyone dependent on all types of space, which is a good thing.

If anything miners should be happy, it’s going to make mining a lot more relevant than before. Those unwilling to carebear are going to have to fork out a lot more ISK. Take advantage of the changes and make a crap ton.

Miner is not industrialist. Just because industry requires minerals. It doesn’t mean that you must mine to do industry.

This thing where these changes are incidentally exposing the stupidity of MIMAFs seems more like a feature than a bug.

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All miners are industrialists, not all industrialists are miners. I see your point though, edited my post. Miners benefit the most.

If there are no more belts in null sec, and you have to mine to increase the rating to get the clusters to spawn, what are null miners supposed to mine in order to make the clusters spawn?

You live in null and confirm this, or you jump to conclusions because one person that don’t understand basic game mechanics is whining on forum?

mining veldspar and reprocessing tritanium isn’t the issue. That is the one thing that didn’t really change. I can’t build with just tritanium.

This thread is about those who mine/manufacture. Not those who simply mine for profit. The ores are still selling high, but the mineral prices are still very low for some reason.

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