Patch 18.10 ruined the game for miners/manufacturers

yeah, I value what I mine. It took time to get it. It gets calculated in to what I consider my profit margin to be. When I choose to manufacture something, I look to see what my value for selling ores/minerals outright versus how much more should I be able to get if I turn it into something. I guess this is why the reduction in minerals per ore is why I see my corp taking a hit. I think we might just switch to simply mining for a while. Almost seems like veldspar is where to make your money now. (or I should say continue making your money)

Hint - it already was. You just weren’t noticing it because you were not accounting for your mineral value properly because you were mining it all yourself. If you were valuing it properly, it would cost the same as getting it from a trade hub (or so) and your costs would be the same as before, just perhaps with a little extra logistical effort of moving and trading the minerals.

Minerals are easily available on the market. If you were doing the accounting properly, there should be no difference in the profit calculation whether you source them there, or mine them yourself.

So yes, the value is mostly in the mining, as it has been for a very long time in the saturated economy we are all suffering in and CCP is trying to improve.


I’m not familiar with this as I’m not the guy in charge of that area in my alliance but I think you have to deploy a kind of module called Ore Prospecting Array to make the first cluster spawn. The more you mine, the more you can upgrade the Ore Prospecting Array to make better cluster spawn. There are 5 different levels meaning that when developped at max, you can have 5 different clusters in the system at one time.

There is crazy volatility in ore now I’m guessing it will be a day-traders market until these new changes are digested.

I’m basically a miner/manufacturer but I specialise in gas as well. I’m not against change so on coming back from a break I’ve had a look round in lowsec in several regions to see what is available and where. Frankly looking at the market where everything is priced in already then the risk/cost profile makes solo/co-op manufacturing a dead career*.

Lowsec gas is still worth the effort altho the spawn rate is at least half. Malachite Myko is still worth a look and some days Viridian but on the whole hisec myko is pretty worthless unless you have the booster build chain in place. Jspace gas seems about the same.

So as I’ve never just mined for isk and don’t intend to either it looks like I’ll take another break for 6 months and then see if Eve is worth playing again.

EDIT: * For me it is dead in terms of required effort and limited amounts of available game time, might be different for others. If I wanted to do grindy grind grind I’d go sort out my fekin’ garden :slight_smile:

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thats why I said “or should I say continue making your money”

I do value what i mine. I take that all into consideration.

That is not true. Before the patch, except for veldspar, almost all ores I processed yielded me a higher value in minerals from the market after processing. After the patch, in some cases, it has cut my mineral value after processing by up to 2/3rds.

I have noticed that the prices for the ores themselves have not seemed to change as much. So it seems like I will have to adjust my strategy if I want to continue manufacturing. For now, instead of being able to mine everything myself, I will have to play the market game along with mining to sell the valued ores and purchase the needed minerals to get the value from my mining put into my production. So it will add another layer to my production. It is doable, but it is not pure self sufficiency in the process anymore. Which is ok, but the old way I did things is effectively dead for now. I will have to do a lot more market research (which I already did before when calculating if I could make a larger profit manufacturing something.) than *I had to do before just to get the minerals I need. Since I was already doing this for my tech 2 items, I guess it won’t be much different for my tech one stuff either.

So, that being said, we will either switch to just mining and only manufacturing what the corp needs if it makes sense to do so, or we will be mostly playing the commodities market with the minerals needed and try to mine (for profit, like veldspar) and do other things to make money to purchase the minerals. Either way, our way of doing things is dead, we have to shift strategies.

Which is really what I was saying earlier. It is possible to trade for your materials, I already do that with alts in Jita/Dodixie/Amarr/Hek but finding them at the right price and sufficient quantity is the real issue.

It becomes a capacity problem. All problems are possible to overcome but requires extra extra effort. Effort that in my situation it just isn’t worth it, game time is my bottleneck, what time I have I want to enjoy so for me it’s go play something else until (if) eve becomes viable again.

So, now, people in high / low sec depend on the goodwill of sovereign Alliances in nulsec to get enough materials to manufacture?
On the other hand, the nulsec Alliances can send puppet corps to high sec to strip it of resources they need, and no one will be able to stop them.

And what’s more, the empty pockets of space in null where people could still mine without having to bow down to a little deranged Hitler will now be devoid of any materials. So your only choice will be to join a nulsec power block.

Nice job CCP.

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i understand that, but my original post is about those who try to be self sufficient and mine/manufacture can no longer do that. I realize that there are other ways, but my point is this way of doing business is officially dead with this update… at least for now.

Have 0 ore in Curse, and in Great Wildlands i have only looked in a few belts but when above -0.5 they been empty, like 6-10 rocks in below -0.7 not much to be excited over :slight_smile:

Seems pointless to solo mine or solo corp since this patch and try to manufacture things… I’ve had to revert to mining missions which do nothing but earn a small amount of isk and LP with nothing to manufacture but salvage and smelt. as I look to my market orders they too have stopped selling… Sux to be me I paid a year in advance.

I had hoped maybe ore anomalies would be more, nooope… I also hoped missions would have more rare ores… kernite? Seriously why did that get removed for .5.

As for the baddies in low sec… they arnt much interested in any negotiated deals they just wanna cause Isk Killboard totals.

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If you would understand basics and mine most profitable ore in hisec, sell it and buy needed minerals/ore from market. You would make more isk after update like every industrialist out there.

Learn to use calculator before you start complaining.