Patch Notes for March 2020 Releases


Thanks for Cheaper Titans guys…

You just upped the amount of Mex being spat out, Which was one of the costliest parts of titan building due to its lack of supply before…


I highly doubt it

Is it by design that on some moons the percentage composition of ores only add up to 80% total, while for some it’s 100% total?

This used to be 100% for all.

For example:
used to be

Scintillating Hemorphite 51.78% Platinoid Omber 31.23% Zeolites 16.99% = 51.78 + 31.23 + 16.99 = 99.99% (100, rounded)

now it is:

Coesite 33.08% Zeolites 46.92% = 33.08 + 46.92 = 80%

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Yes, this is intentional.

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I was banking that this would happen on Patch Tuesday - gamble failed. A small pile of Moon Rocks moved, but not refined in time before the change.

Now, some combat sites are not despawning when cleared.

How does a player progress from mining in belts to advanced industry post scarcity? I could / did work hard at moon mining to start building a blueprint portfolio. I am skilling right now into capital ship construction. However I am now forced to turn off my Athanors (yes I have been saving ore) and I have no idea what changes are coming to blueprints this summer. I would be a fool to spend ore now if the future is so bright [sarcasm]. CCP has no way of manipulating the game to allow individuals to grow. I aspired to be an industrialist; able to build the ships I fought in. Now I am just stuck waiting for another shoe to drop and with zero confidence in CCP’s ability to come up with an answer that can work for me,


Ubiquitous… you folks renamed them a few years ago. Get with the program melon head.

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The problem is we play EVE but CCP plays spoon game.

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In other words :red_circle:
The CCP plays with us the classic givemeurass game where 2 guys hit each other buttocks and then the one who guessed who’s hit him gives next blow so:

The first guy hits the second, the second says “you hit me”, the first guy confirms “yes”, the second “then, it’s my turn” and hits the first. The first guy says “you hit me” but the second guy denies “no I did not, so again it’s my turn” and hits the first stronger. The first guy confused says “if you did not hit me then it must have been me”, the second guy with a smile says “no, and it’s my turn again” and hits the first guy with the full force so he’s got enough of the game.

that is more or less how EVE looks now. Devs vs. players.

Welcome to March April’s Fool.


A couple of defect fixes coming in with today’s deployment:

Defect Fixes
Audio & Graphics:

  • Fixed visibility of VFX on the Gila with the Abyssal thunderstorm SKIN applied.


  • Fixed strings not updating properly in the corp wallet.


  • Resolved NPC spawn issues from a number of combat sites (such as some of the Havens and Sanctum sites)

What about Gas Havens?

Yup. Just got it in now :slight_smile: Updating relevant pages with:


  • Resolved NPC spawn issues from a number of combat sites (such as some of the Havens and Sanctum sites)

Your post was legit, up to the second sentence. You’ll get farther with CCP with just the first sentence, than by casting salt and vinegar. Regardless, many players still refer to moons by the old classifications.

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When is this going to get fixed because havens in our systems are cleared and still remain past 48 hours

Are you sure? I had done 25 Havens (gas /rock) yesterday and none was bugged.

My launcher refuses to keep accounts (need to login at every start).

rip Serpentis Score / Sansha Score room 1 pyrox field manna from heaven for L4/mining newbies.