Paxton Federation. is Recruiting

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Paxton Federation. is Recruiting! A new name to a familiar group.

Do you want to make a difference?

Do you want to live in Nullsec with a tight-knit group and fly with the most successful alliance out there?

We at Paxton Federation. are looking for new members to expand and enhance our combat forces. If you want to be part of a group of people where friendship and teamwork form the basic foundation of your EVE experience, then this is your opportunity.

Who are we?

Paxton Federation. is a friendly and fun corporation with a mature and open-minded playerbase. We focus on the social aspect of EVE as well as being ambitious PVPers. We have a long history of activity in nullsec space, been in many nullsec alliances and are currently living and fighting in our alliance, Goonswarm Federation . If you want to learn and thrive in a safe and organised environment within the Imperium, look no further.

We are looking for people who:

• Are mature, friendly, funny, and social.
• Are active, although we understand that real life takes priority.
• Enjoy working together towards a common goal.
• Enjoy PVP and are happy to get involved in various roles in the corporation.

What we can offer:

• First and foremost, you get a supportive, active, mature, entertaining and experienced group of people to share your time in EVE with.
• Daily fleet operations on corp, alliance, or coalition level.
• A large number of active allies and friends.
• Access to the most well-supplied trade hub in all of null security space.
• Multiple ship replacement programmes, including reimbursed capital ships. This means you get isk if you lose a ship.

  • With generous corp SRP and alliance SRP, most people make a profit in PVP.
    • Enhanced SRP for navy members, fleet commanders, and scouts.
    • We have an active corporation leadership ready to get you up to speed in your new home.
    • Our alliance and coalition run many fleets daily, including capital ships and bigger.
    • Access to many allied citadels across New Eden.
    • Some of the finest and most secure nullsec PVE space actively defended by the largest super fleet in the game and training on survival for newer players!

We are also new player friendly and have members that enjoy helping new people into nullsec PVP.

If you’re interested in having fun, being social, and going mad in PVP, join us in our in game channel PXF Public.

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Bump - a good bunch of people in this corp!

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Recruitment still open.

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Bump - join up to access the most developed null sec in the game.

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Bump - to the top with ya!

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Join PXF today.

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Recruitment open.

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Come and join the null sec fun.

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PXF Public in game channel.

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Weekend warriors, hardcore and casuals all welcome.

(Charlotte Webb) #12

I’m interested in joining. I’m in the in game chat channel… what do I need to do? I sent u an in game mail Nil.

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Come join us for nullsec pvp!

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New comers and veterans alike.

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Still recruiting! Join our public in game channel for help.

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Come join the pvp in nullsec.

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PXF Public in game channel if you have any questions.

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PXF Public.

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Regular fleets and the most organised space in null sec.

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We are still recruiting. Join PXF Public channel in game and ask for a recruiter.