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During the process of cleaning a cupboard i found an external HD, i recognized it as the one filled with movies. Sadly my Win 7 wants to format the HD, since last i used it was on my XP.

So wise people, is there anyway i can salvage the movies?. Besides miraculessly finding an XP computor, can they be converted so 7 recognizes them?. Or are they doomed and i should just move on, format it and use it for something else…

Windows 7 should read it just fine. If it wants to format the drive, it may be corrupt.

I agree, win 7 should read it. The operating system has nothing to do with it. The drive is probably corrupt as the pc thinks there’s nothing there, hence the reformat req.

How to scan an external drive for errors.

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Rana! \o/

Find a program that creates an images on the sector level of your hard drive. That way it doesn’t need to bother with reading the beaurocratic part of the data. There’s backup programs out there for that. You might need to plug it into your PC directly instead of USB, and the program might be needing to be installed to run before windows boots up. Then find another program that allows you to look into that image file.

There are ways of saving data from a potentially corrupt drive, but it needs a bit of research. I don’t know from the top of my head and I haven’t even had my coffee yet. :blush:

This probably wasn’t too helpful, I’ll try again.

First things first, remove the hard drive from the enclosure and put it directly onto your motherboard. You do not know if it is actually the disk that’s faulty, or if it’s the enclosure. Without finding that out, any steps taken are premature.

Second … this might help:

Report back and share every output that equals a roadblock for you. : )

That might be a problem, given that it’s an external drive as old as XP. The drive inside may actually be IDE, which likely won’t be supported if the computer has only SATA.

It might be a moot point if the win7 machine is a laptop.

I should have said that the externals case can not be opend with out a modicum of violence. :slight_smile:

OK corrupt files, i’ll have to try your suggestion Whitehound. I never thought it would have such.

Oh and i forgot to say that i can see the files when i hook up the external to my TV, but i can’t play them.
Which probably is understandable since the TV has a different system.

So i’ll have to look into this when i get home, it would suck to loose everything just cause of corruption :frowning:

And thank you tech wizards :slight_smile:

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There are also linux distributions. I used one recently, booted it from USB, had to create bootable USB disc using this. Maybe linux could see it.

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