Performance in Fleet Fights on Mac OS

I’m running a late-2019 MacBook Pro Intel i9, 32G of RAM, and AMD Radeon Pro 5500M w/ 8GB RAM on an 49” ultra wide external monitor. The client runs fine under most circumstances, even in high graphics. But, in large fleet fights, even in potato mode my system melts down, often becoming completely unresponsive or freezing up entirely. Also, when loading a new grid even in smaller fights, there tends to be considerable lag before the client becomes responsive again.

Any advice on how to optimize to ensure a base level of performance in large fights? I know gaming on a laptop is not ideal, but this is a very powerful laptop. Based on its specs, it theoretically should be able to handle it fine. But, I’m clearly not extracting the full performance out of the system.

Is the bottle-neck the CPU thermal-throttling? Or is running a large monitor too much to ask of the graphics card (even in potato mode.) Are there tricks to cooling beyond a cooling pad/external fan? Would downgrading to a smaller monitor help?

Any ideas on how to isolate what is causing the problem and tips on improving performance would be appreciated.

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