PETITION. Please sign your support

Hello fellow Capsuleers.

I am hoping you are all well and recovering from the eve Vegas event wether you where there or not. I bring you a petition to sign that I would like to place at the door of CCP merchandising department and ask them to politely extract there thumbs from the dark place and provide us with a new piece of merchandise.

Dear Mr Merchandise director.
We the undersigned request that you bring your department resources in to bare on a new piece of merchandise for the fans and players of eve online. With the recent expense of eve Vegas and the development costs involved of the upcoming changes, oh and don’t forget Christmas is just around the corner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the CCP pockets must be getting low on ISK.

It is therefore my duty to assist in the refilling of said pockets.

Please can you bring your merchandise development team out of retirement and design and produce

A mobile phone case that looks like a PLEX

I for one have been waiting a while for it. Specifically one that looks like it would fit a IPhone 6 or 6s “cough” at a reasonable cost…

To all the loyal fan base please sign below your support and back me in my drive to help the CCP pension fund for retired ex employees and help bring the merchandise department back from the brink of the abyss (see what I did there :grin:)

Thank you for your support…


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Kidding right, apple will sue CCP, they don’t want anything but expensive ‘registered’ apple products.

Really! But you can buy all sorts of phone cases from flea bay and amazon for a few bucks. I just want one that looks like a plex lol.

I was just joking but on the other hand apple is well knowing for suing companies who don’t fall in lock step with their program.

Produce your own. CCP can’t sue you as long as you don’t have PLEX written on it.

True. My whole petition is a bit “tongue in cheek “

I just thought it would be cool to have a case for my phone that looked like a plex. I just happen to have iPhone :grin:

Hmm don’t have the know how or facilities to do that. But i did want it to actually look like a plex with the gold and big x in the middle. So probably wouldn’t get away with that :slight_smile:

There are 3d printing services for this online, where you send in the “blueprint” and they print it for you. Or you buy your own 3d printer for low volumes, of course … which is nuts, of course, because you likely won’t break even. : )

Was just a thought. I think this is a pretty good idea, but knowing CCP they’ll find a way to make it overly expensive or unnecessarily complicated. They kind of suck at merch. : D

Why make one for Apple phones?
They are junk.

Just a tip:

If you’re having something custom made for you, and you’re not selling it, CCP

A: Probably don’t care.
B: Won’t know.

Of course, I’m not a CCP employee, so I can’t say any of this for certain. But if you don’t make it their problem, and you’re not making any money on it, I doubt you’d have problems.

Just don’t advertise a service of ‘I can make phone cases for you’

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hey … yea i agree we should have a bigger merc shop but if i want to buy what we have the costs for sending it are really high compared to the stuff i can buy

i dont know from where the stuff is sent but its too high

cool would be more tshirts … vool would be coffee/tea mugs for all factions … such stuff

if you bring new stuff from time to time … 2 or 3 times a year … i bet some would buy it … good and easy money … you can produce it anywhere and sent the containers to the US and EU and somewhere in Asia … packing companies send it to the customer … its there bussines andn the charge not much … i know people who use this services … its cheap and you dont have costs for sending and you dont need people who do the job … so it would be easy …

ob btw. i dont agree with this:

sorry … thats not ok …



i hope so :wink:


Hmm your right @JuuR_Zibaoo . I meant no offence. I just wanted to point out the merchandise store is not very well stocked. I don’t even know if there is a merchandise department with its own director…

It’s not even a real petition.

I therefore retract my thumb and darkplace comment and apologies if offence was caused :zipper_mouth_face:

I doubt CCP even need the money. I just want a cool phone case that looks like a Plex which looks as if it should be a phone case or iPod case…or iPad case…or anything apple… do you not agree @techzer0 ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m just happy we are talking about it :grin: might make it happen.

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Ha. Eve Vegas. A massive failure of nothing more than a live dev-blog… good thing you spent those thousands of $$$ to go get drunk in another town.

You know there are a bunch of people who go, and don’t attend any sessions? Because they’re really there to spend real world time with eve friends?

I notice there is the opening stuff and the closing stuff on YouTube but the middle stuff does not seem to be there… yet?

You can make your own as long as you don’t sell them or distribute them you are fine.

I dont see how you could be sued if you consider the phone case to be Cosplay and you dont go and sell it any where and just have it for personal use.

If he takes ISKs as payment method then he could though.

I wasn’t actually talking about sole personal use, but you’re right. Under the current laws it would not be forbidden to create one for ones self.