Petrus Justinianus and Dr Wilson scamming new corps by gaining the trust of new CEOs

Wilson isn’t even the pilot accused of stealing shares from the corp that the alleged criminal invested billions into. He was a 3rd party dragged through the mud from inner corp politics and drama caused by poor communication and confusion of eve mechanics.

But why did Zim just lie for him if he’s innocent?

The easiest method to allow wilson to recruit is to invite him in. He comes, does his work, then hours about his business. If you look deeper it will show how much of a repeat customer I am in his products and or services.

Your corp is 3 years old and has 46 members. He must be a pro recruiter. I’m sure you have wallet records to show 2b isk upfront payments to Mr Wilson?

Zim has been playing with me for nearly a month, they ended up in wilson’s corp over war dec mechanics and the enjoyable company that wilson provides. I currently have 6 new pilots I’m flying with whom I have met through Dr Wilson

Yes, you are all friends, and you are here to cover up the shady scams that I’m sure you all run together. I’m glad you included your name in this conversation so that you are also searchable.

I don’t think this is productive debating with obviously biased friends of the accused so I’m going to unsubscribe from this conversation.

You guys have been fun to chat with! Thank you. God bless!

I have a painful amount of wallet transactions to said player, he however does not charge me nearly as much since I freely represent his interests and defense and I usually come out positive from him having to pay me to demolish competition and people of I’ll intent.

Since you refuse to acknowledge your blasphemy against an upstanding member and retreat over lack of proof I call the court closed and charges dropped against Dr Wilson.

I look forward to seeing you.

Just so you know, I joined to help him set up some structures so he could better aid members of his corporation, and the other free players of EVE. Then when my corp got into a war (which we won thanks to some of the recruits the good Dr. got for us) I was unable to rejoin immediately afterwards. Would a scammer have ever given a relatively new person total control of their structure? I say no.

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The Prosecution stands down as it appears the Plaintiffs have dropped the case.

What’s next on the roster :yawning_face:?

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As reading this i understood how both parties disagree tbh case of Dr is more well written as well he is a respected man in the community

I call this a neutral win both parties did a well job but Dr Wilsons POV is more well wriiten ans responsible

Therefore i ask the judge to close this case
as no further evidence agains Dr Wilson and Petrus have been provided

Thank you

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Well done and thxs for posting, , I could have put money on the characters that would have replied to this post and would have been 100% right.

Good luck with your next corp and never really trust anyone with corp stuff your not happy to lose, if you need help with anything give me a call in game.

Githany Red is a scammer.

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My list of titles grow longer by the day , thank you princess.


Do the bathwater flagons really contain traces of the Princess’s DNA, is it counterfeit, or is it pod fluid ?

Come and see in next week’s episode of “Justice Between the Stars”: “The Clone Cologne Case

cue dramatic music

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It has been brought to my attention that the plaintiffs are now contacting the CEO’s of any corp that I join stating that I scammed them. I would like to file a restraining order on the grounds that the plaintiffs are “mega buttmad” and should learn how to effectively run a corp before blaming innocent directors.

For real though, how come this guy is bothering me and my clients now.
I did nothing to him/her/it.

This thread is great!

Being “mega buttmad”, as you call it, is not sufficient cause for a restraining order, especially after making a public accusation (this thread), going to Court, you failing to produce a record of the ownership of the shares you allegedly appropriated, and then progressing to close the Corporation called “Kingdom of Bretonia” instead of paying Dr Wilson 2B to have him recruit some new members to ensure its viability, profit and enjoyment.

Clearly the formerly accused had no interest in the now defunct corporation, which is sufficient cause to raise a red flag, new questions, a few eyebrows and corners of mouths, and which also makes this Court’s Penitential Fedos grow increasingly restless having been bereft of sustenance they anticipated from this closed case.

We also like to remind the formerly accused that he has no right to any protection program and is not eligible for a new identity under the current laws.

One of the things that made me suspicious of him was that he had been in 10 corps in the past few weeks.

One of the things? Nah, that does not raise any alarms. At all.

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